Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum

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Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum is a fresh floral fragrance, which combines top notes of red berry, heart notes of Grasse roses, Damask roses and peony, and base notes of white musk.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 20mL and 100mL.


Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum


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A floral and sweet perfume for a sophisticated women Top notes: Rasberries, grapes, pomegranate and pear Base notes: Rose, floral tones This perfume is a beautiful and elegant perfume, perfect for a day or night time scent. I use one spray in the morning on my neck after applying moisturiser, and I find that the perfume lasts throughout the entire day. I would recommend applying moisturiser before perfume to all you ladies, as it helps the perfume to stick to the skin. I would recommend purchasing the EDP rather than EDT, simply because the product lasts longer. I find that this perfume feels expensive, unlike the abundant fruity, teenage smelling perfumes that are saturating the market. This perfume is iconic for a reason; I find that I am constantly being complimented while wearing this perfume, even by strangers in the street. I alternated between this Dior and Elle Saab's It Girl.  This perfume is gorgeous and a little goes a long way. 10/10 x  
Ahhh I just love this product it’s so Devine I wanna spray more and more on.   My hubby loves the smell too so sweet and s3xy. Sprayed it on the way home from Thailand. I instantly wanted it when home in Australia it’s an excellent price and would definitely give this as a gift
One of the best in the Miss Dior line, and I love it! People are calling this a 'flanker of a flanker' as the last release was "Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet" but I have to tell you, those 2 scents really only share the name "blooming", the rest is completely different.  This opens like a sweet waxy lipstick scent...then warms up into a rose/musk/pink pepper combination that's to die for. There isn't any patchouli in the official note matrix, but I can smell it, just a hint! It gives it a warm base for everything to rest on, makes it a little earthier, and it lasts A LOT LONGER and is more potent than it's predecessor "Blooming Bouquet". I got 15 hours from 2 sprays. This scent is rich and glamorous on my skin, and I am so glad I grabbed the 100ml bottle. Well worth it!
Dior perfumes have always been my favourite and my perfume "wardrobe" contains more Dior than any other perfume house. From J'Adore to Diorissimo and then the original Miss Dior - I have loved them all, and when I had a chance to try the latest Miss Dior incarnations in a sample coffret I was very quick to purchase one. This is the perfect way to enjoy a particular scent "family" before committing to a full size. Absolutely Blooming was probably my favourite of the set - a perfect combination of floral sweetness, tempered by the berry, light but long-lasting. There is nothing at all over-powering about this perfume, but the fact that it lingers nicely is a testament to it's quality, and this is something I have come to expect from a Dior perfume.  Dior's in-house perfumer has described "Absolutely Blooming" as "a cheerful fragrance for a woman who enjoys life", and this is a pretty good description - you can put this on and go, without concern about either being too understated or coming on too strong.  In keeping with the scent, the packaging is very feminine and the bow adorable, while the pink of the perfume itself fits this theme. The bottles make a lovely display on a dressing table. I love wearing this perfume at any time of day. The only Con - is deciding whether I like this or the Miss Dior Eau de Toilette the best!
I love Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming fragrance.  It initially caught my attention at Singapore Airport due to its incredibly feminine and classic bottle but I quickly became addicted to the scent. It is that perfect spring and summer fragrance that is like a French bouquet with a modern mix of red berries blended with white musk and Damascan roses. It makes you feel heavenly all day long with its refreshing fragrance. If you are looking for that perfect fragrance to add to your Christmas wish list that is addictive and indulging and perfect for any occasion you can’t go past this beautiful scent.
absolutely adore this fragrance, it is feminine and uplifting. Whenever I spray this in the mornings, it always brings a smile to my face and makes me feel a bit more confident. It's not overpowering but it's presence is noticeable. I use 4 sprays during the day and a few more for night time. Reason being, it's a subtle fragrance. It lasts all throughout my work day. I would repurchase because it's a beautiful fragrance. I recommend purchasing the body lotion in this fragrance and apply this on top to make it last longer. I haven't seen the body lotion available separately but have seen it in gift packs along with shower gel. Pros -beautiful scent -aesthetically pleasing bottle -uplifting - long lasting Cons -pricey -only available in department stores and not chemists I would recommend this to those who like subtle scents that can be built up for a more distinct and noticeable scent. It's definitely a feminine fragrance.
I loved this fragrance from the first spray, i adore the miss dior fragrances and have worn them for years, this is a gorgeous feminine floral fragrance with notes of musk and rose which is sweet and pretty,this is a great spring floral fragrance as it is so light. The fragrance lasts for ages and the scent lingers beautifully so it is a good investment. The bottle is stunning so pretty and girlie, it feels really special. This fragrance would make a great gift for someone special as it is so pretty and decadent, a really sophisticated fragrance that I would love to be given again