Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist

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Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist is a perfumed hair mist that is scented with Dior’s Miss Dior fragrance. 


Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist


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I love this so much. Without a doubt one of my favorite hair mists as the smell is sweet but not too sweet and lasts for far longer than other hair mists and I’ve tried a few. It’s great too if you don’t always love spraying perfume on your skin on a hot day but still want to have perfume on as I seem to find it goes further that way in summer. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes smelling great without it being overpowering and although it might seem pricier it is definitely worth it.
This hair mist makes me feel like a very young girl.  It reminds me of being clean and cozy in my pyjamas after a warm bath.  The best way I can describe it is like baby powder for grown women.  It's fresh, sweet and clean.  It's beautiful day or night for spring and summer, but I also love to use it in the cooler months before bedtime because it makes me feel so relaxed - just like I used to feel when my mother would tuck me into bed at night.  A must have product!
I am a sucker for hair mists - especially designer hair mists! I am big fan of Dior so when I stumbled across this mist, I had to have it! I use this in combination with my dry shampoo in between washes and spritz some love into my mane. I absolutely adore the Miss Dior scent and the beautiful packaging is on a whole other level. Absolutely recommend to those who love to add a little extra luxury to their beauty collection.
This hair mist helps my hair smell nice, gives me a boost with my self esteem & builds up my confidence. The scent is absolutely seductive, feminine and sexy. This hair mist is suitable for everyday use, even when i forget to spray my perfume this hair mist covers that. Because the scent is gentle and is able to coat my body with a fragrance that would make people think i sprayed perfume. When really all i used was a mist for my hair. This product does not dry out or damage my hair because it is made of mainly water and ingredients to create the scent. The design of the bottle is very elegant, classy and feminine.  Recommened for:  Anyone who are into hair mists Who are into Dior Who loves soft gentle floral scents Girls age 18+ Woman who are 20+
I completely adore the colour of this hair mist. It has been long time since I have used hair mist. I often fall short of considering about complementing my perfume with a hair mist. However, after I used this product, this was never a worry. This hair mist is not too overpowering, it just worked excellent with what ever with or without what perfume I already had on. It really should be tried to fully immerse yourself in the experience that this product can provide you.
Not my favourite but does smell amazing and  makes your hair feel amazing
This is such an indulgent and luxurious product - it smells fantastic and a little really goes a long way! I generally apply it in the morning and can still smell it in the evening. I can't help but feel completely glamorous whenever I use it!
The Dior Hair mist smells absolutely divine! It is the perfect fix for days when my hair (especially on day 2) looks great (better than day 1 of hair wash strangely) but doesn't smell the best! It is a sweet smell and not very strong which makes it my perfect hair mist!
Ah, a hair mist version of my favourite Dior perfume. It'll make me smell like Natalie Portman between washes. Now if only I could figure out how to be as accomplished as she is...
I am one of those people who's life pleasures do consist of washed hair. However due to having such a busy lifestyle between gym and work it doesn't leave a lot of time to wash my hair. So when I came across this product i was delighted to know that this combined with dry shampoo my hair could smell and look as freshly washed hair - if not better!