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Designer Brands Paw Paw Lips Plus is a soothing and protecting lip balm. Enriched with pawpaw, vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba, this topical ointment can also be used to relieve sunburnt or flaky skin, as well as insect bites and nappy rash.


Designer Brands Paw Paw Lips Plus


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Paw Paw is a beautiful ingredient on it's own but when it has vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba added it is AMAZING!! This balm is good for everything: Sunburn, dry lips, elbows, bites, cuticles and when I am caught short I use it for eye makeup remover (it works really well). Love this stuff!!
I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a paw paw ointment, and this one is a prime example. I use it all over my body but mainly my lips to keep them moisturised. It isn’t too thick and applies nicely. It fits perfectly inside of my handbag which means I can take it everywhere and whip it out no matter where I am.
Paw Paw for your pocket  Designer Brands Paw Paw Lips Plus. No point putting on lippy with any ailment on lips.  Keep pout healthy and ready with DB PawPaw.  Pop it in purse or front pocket for quick touch ups needed. Really has PawPaw in it.  Plus other nice ingrediants DESIGNED for lips. Pawfect! X mwah X
Best and cheapest lipcare product you could want. Simplicity really is the best, this product is great particularly in the middle of winter. It smells amazing and is definitely a must have addition for anyone. I'd much prefer this than spend 20 dollars on a lip balm that barely works.
I absolutely love this paw paw ointment and always have a tube stashed in my handbag. Its enriched with paw paw, jojoba, vitamin E and shea butter to totally moisturise and protect lips, my lips never get chapped using this and I apply it several times a day. It comes at a great price so is great value for money and I would't be without it. This is especially good if you have dry cracked lips as it heals and soothes, the formula is creamy, not oily and feels nice to wear. i highly recommend buying this
Where would my lips be without this? This is amazing and it's an all in one because it serves for so many purposes from dry lips to cuts. Truthfully, when I apply it has an instant affect and just soothes my lips especially in the winter when it's cold and my lips lack that moisture or even in the summer when the sun completely drys up my lips. I recommend carrying this everywhere you go and never letting go because it's a must have.
This works just as well as the more expensive Paw Paw products, and it is a staple at home and in my handbag! Amazing for supple, smooth lips, but also great for dry patches anywhere on the body. I've also used it in the winter after my moisturiser as an occlusive. 
Paw Paw ointment is one of those products that I always have on hand, both in my purse and at home.  Its usefulness doesn't just stop at the lips.  The benefits of paw paw ointment can be applied to just about anything you can think of, making it a versatile, all in one product.  My lips are always very dry and tend to crack and peel as well, making it very painful.  The DB paw paw ointment helps nourish my lips, providing a protective barrier while soothing the skin.  It contains hydrating ingredients including manuka honey, jojoba and shea butter so your lips stay oh so soft.  The texture is creamy without being tacky or overly greasy.  Paw Paw has become so popular that even my friends from overseas ask for it overtime I go to visit.  Nevertheless, because of its antibacterial properties, it has become a staple in our house for many different things: - Dry, cracked lips - Cuts and minor abrasions -Sunburned skin -Itchy insect bites -Dry patches on your body (knees, elbows, heels) -Great for moisturising cuticles  - Ultra hydrating eye cream