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Designer Brands Quick Treatment Nail Hardener

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Strengthen nails with the Designer Brands Quick Treatment Nail Hardener, which dries in 30 seconds and helps prevent nails from splitting, cracking and peeling.


Designer Brands Quick Treatment Nail Hardener


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this is a great product for nails. I love designer brands for nails as it is such a budget friendly product. This nail hardener really improves the strength and appearance of nails, it prevents chipping, splitting and peeling with ease. this is a great product for those with weak and brittle nails and for protection. Easy to use just apply with the brush and it only takes 30 seconds to dry, a big bonus. The product lasts quite a while so nails are protected really well. It can be applied either over the top of nail polish or as a base coat and does not dry nails. A great product at a great price that I would recommend
This nail hardener is an amazing treatment for damaged nails, that is great for the budget and nails alike.  The fact that it dries so fast means i can apply it in a huge rush, and before i know it it'll be dry!  What i love the most about this product it that whever i have a little split in my nail, a coat of this treatment will ensure the split is instantly fixed and no more damage will occur! I think this nail hardener is great for people who have nails that regularly split, chip or break, so for my brittle nails ladies and gentlement, this treatment will keep your nails in tip top shape!  As for applying this product, i like to use about two coats and its like i have a thick nail applied instantly, almost as thick as an acrylic nail.  My job can be really rough on my nails, but when i wear this hardener before i go my nails stay strong and in shape, as opposed to chipped like they would regularly become. I am not allowed nail polish but honestly noone would ever know if you are wearing this, it looks very natural and clear, giving your nails a gentle gloss that looks terrific not like a nail treatment at all! Even gentlemen can eaily get awat with this treatment and noone would bat an eye, or think you are wearing nail polish. A natural looking nail hardener that you can wear whenever need be.  So i recommend this for use whenever your nails need that little extra edge to keep them healthy and safe from nail accidents.  For very damaged nails, i recommend being persistent and honestly keep applying this product until your nail is recovered! As your nail grows you will need to regularly reapply this hardener, it will keep any broken nail fuzed and stop it from getting worse.  An awesome advantage to this nail hardener, is that any sensitivities caused by brittleness will disappear! Little knocks and bends to your nails will not hurt anymore, its like a strong coat to your nails to keep you free from pain. Once this product is dry, you can apply any nail polish as you would usually, and it wont look any different to how it normally would, with the advantage of the nail hardener acting as a base coat and keeping your nails safw from discoloration. So in times where i cant find my base coat, i just grab this nail hardener, and its even better than a base coat because it wont just protect your nails but they will be super strong and healthy under your nail polish! Honestly this nail hardener serves so many purposes, from keeping your nails protected amd strong, to fixing any damage that already exists. I always keep a bottle near by, and the natural and discrete finish of this product keeps is suitable for strict workplaces/school and perfect for any gender. This isn't just a quick fix, its a nail saver! I love it and recommend it to everyone, you can't find a more affordable nail hardener on the market that looks so great and natural on the nail. The ultimate product, so discrete yet so effective!  Love, love, love it!!!