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Designer Brands Pro Brow Kit

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Designer Brands Pro Brow Kit contains all the essentials to create perfectly defined brows, including a brow wax, pressed powder, reusable stencils, highlighting powder and dual-ended applicator.  


Designer Brands Pro Brow Kit


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Designer Brands Pro Brow Kit I brought this because I can never get my brows right, and unfortunately I still can’t, I find this kit extremely hard to use, I can’t get the stencil right then the powder is to dark, for the money you pay for it you would expect something of a bit better quality and better instructions, I would not recommend or purchase another Designer Brands Pro Brow Kit unfortunately
I'm a brow fanatic and I went for this kit after losing my Anastasia kit. What a waste. For one: the brow stencils stink. Two: the brush that comes with the kit is extremely thick (the spoolie however is at least workable). Three: the powders are terrible colours for someone with darker skin. I thought I was getting a bargain but I was essentially throwing my money away.
This is an amazing quality and value starter kit if you are looking into doing your eyebrows for the first time. It has absolutely everything you could need plus some stencils if you're not quite sure what shape you want to go for. The brush and spoolie included is user-friendly to the max and the wax and highlight powder means you can really have flawless brows in an instant!