Dior Addict Lip Tattoo

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Dior Addict Lip Tattoo is a long-wearing lip tint. The formula is comfortable and weightless and works to boost the natural colour of lips while providing subtle luminosity. 

Available in five shades.


Dior Addict Lip Tattoo


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Love Dior lip products. But this one not my fave. The formula is super lightweight, liquidy. Stains the lips for  long wear. But can dry the lips out. And the tint it leaves is subtle. I am not into matte finish and this lip product is looking flat on my lips. Then I discovered something that does leave stain , has very hydrating effect for hours on end and intense pigmentation with gloss finish (if not blotted), Dior Addict Lacquer Plump. So switched to this formula now. Dior Lip Tatoo is better suited to those who like matte effect and do not need hydration or plumping effect.
The colours of this product are so great and bold and would suit a lot of skin tones. It feels very lightweight when applied but unfortunately it doesn't' keep the lips moisturised like it is supposed to and the product comes off patchy when eating and drinking. It should be long wearing without touch ups but it's not unfortunately. Very steep price for what it is, mainly paying for the brand.
I have heard so many good reviews about the Dior lip tattoo lip tint so I had to purchase and try it to see what the hype is about. Yes, i loved it so much and have been using it everyday because it slides on my lips beautifully and the pigmentation is just right. This lip tattoo is long lasting without drying out my lips too much which is a bonus.
The Dior Addict Lip Tattoo is so nourishing and long lasting! The colour range is great too, one for every occasion and mood. The application is seamless, gliding on perfectly. This lipstick is the ideal addition to any handbag on the go or for that special occasion! Just love it! 
Beauty is good makeup, and my favourite way to express myself completely by releasing my inner makeup artist every day, in different ways and with different looks and products. I am never more happy than when surrounded by products, brushes and sponges galore, as well as my imagination and personal flair. I have what I like to call a makeup wardrobe, divided into different categories of different products. I have a foundation collection of different brands, formulations and finishes, my eye collection, which is a rainbow of different coloured shadows, liners, mascara, and brow products, and I have my lip category, a colourful array of different glosses, balms, lipsticks and tints and stains. Finishing up my makeup wardrobe is of course all the different brushes, sponges and tools I need to apply these products and ensure a flawless, professional looking finish to any look I do on any given day. My lip section of my makeup wardrobe is the most colourful of them all, with wands and pots and palettes and tubes of product in matte, shimmery, tinted and glossy finishes, reds and pinks and corals and plums as far as the eye can see. I am forever adding to it, with new lipsticks, glosses and tints for me to experiment with, to finish any of my every day looks, natural, polished, bright or formal. I don't discriminate on the brands I buy either, as long as the product lives up to its colour and wearability and finish that it promises, I will buy anything from Maybelline NY to Lancome to Loreal Paris to Dior, such as this gorgeous addict lip tattoo in natural coral. The packaging is usually the first thing to catch my eye and whether it will look pretty whenever I whip it out of my makeup bag, followed closely by brand and price tag. Maybe $44 is a bit steep for a lip product, but when it lives up to its every claim and promise and look, it's definitely worth it. After I prepped my face with a perfecting base of double cleansing, serum, moisturiser and primer, and a light, even layer of glow boosting foundation, defined brows and mascara, I first smoothed on a small amount of paw paw ointment onto my lips to ensure a smooth, soft, hydrated base for the lip stain to adhere to, then blotted off the excess. I cracked open the brand new tube and dabbed onto my lips until I had the desired coverage I was after. Application was simple and easy, and layers were easy to build up, as it never became thick, gloopy or caked on. My lips were left looking bright, pinky coral in colour, completely colour perfect to what's in the tube itself, and I didn't need to re-apply except for once during that whole day. My lips did not dry out or get flakey or tight feeling, and the beautiful coral colour works for day and night, any occasion, and I feel so fancy whenever I grab it out of my makeup bag or hand bag. Good makeup, experimentation, and being my own creative makeup artist is the one true highlight of my every day. With every sweep, stroke, buff, and dab of makeup I immediately get hit with the best feeling of confidence, power and happiness. It's like nothing else in my world and any person in this world can achieve this feeling with products like this Dior addict lip tattoo, in one little swipe.
This dior lip tattoo lip tint was given to me by a friend, I really loved it, I dont usually splurge on dior lipsticks so this was a real treat. The packaging is beautiful, the tube feels really luxe and I loved the sponge tip applicator, so easy to use for a nice sweep of colour. The colour is matte and with great quality pigment, I used a nice coral colour and it looked quite natural and pretty. this product is lightweight to wear, lasted well and was hydrating, I would recommend this
Natural Coral is the shade I chose because it's a vibrant colour that makes my blue eyes pop.  While I tend to prefer more hydrating lip products, it doesn't worry me that this is a matte because I can apply a gloss or balm over it.  My major criticism is the smell.  It smells like clay and I expected better from Dior, but the colour is so pretty that I don't mind too much.  As I mentioned before, matte isn't really my thing, but for the first few hours of wear I don't mind.  After a few hours when it settles to a stain and I apply a gloss with a hint of shimmer or a bit of balm for sheen, that's when I really like it.  I'm thinking it might also purchase Natural Rosewood.
i bought this lip tint after hearing so many great reviews about it. I've got the colour 'natural berry' It applies smoothly on my lips, the pigmentation is average. This colour is one of the darker shades so it looks kinda patchy when I try to build up the intensity of the colour. It last on my lips for around 3 hours without eating (all gone when I eat but lip products usually never stain my lips anyway) Pro: gorgeous shades, easy to apply, not drying on the lips Cons: does not last long (on my lips), expensive for what it does Overall, I'm not very impress with this product.