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Designer Brands Spray & Set Makeup Setting Spray

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Keep makeup in place all day with the Designer Brands Spray & Set Makeup Setting Spray. It has a dewy finish and is enriched with chamomile, green tea and cucumber to soothe, hydrate and prevent dullness throughout the day. 


Designer Brands Spray & Set Makeup Setting Spray


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This is a great setting spray but I prefer my Urban Decay. I think that the price of this is great when comparing it to the Urban decay but I just find that it’s a little heavier and comes out a little too fast. The smell is nice and makes it seem more moisturising.
Spray and set omg how it changed my life, I never new this even was a thing till it found me, I absolutely love this product and use it religiously I have tried other setting sprays and always came back to this one, has an amazing smell, great bang for buck,  make up lasts all day under it with only two sprays, no more smudging or fading perfect makeup time after time.
When first applying, the first thing i notice is that a lot comes out and its not a fine mist. There are some large drop. So i recommend spraying from a distance only once or twice and not up close.  The smell is sweet and refreshing. Initially it feels cool and sticky on my face, but it dries pretty fast and has a dewy finish.  After wearing this all day i notice my makeup was set in place and lasted all day. I didn't have any smudges. I would definetily buy this product again.  Pros are thats it is a great affordable price and sets makeup in place all day. Cons are that it does come out in big drops. I would recommend this to everyone. 
I had no idea that there was this type of product on the market. I thought after you patted the foundation dry everything was finished - but no! Even though this  product is a the cheaper end of the scale, I found that it made such a difference in how long my face actually stayed on - practically all day! I am very impressed as it was borrowed from a friend but I think I will have to look into purchasing it and using it permanently.
After using this Setting spray for my first day I have already decided that this will become my go-to spray! I love the sweet cucumber and chamomile smell and I feel refreshed and alive smelling this throughout the day. I was first in the market for a good spray when I started realizing that by the end of the day my makeup and basically come off, being savvy as I am I was immediately drawn to this cheap option. I had low standards for this spray because of its price, but I was happily surprised by the great dewy finish and the genuine effect that this had on the lasting of my makeup. I would highly recommend this 5-second finishing touch that makes a world of difference!
This is such a refreshing spray I absolutely love it. Designer brands make a great quality product and at $10.00 this makeup setting spray is a winner. This spray is super hydrating, it sets my makeup perfectly making it last throughout the day and gives a nice Dewey youthful look. Enriched with camomile green tea and cucumber it soothes skin, eliminates redness and is great for my sensitive skin. This is a great product for summer as it keeps makeup fresh without excess oil and is really hydrating, like a drink for my skin. Easy to use just a couple of spritzed on finished makeup and go, brilliant. I highly recommend this product.
I never usually stick with many setting sprays as they don't seem to make a huge difference in longevity or dewiness, however I do keep coming back to this one because of the moisture-factor. My makeup keeps that freshly applied look without running and I think it has had a positive effect on my skin too.
I didn't know that I needed this product until I used it for the first time. You wouldn't think that it would make a difference but it really does! A couple of sprays before leaving the house and my makeup lasts all day -  no smudging, no fading, just perfect makeup. The best part though, is that it is moisturising meaning that my makeup doesn't dry out my skin.