Dior Miss Dior Le Parfum

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Dior Miss Dior Le Parfum is a heady floral fruity fragrance. It features notes of mandarin, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, amber and vanilla.


Dior Miss Dior Le Parfum


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This one really should be called Mrs. Dior - the more grown up version of Miss Dior.  I love both.  Miss Dior is so fresh and feminine and this Le Parfum is more of an “intense” version.  The amber and vanilla add a warmth and sultriness that makes Le Parfum very sophisticated.  Miss Dior for day wear and Le Parfum for evening, or Miss Dior for spring/summer and Le Parfum for autumn/winter.
Miss Dior has to be one of my all time favourite perfume ranges and Le Parfum is the best of them all. It is a very strong intense floral perfume that you have to be really conscious of how much you apply as it can be overwhelming, but in saying that a little goes a very long way. I feel like this is a night fragrance, it’s sophisticated and sultry and never fails to get a compliment.  Remember, use sparingly.
This classic little beauty is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, not for the faint of heart. It is far more intense, but just as complex, as the gorgeous Miss Dior eau de parfum. In much the same way, it starts off fruity and light, then turns beautifully floral with the recognisable scent of roses, before it settles into a warm, sensuous, caramel, vanilla, patchouli-based fragrance that has an amazing stay power of over 12 hours. It feels like a coming-of-age scent that is filled with power and drive, with the maturity and complexity of fine wine. This is truly my night-out special occasions perfume, a bit too heavy for daytime wear because I feel like I'm letting the fragrance down if I'm not dressed up to match its level of sophistication. The key is to not spray too much; the scent is very intense and strong, and too much could be overwhelming and overbearing. When used in moderation, this beautiful fragrance will make any woman feel classy, sensuous and ready to take on the world.