Dior Diorific High Fashion Lipstick

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Dior Diorific High Fashion Lipstick is a long-lasting matte lipstick in a selection of rich shades. The unique texture perfectly outlines and coats lips for a sophisticated look with a soft-metallic finish. 

Available in seven shades.


Dior Diorific High Fashion Lipstick


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This is such an interesting lipstick. The packaging I find to be a little bizarre, but the lipstick within is definitely of high quality. The lipstick is so bold, and lasts very well on the lips. All of the shades are all very classy. I just think that these lipsticks are a little too expensive for what they are.
❤️Dior Diorific  High Fashion Lipstick                 IS THE ONE You need in your make up collection. The lipstick that isn't safe nor subtle. Think fire brigades and cherries Hottest night of summer                           and best night dancing Not for faint hearted.  but if you're not confident, fake it! Own Dior Diorific and have fun!!!!
This Dior lipstick in classic gold casing holds a special place in my heart - it's the first lipstick I've ever used. As a child raiding my mother's make-up box, I was dazzled by the shiny gold case and proceeded to apply the expensive formula to the bottom half of my face. My mother was none too pleased, but it did mark the start of a long love affair with lipstick. Over the years, the packaging has retained its unique spring-like shape and classic gold colouring, which I absolutely adore. It screams sophistication and old-world charm, quite different from the sleek designs of modern lipstick casings. The formula is rich and smooth and luscious, gliding easily onto your lips without dragging or flaking. In terms of coverage, it packs a punch and delivers high pigmentation with intense colour pay-off that lasts up to 8 hours with minor touch-ups after main meals. The finish is nothing fancy - no metallics, high-shine, or super mattes, just a beautifully understated semi-matte finish that focuses on colour rather than the fancy extras our generation have introduced. Colour-wise, all the shades in the range are designed to be flattering, and I particularly love the reds and nudes - just beautiful! This Dior collection will always be special to me, and I sincerely recommend it to anyone in the market for an excellent formula with opaque flattering shades and a dash of classic elegance.