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Designer Brands Be Blended Beauty Sponge

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Designer Brands Be Blended Beauty Sponge is a latex-free makeup sponge for applying liquid and cream makeup. The round base is designed for applying makeup to large surfaces while the flat edge helps build coverage. Vegan and cruelty-free.


Designer Brands Be Blended Beauty Sponge


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I have been using Beauty blender for years and have been looking for a more affordable beauty sponge that delivers the same result. My friend recommended DB's beauty sponge to me because she believes it is just as good as the more expensive beauty sponges. I totally agree with her! This beauty sponge picks up the right amount of foundation and glided on my face evenly with a very natural and lightweight finish. The tip of the beauty sponge was very handy to apply foundation and concealer under the eyes and the around the nose areas. Highly recommend!
A great quality and affordable dupe for the more expensive foundation sponges, I am glad I picked up this cheap and cheerful makeup sponge. It is soft and easy to use to apply foundation to get a beautifully blended and natural finish. I have washed it a couple of times and it has lasted well. When using the sponge I find that it does absorb a bit more of the product then using a brush however it does deliver a professional application. The shape of the sponge is also well designed and easy to use, the top that is narrower helps to blend foundation on the side of the nose and smaller areas of the face. Overall a good value for money beauty buy.
I'm so taken with these fabulous beauty blenders, they are excellent for getting foundation into those difficult areas around the nose and close to the ears for that pristine perfect polished finish.  I really dont know how I ever managed without these tools- so easy to use, a budget price, easy to manage and perfect for travel and handbag makeup purses. So easily rinsed and hygienic to keep your skin bacteria free. There is no excuse for not having that Naturally beautiful skin look :)
I wanted to get myself a foundation sponge without having to spend too much on it.  I would normally use a foundation brush after seeing and hearing about blending sponges I was super interested in trying it out.  I came across the Designer Brands one and realised that it was affordable and the shape was similar to some of the other ones I had seen.  The sponge is easy to use and easy to hold.  The tip makes it great for applying concealer and foundation as well as hard to reach areas.  I gently dab it all over my face and it blends my foundation so nicely without any streaks or unevenness.  You can use it wet for a dewy, light look or dry for medium to full coverage.  The sponge doesn't absorb too much of the product which is great because most of it will end up on your face and not on the sponge.
In the hope of reducing outbreaks I purchased the Designer Brands Be Blended beauty sponges to apply my makeup rather than using my fingers.  The bubblegum sponge has a round base for large surfaces and a tapered tip for detail work, it is soft and squishy and perfect for applying cream and liquid products without giving me a 'cakey' finish. The overall look was natural, dewy and provided ample coverage. I have to admit - it was the best my foundation has looked in a long time.  Its is easy to hold, maneuver and simple to clean (an essential for hygiene) . My only con would be that I feel I used a little more foundation than usual, I guess due to the sponges absorbency, however I do love the benefits more.  It is a long lasting sponge even with the regular rinsing and superb value! I'm still happily using this product and will continue to do so.
Love it. I’ve been using this for ages and still going strong. I prefer to use this sponge over a brush as this gives me a more even and more natural finish. Easy to blend my foundation and my skin always looks flawless when I use this to apply my foundation. Great affordable price too.