Dior Diorskin Star Studio Makeup Spectacular Brightening SPF 30

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Dior Diorskin Star Studio Makeup Spectacular Brightening SPF 30 is a liquid foundation with SPF 30 sun protection. The formula features hollow silica beads that help capture and diffuse light while colour-filter pigments neutralise colour imbalances. Skin care ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark areas, pigmentation and redness. The complexion is left luminous and more visibly even. 

Available in 12 shades.


Dior Diorskin Star Studio Makeup Spectacular Brightening SPF 30


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I really love Dior foundations, and this was the third product I tried. I used to use the Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation but I wanted something a little more matte and with more coverage. It applies beautifully, has medium to full coverage with a satin finish. It lasts really well and didn't oxidise on me. I applied it with the Dior sponge and it went on evenly, wasn't streaky and felt really comfortable on my skin.  Being a European brand, I appreciate that they have a range of shades for really fair skin, like myself. I have very fair skin with neutral/slightly olive undertones which can be quite difficult to match. I've never had an issue matching to a Dior foundation and they are one of my favourite high-end brands to go to when I want a luxury foundation. 
One of my latest purchases, this Dior foundation is lightweight offering mid-to-full coverage, giving skin a ‘lit from within’ glow– like its namesake, a star! It evens out my skin tone and provides long-lasting wear throughout the day. I have mature skin, with some skin texture issues. I found that this foundation worked well for me in providing great coverage whilst still giving me a natural glow. I wear it mainly for special occasions and have found that it photographs beautifully. The coverage never looks cakey, heavy or thick but looks like naturally flawless skin. Even though it imparts a glow, I did not find the texture of the foundation to be oily or greasy. However I always wear a powder on top to set it. The foundation contains SPF 30+ however I did not find that it was problematic in causing flashback in photos. Overall a good foundation that is on the pricey end. Once I got the hang of application, it worked a treat. You don’t need to apply much product to get good coverage  (one pump is plenty) and the result is gorgeous radiant skin.     TIPS - I found that I achieved best results when moisturising and priming my face first as it does have a tendency to accentuate dry patches. - I have found that when applied with a brush the coverage can be a bit thick, highlighting some of my skin texture issues. A damp beauty blender works best for a seamless perfectly blended finish without looking heavy. PROS - Photographs beautifully, for a naturally flawless, ‘lit from within’ look. - Well designed pump bottle. - Lasting power, long wearing throughout the day.   CONS - Can accentuate dry patches/skin texture issues if care isn’t taken during application.
So, here I am again with another review for a foundation from a very famous brand that is Dior. Yep, I am still on the search for that one seemingly impossible and non existent foundation that will tick all my boxes and do everything from coverage to concealing to combatting shine, redness and unevenness, to lasting all day long and above all let my natural skin show through, match my pale skin tone perfectly and not irritate my extremely sensitive skin. I know, I know, I'm on a wild goose chase right? Searching for something that doesn't exist? Well we'll see, just watch this space, I know it's out there and I will find it. I am coming closer to find it, I've tried at least a thousand from a thousand different brands, some good, some okay, a lot bad and sometimes in the midst of all the okay and bad and mediocre, I find a couple of absolutely brilliant gems of foundation, pretty much liquid gold that do most of the things on my list of wants and rules. This Dior star studio foundation is one of those few absolute gold foundations I've been lucky enough to discover. I received a sample in an online makeup package I ordered a month or so ago, and decided to wear it for an interview I had recently at a beauty salon, so looking absolutely stunning and professional was a top priority for me.  I prepped my skin with my usual double cleanse, serum, exfoliater and moisturiser then finally primer, for the perfect blank canvas for my makeup. I applied the Dior star foundation to my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and dabbed and buffed it into my skin, then put extra on my blemishes red and dry, uneven patches and buffed it in some more, first with the warmth of my fingers then a face buffing brush. Then I stepped back and looked at the results in the mirror. So what did I see when I looked in the mirror? A face that was fresh, soft, hydrated, completely covered and concealed yet still let my skin show through, dewy radiant glowing and just perfect. I was me, just a better, more polished and glowing version of me. The sample lasted another 3 uses, which was extremely generous for one little sample. Every other time I used it, I got the exact same perfect results. It lasts all day with barely any need for powders or touch ups, it doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin. I didn't get that job but I walked into that place feeling so confident and put together and beautiful, just from one application of a truly brilliant foundation. I've sadly just finished that sample sachet but it will be going near the top of my list of beauty wants and needs. I am still on the search for that elusive holy grail foundation but my search gets that little bit easier when I discover foundations like this that are just so close to perfect, they really are little bottles of liquid gold, magic even. So if you want your own bottle of liquid gold foundation, go out and buy this Dior star foundation, put it on and feel all the confidence, power and beauty, all from the first application.
As you would expect from a luxury brand, the packaging of the Diorskin Star foundation is elegant and simplistic. I also like the fact that the pump doesn’t just randomly spit the product out but you are in control of the amount of foundation dispensed. And even if you do full pump, the amount that comes out is not excessive. Diorskin Star is a liquid foundation but the formula is not too runny and not too thick either. It’s nicely pigmented though so there’s no need to apply heavy layers of product to even out the skin and cover minor imperfections. The coverage after one layer (applied with a Beauty Blender) is light to medium with natural finish. I like to closely inspect how the foundation sits on my skin and have to say that Diorskin Star blends in extremely well and doesn’t cake up at all. For a luminous foundation, the finish is not what you would expect – there’s no obvious glow and no greasy or slippery feel on the skin. It looks semi-matte and doesn’t necessarily require a layer of powder on top, but the luminosity is definitely there. Another impressive feature of this foundation is the staying power. Luminous formulas are not usually famous for their longevity but this one stands out in the crowd. It doesn’t move throughout the day and doesn’t slip off the skin in warmer temperatures.Depending on your skin type, it may require a light dusting of powder in the t-zone but when it comes to touch-ups I only need to blot the excess oil from my forehead around lunch time.
This is by far my favourite foundation. It lasts all day and it gives your skin a fresh, flawless finish. I won't lie, I find that the colour doesn't suit my skin all year round- I need to swap it to a more tanned tone in Summer, but I think that has more to do with my skin tone than the product. And a little of this foundation goes a long way.
One of my go to foundations for special occasions as it photographs like a dream. It is lightweight, applies beautifully without looking heavy or cakey and skin looks airbrushed. I also found it to be quite long wearing and it lasted well during the day. Provides medium to full coverage giving skin a natural healthy glow. The shade range can be a bit limited, however if you can find a good colour match, this will become one of your HG foundations.