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Designer Brands Longwear Lipstick

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A lip colour that withstands eating and drinking, Designer Brands’ Longwear Lipstick has an intense, creamy texture and bold, long-lasting colour pigments. With vitamin E to boost moisture and prevent dryness, the budge-proof formula glides on easily and keeps lips smooth and supple.

Available in 14 shades.


Designer Brands Longwear Lipstick


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Designer Brand is a range a cheap makeup available in Australia. Their lipsticks, however, are dreadful. Over the years I hve been given three different tubes in three different colours. All three applied unevenly, smeared, and had no lasting power whatsoever. I've tried using them after wiping my lips completely dry, the lipsticks still smeared. I've tried using them after filling in my lips completely with lipliner, and they still smeared and came off with every bite of food or sip of coffee. They come in ugly, oversized plastic tubes and cost arounc $7AU. Save your money this is not worth it!
I really loved this designer brands lipstick. This is a matte lipstick rather than shine, however it’s not drying like some mattes can be. I found this lipstick nice and light to wear and it’s quite hydrating. I loved the staying power of this lipstick, it stayed put and didn’t bleed or smudge even after eating or a coffee. It comes in 14 great colours and at such a budget friendly price the longwearing lipstick is great value for money. I love the addition of vitamin E for nourishing lips and it’s oackaged really beautifully. Designer brands is always great value for money without scrimping on quality and this lipstick has a luxe creamy texture, glides on easily and the pigment is really high quality for what you pay. I loved this product, it’s great for anyone who wants a budget friendly lipstick that is long lasting. I highly recommend it.
I love the philosophy of Designer Brands of giving first class quality to products at a price anyone can afford. Thankfully the quality of the products does not diminish with the price and the brand has never skimped on quality. I bought the Longwear lipstick because I loved the colour - Lilac Mist looked like ME - and I was very surprised and delighted to find that not only did the lipstick wear beautifully it also felt lovely right through the entire day. There was no drying of my lips and as well as continuing to look good for hours my lips felt completely moisturised and had no irritation. The creaminess with the lovely colours without a hint of greasiness has made this a brilliant buy.
I love how smooth and creamy this lipstick is. It provides long lasting colour without flaking or making my lips dry. It is more matte than shine and it keeps my lips feeling soft while providing a deep rich colour to my lips. I can also apply this lipstick without wearing a lip balm underneath and it glides on smooth and creamy. The colour lasts for most of the day and fades slowly, which gives my lips a beautiful colour stain. I recommend this lipstick for anyone who wants a creamy soft lipstick which gives colour and moistures my lips as well. 
The formula is a creamy, smooth and moisturising. A subtle scented, comfortable, and super long lasting lipstick to wear. Not too creamy to where it bleeds around my lip area.The Designer Brands longwear lipstick is everything I look for in a lip product. The lipstick lasts for hours making it perfect for day or night wear. The colour selection is very appealing and it feels silky when applied to my lips.The price is reasonable too, it's an inexpensive brand for the high quality I get every time I use this product. The red colour pigment comes out on my lips looking exactly like what was is in the tube, giving my lips a more dramatic and dazzling look.