Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm

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Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm is a sheer lip balm that enhances the lips’ natural colour. The formula features Color Reviver technology that reacts directly with the unique chemistry of individual lips before releasing its colour ingredient. Wild mango and luffa cylindrical protect and nourish lips, leaving them looking fresh, full and radiant. Contains SPF 10 sun protection. 


Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm


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For some reason,i am having a bit of a "balm formula" moment with my lipcolour of late,and with having bought a few "supermarket" varieties (and actually finding them not bad at all),i wanted to give something like this a try...and i am so glad i did. Dior is right up there in the world of pure luxe products,and this offering... the Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm,showed why that is.This is a seriously beautiful lip colour (i went for the No.006 shade...Berry,which is a "just bitten" berry hue that is sheer and yet adds a dimension of colour that would be right at home on either your "no makeup" makeup days OR your "red carpet" party glam look).The formula is what sets this apart...it is a sheer lip balm that enhances the lips’ natural colour,but contains within that formula a feature called "colour reviver technology" that "reacts directly with the unique chemistry of individual lips before releasing its colour ingredient"...how's THAT for bespoke ? But at $50+ for this baby,what else does it bring to the table that other balms don't ? Well,to be completely shallow,this is STUNNING in it's appearance....that baby pink tube against a silver tube with beautiful dome-like accents is a joy to look at,whilst the balm itself feels like silk on the lips(and keeps them well hydrated for hours...even after having it come off),it contains an SPF (so important for summer) AND it has a beautiful light scent (hard to describe,but "fresh" is close) along with tasting somewhat minty. With daily use,and several touchups,(yes,of course this isn't a long wear formula..it really is a balm) this should see you through the summer,and maybe just replace your lipstick if a heavy feeling lip hue is just not right for our summer heat. TIP:Apply over your lipstick for a softer (not in an 80's gloss kind of way,but a subtler,more muted way) gloss to an otherwise more matte texture and to add an extra glisten of colour.
Tossing up between this and the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint, I've read many reviews for both and discovered that this little beauty has quite a cult following!  And deservedly so.  It's a must have!  Yes, the packaging is beautiful.  It's a girly-girl's dream come true.  Tiffany has their Tiffany blue, I'm calling the shade of this tube Dior pink.  And it is perfect.  The texture of the balm is sublime - not sticky, not watery, perfect amount of slide when I rub my lips together and the colour that develops is really lovely.  I've tried many a "turns your ideal shade of pink" lip products and felt more like a clown than a pretty princess.  I actually like the shade I get with this one though.  It's something you can pull out of your handbag and apply or reapply on the go, no mirror needed, and look perfectly polished.  It's one beauty product everyone should own at least once in their life.
Dior Addict Lip Glow is delicate and divine. Femaninity and softness comes to mind and to my lips, with this Dior beauty.  Think soft looking blossom and pink love hearts. A beautifully presented lippy in a wind-up. Great to pop in pocket or purse. A must have when in a light mood. Perfect for Spring.
Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm is my dream lip balm product!  It comes in a gorgeous and glamorous case, and a lovely and easy to use wind up stick. It looks very pale pink in its packaging, but when you apply it to your lips, it will adjust to your lips and change colour.  I was so excited to try this, and I discovered, the more you apply the balm, the more colour you get.  I get the perfect pink, it's so gorgeous, I absolutely love it.    If I wear it at night, I apply my lip liner first, this will ensure the product stays on that little bit longer, as being a thick balm it doesn't stay on too long once you start eating and drinking.   I love how this makes your lips feel, it is so thick and buttery, your lips will feel so soft and moisturised.   Be careful in summer though, one of mine melted in the hot weather, so maybe keep it in the fridge on those very hot days.  Other than that, I love it so much and would so love to wear it every day, but I do try and resist and wear other products, so that when i do wear this balm, I feel and look so special.
Will there be anyone who dislike this product? I love it! The packaging is gorgeous and sturdy, it feels like a thicker gel texture that smooths over the lips easily. It has a slightly tacky feeling so it coats the lips and keep it plump and moisturised. I have very dry lips so I don't use it everyday since it can be very expensive if I go through the whole tube so quickly. However, I love using it when I am out and about. The pink tinge that it leaves is gorgeous and natural, but gives the lips a healthy look while keeping it soft and moist. I really wish I can afford to buy it over and over again but the price is a little too much for me currently. I'm sure I'll repurchase another in the future (maybe in another shade too, just to change it up) but I really wish the price is not as expensive.
This is such a beautiful tinted balm, though I must say I prefer the Lip Maximiser gloss. This adapts with your lips to create your custom colour. I get a very nice hot pink. I don't think it's too moisturising for my lips. The packaging is SO gorgeous and has a weigh to it. Definitely a lot more fancy compared to traditional ol' chapstick, but I think it's really worth the price tag for the experience you get every time you use it - such a pleasure! Overall I would highly recommend this. Sometimes I use it together with the Lip Maximiser gloss on top and it's a gorgeous combo.
This is the FIRST lip balm that I've used up and repurchased (and I'm not even exaggerating) since me and lip balm do not go well together (Chapstick, Nivea, Burt's bee, etc). Yes, it's very hydrating & gives my lips a sheer, glowy pink colour (not shiny). It also has SPF10 and a refreshing minty scent. I love it because I don't have any allergy reaction with it, and it doesn't give me that sticky, heavy felling, also the lip balm hang on my lips very well. I use it during day time and the Nuxe one for night time.
I like this lip balm because it has two functions in one product. It very convenient, very easy to use and not messy when applying. However, it only works for for minor lip peels and I would use a different lip exfoliating product if my lips requires a more intense scrub.
This I can say without doubt is THE BEST LIP BALM I have ever used. This lip balm leaves a hint of natural baby pink on your lips, and leaves them feeling moist and hydrated at the same time with a natural glow. It doesn't taste terrible or anything either. The price is not the best but I honestly think its soooo worth it and it actually lasts quite a while. I have been through THREE OF THESE. I am allergic to coconut oil, which is really sad because almost every lip balm product has coconut oil in it as a nourishing ingredient. this product does have coco-glicerides but does not have actual coconut oil in it, and as it is not listed as one of the very first few ingredients, my lips did not react to it. If you have sensitive skin/lips which react to some ingredients, I highly recommend this product to you. I LOVE IT HONESTLY. Recommend if you have dry lips but want some extra natural colour.
Luscious Lips without the greasy sticky feel of a lot of balms on the market. Dior is high end and the packaging and product look so appealing, I couldn't resist. As we age our lip area can look very sad. Dry flakey and neglected. This is where this Lip Balm shines with a moisture drench, the all important SPF and a gorgeous pop of natural lip colour to give you juicy soft and nurtured lips. You get what you pay for!
This is my go to lip product to pick up my day-time look. The subtle punk shade picks up the natural pigment of your lips and builds the colour. It is smoothing, moisturising and comes in a beautiful case as always for Dior. It's not on the cheap end of lip-care products but it was worth every cent I spent on my first one and I am now on my second!
This is a beautiful lip balm/sheer lipstick that applies smoothly and has a soft gel texture. It's unique and different to your average lip balm as It applies as a sheer pale, baby pink then transforms into a deeper, brighter pink shade. The pink shade will vary depending on the natural pigmentation of your own lips, I have fairly pale lips so it turns my lips into a sheer, natural pink that's not too bright. This is definitely my go-to lip product when I want to create a natural, sheer day-time look and this lip balm looks beautiful paired with a quick application of bronzer and mascara. It hydrates and smooths lips, leaving them looking plump and soft. I also love the gorgeous, sleek pink packaging! Pros: Adds a natural pink shade, with a soft shine Has hydrating and moisturising ingredients to leave lips soft and smooth Gel texture helps the product apply evenly and smoothly Gorgeous packaging! Cons: Quite expensive, especially if used as a daily lip balm/treatment Not long-lasting and needs to be reapplied frequently Repurchase: Yes
This is a very expensive lip balm ($49), but for luxury brands, we pay big dollar. Fortunately, it is worth the price. P
I love this lip balm, its my favourite little luxury. I love the slight tint that it gives your lips, a real natural colour. The balm is really hydrating and last for a number of hours, its not  a balm that is too sticky, or over drying just perfect.
I have a lot of lip balms, but this is one of my all time favourites! It gives the best of both worlds: it moisturises while providing the perfect amount of natural-looking colour. This product is great for when you are on the go and don't have time to stop and apply a lipstick, but still want some colour on your lips. I'm not sure what magic they use in this product, but it's well worth the spend. The packaging it cute, too!
This is my go-to lip product - I can't live without! It amps up your natural lip tone with a slight tint leaving your lips looking plump and healthy without having to wear an actual lipstick shade! I love that it is a moisturizer as well so my lips don't get dry which is normally a problem for me.