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Designer Brands Kohl Eye Pencil

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Long-lasting, bleed-proof and highly pigmented, Designer Brands’ Kohl Eye Pencil glides on easily and is formulated with cocoa and shea butters which are gentle on the delicate eye area.

Available in 13 shades.


Designer Brands Kohl Eye Pencil


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I found this eye pencil very easy to use and surprisingly good for such a cheap product – not the first time Designer Brands has surprised me, I have to say. I have used eye pencils in the past that have been a little thick and make a thin line hard to achieve. This pencil is fine enough to stay precisely on the lash line and the water line as well, providing it is kept sharp, and applies smoothly without pulling the eyelid. I tend to like felt-tip liners because they provide a dramatic effect and apply very easily. BUT when they go wrong, they can go badly wrong. I have never been confident enough to apply them just-before-I-head-out-the-door, so there is a place in my life for an everyday pencil liner  and Designer Brands has filled this place for me.
This product is a great eyeliner for its money, it is very inexpensive, however quality could improve. The eyeliner was super nice, creamy and pigmented on the eyelid but I did notice that these results differed when I tried the eyeliner in my waterline. The white eyeliner did not show in my waterline yet it was very pigmented on my bare skin. In saying that, I love the black! It works fantastic for such a cheap product. 
This designer brands eyeliner is great value for money. It comes at a great price and does a great job of getting a nice precise line. Easy to use, I get a nice smoky eye from this liner that really lasts and doesn’t smudge. I like to keep it sharp for an easy precise line and love that the creamy formula means it doesn’t drag over the eye but goes on easily. It’s nice and easy to remove too, I like to use micelles water. This kohl eye pencil is quite highly pigmented for a dramatic result, it’s packaged nicely and the lid protects it. The addition of cocoa and Shea butters mean its gentle on the delicate eye area. I don’t like to spend a lot on eye liners so this product is perfect for me and anyone who likes to save money on their eye liners. I love it and would recommend it.
Did not impress me I bought this as it was cheap. There is nothing much to like about this product honestly, as it irritated my eyes when applied on the waterline, does not glide smoothly and also does not have the black intensity like other products i use, however for the price, I think it just fairly manages to do its job
Unbelievable value for money. I've been using this product for years, and i will never go back. Glides on very nicely and perfect for a smokey eye, this pencil can create versatile looks just as well as any high end eyeliners. The qaulity of this product is very good, it stays on very well and will not smudge unless exposed to sweat, water or excessive moisture. This eyeliner is perfect for creating a deamatic eye, i like to use this product on the my inner lashes along side a liquid eyeliner, or for a simpler look i use it alone. A setting spray can really help this product to stay on perfectly all night long.  This is a 10/10 eyeliner, perfect for any budget and superior in qaulity. Perfect for everyone! 
love it. so easy to use, colour comes up great. my go to pencil eyeliner
This is an easy to use every day eyeliner that sharpens to a fine point for precise application. It works just as well as pencil liners which are much more expensive. The colour is intense, and glides over my skin easily and without pulling or dragging my skin. It is easily removed with a cotton pad dipped in eye makeup remover. This eyeliner doesn't smudge or transfer onto my eyelids like some liners can. Once applied in the morning, this liner lasts throughout the day and doesn't bleed or fade away. Pros: -low priced, doesn't irritate, easy to use, is versatile and allows me to create smudged or winged lines Cons: -keep it shapened for precise application, if it becomes blunt-your lines won't be fine Tip: -use a cotton pad dipped in Bioderma cleansing water and simply pat and hold and press gently onto your closed eyes for a few seconds to remove easily without any pulling  Recommendation: -this eye liner is affordable and would suit anyone who wants a smooth gliding eye liner for daily use 
This is EASILY as good as any other eye pencil on the market. Good pigment, stays where it's put, does what it needs to do... thumbs up!