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Designer Brands Day Dreamer 10 Piece Brush Set

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Designer Brands Day Dreamer 10 Piece Brush Set is a makeup brush set that include 10 essential brushes: Ultimate Brow Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, Foundation/Buffing Brush, Tapered Powder Brush, Illuminating/Fan Brush, Large Powder/Blush Brush, Angled Contour Brush, Eye Shadow Blending Brush, Eye Shadow Brush and Liner Brush. Each of the brushes have soft, synthetic bristles perfect for powder and liquid formulas. Comes in a storage case. Vegan and cruelty-free.


Designer Brands Day Dreamer 10 Piece Brush Set


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Designer Brands Day Dreamer 10 Piece Brush Set as a present and I absolutely love it, beautiful soft brushes, well designed and well made, come in a beautiful storage case, the only 10 brushes you will ever need, brushes look pretty and so does the case, love being able to have all my brushes together in my kit, all the brushes do as they are intended for easy to hold.
I purchased Designer Brand's Day Dreamer 10 Piece Brush Set to replace my Real Techniques brushes that were ruined when the shelf holding the brushes broke. The set is great value for the price (I think I even got this from the Designer Brands website with a discount code!), the brushes themselves are beautiful and fluffy and I use all except the fan brush (I much prefer MECCA's highlighter blush).
I received these brushes as a gift with purchase. They have seriously surprised me! The bristles are so soft, and the handles are such good quality. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I am (was) a loyal Morphe brush user but these have changed me. My favorites are the foundation flat brush and all of the eyeshadow brushes. They make your product apply so smooth and evenly  I love the pink carry case, which is so perfect for travel and storage. 
I bought these brushes a few months ago and haven’t put them down since. The pack was  super inexpensive which surprised me as there are so many brushes in the kit. All face brushes are very soft to touch and pick up the product great. The shadow brushes are also nice and fluffy which makes shadow easy to blend! My only con would be the fan brush, it is slightly too think and soft to pick up enough product for an intense glowing highlight, for someone who enjoys a natural highlight however it would be perfect.  Would recommend if in need of some cheap yet good quality brushes! 
I received this designer brands 10 piece makeup brush set as a lovely gift. I love the convenience of having all my brushes together in a lovely soft pink roll up case. I find this is great for travelling as it’s super handy. The brushes look pretty, all pink and white, very feminine and the bristles are really good quality and super soft, so great value for the budget price. This ten piece set contains everything you need for a professional looking makeup. I particularly love the eyeshadow brushes, they blend shadow to perfection and are great for highlighting and contouring. The foundation brush is firm enough to blend well yet feels soft in skin. The brow brush keeps my brows in line with a pomade and I adore the larger brush for bronzer. I could see no negatives with this set, it comes at a great price as all designer brands products do and is really good quality. I would recommend this product.
Designer Brands 10 Piece ‘Make Me Up’ Brush Set is a makeup brush set that comes incased in a gorgeous pink roll up case. The roll up case is easy to use and allows for the perfect travelling companion. This 10 piece brush collection contains enough to do your whole face including eyeshadow- you get all your make up application needs including a foundation brush, concealer brush, contour brush and eyeshadow brushes. The brushes look so pretty & luxe with white holders and are easy to hold and use. Each brush contains writing on the side so you know which brush to use for what area. The brushes are cruelty free, vegan made & made with synthetic bristles. The bristles of each brushes are white with pink tint colour on the ends and feel soft and gentle on the skin. I find that most of the bristles pick up make up well and apply/ deliver the product well to the face. I've washed mine a few times and they hold their shape and you don't loose any bristles or shape. Individually I think the foundation brush is a stand out. The foundation brush is dense and applies my foundation smoothly and streak free. It's a breeze to use. The eyeshadow brushes are exceptional. They deliver a good deal of pigmentation and blend eyeshadow smoothly and softly onto the eyes. The crease brush is very good at getting into the crease well. The only brush I don't find very good is the fan brush. It's quite lightweight and I need to use quite a heavy hand to apply the highlighter but it's nice for softer days. These brushes are such a great pack. They are affordable, soft and work really well. Even for those that are comfortable with makeup will find these brushes a breeze to use & work so well. I 100% recommend them. Australian made & Cruelty free.