Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette

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Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette is a feminine floral fragrance. It features notes of lily of the valley, Indian jasmine, and white musk.

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Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette


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Every now and then it's nice, if not necessary, to return to classics such as Diorissimo to be reminded that beauty needn't be complicated.  While I appreciate modern perfumes, I do find at times that the sweet gourmands and push toward unisex scents leave me longing for pure unadulterated femininity.  Diorissimo is a breath of fresh air when I need a timeout from the endless quest for uniqueness and cleverness that is the modern day beauty industry.  It just hits the spot for me on so many levels.  The simplicity of a light fragrant white floral bouquet kissed ever so gently by the masterful hands of the fragrance house of Dior results in a timeless masterpiece that feels just as much at home in 2018 as it would have in 1918, or any year, for that matter because it is a true timeless classic.  While I enjoy this pristine white floral fragrance most in spring/summer, I quite proudly wear this gem whenever the mood strikes because it just makes me happy.
I have to admit....i got this years ago after having read somewhere that Princess Diana was a fan of this.It was the most expensive thing i had purchased (as far as beauty products go) at the time,but i loved it then....and still do now. It has been reformulated over the years (for the better..animal notes are now replaced with synthetic versions of these,so much more in tune with my values). This is a very ladylike scent...Lily of the Valley is the predominant note here (but in a beautiful,fresh way...(not the "Nanna" sort you may envision),so if you are a fan of that scent, you will like this one. Diorissimo is all about floral notes...,strong but innocent at the same time.... smells like a flower garden dominated by lily and jasmine,refined and very feminine,intense and long lasting but not overbearing. This perfume has a combination of fresh top notes... citrus and green notes that add a summer feel,an elegant floral heart of jasmine,lily,lilac,ylang ylang on a warm and woody base notes of sandalwood....perfect for women who want to maintain a fresh feel all day. The lasting power of this is fantastic for an EDT....a good 5 hours,and the bottle would be right at home on the most elegant of dressers.So whilst i initially purchased for the association to Diana,Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette remains in my rotation for it's nostalgic, girly presence and memories of a simpler time (so perfect for a woman who yearns for that time gone by too). TIP: Want to modern this up a little (so younger wearers can experience a little of this magic ) ? Add a spritz of a fruitier scent with this to freshen it up and add a youthful edge.