Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum

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Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum is an eye treatment that helps fight signs of ageing, dehydration, redness and inflammation around the eye area. The serum contains a redness-reducing complex and a form of vitamin C that helps with collagen production but is pH neutral to prevent stinging and irritation. Amino acids that help firm skin, and aloe barbadensis leaf juice and carrot root oil that help nourish and revitalise dry, stressed skin.


Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum


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This is an easy to use product which a little bit goes a long way. I started using it as I had dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep, dehydration and stress. I saw visible improvement in a few days and a vast improvement over the weeks. I was so happy with the product it’s now part of my daily routine. It has a slight smell that’s a little chemical but you only use a tiny amount so you don’t notice it. It squirts our a bit like water. Easy to take with you when you travel and fits nicely into your everyday make up bag.
I have been using this eye serum for years and I really love it. It soothes the undereye area and noticeably reduces the appearance of my fine lines without clogging up the delicate skin under the eye. The serum is quite runny and clear in appearance so it readily gets absorbed under the eye and doesn’t leave a sticky or shiny film. It has no fragrance so it doesn’t irritate the eye. The pros are: Noticeable improvement in sensitivity of skin under the eye.                        Non irritative to the eye area.                        Does not cause milia or white clogged bumps under the eye.                        Makeup applies well over this serum, as the serum sinks into the skin.                        It lasts a very very long time, as a little goes along way. There are no cons, as this product does exactly what it claims. I would recommend this serum to anyone with sensitive skin, or eyes. To anyone that hates a heavy eye cream or has trouble with their  concealer staying put, due to their eye cream. Or to those that are worried about milia formation under the eye.
This is such an amazing product, I love the packaging, its a clear liquid its consistency is like water, it comes in a bottle with a dropper cap.  You only need one drop per eye. No smell and it absorbs straight in without any residue. I use it in the morning and my concealer goes on so smooth and clear.  Ive been using this since March last year and I still have about half left, I've already bought a "back up".  I have noticed that my circles aren't as prominent, less irritated and wrinkles aren't as noticeable either. I'm less dehydrated as well. I recommend this to everyone.