Dior Miss Dior Parfum

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Dior Miss Dior Parfum is a heady fruity floral fragrance. It features notes of yellow mandarin, Damask rose, neroli essence and orange blossom.


Dior Miss Dior Parfum


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This is a young, flirty, daytime fragrance. I got my original bottle as a gift for my 21st birthday and the divine scent has stayed with me. Totally unforgettable. I love the bottle and everything about the scent. Looks gorgeous sitting on my dresser. Definitely worth the price. (in my opinion :) )
Love this perfume,after trying a small sample i had to go and buy the big 100ml bottle! It is not cheap tho! But worth it! It smells fresh,fruity n summery! It lasts all day and the bottle is so beautiful with the bowe! I would recommend it to youger women..
Such a stunning fragrance. The bottle and packaging for starters is absolutely gorgeous. The fragrance itself is very elegant, it is very floral and fruity. The scents of roses and mandarin somehow work together magically. It is such a fresh scent that lasts very well throughout the day. I love this fragrance!
The original Miss Dior perfume is beautiful.  The perfume comes in a rectangle block with a gorgeous bow lid. It's very feminine and makes me feel young again. The fragrance smells like roses and mandarin. It's a wonderful combination of both fruity and floral. The fragrance is quite strong and it lasts for the whole day - from 7am to 6pm.  I feel really feminine and beautiful and like I'm ready to take on anything that will get thrown my way. You know others love it when they compliment you and I'm getting lots of compliments from my colleagues. Thanks Dior!
Miss Dior is my absolute favourite fragrance. I first sampled it when it was new in-store and being promoted. At the time I was on holidays and enjoying some leisurely retail therapy. A generous spray of the tester and I didn’t hesitate to purchase. Initially, I was attracted to the prestigious brand and the brand ambassador, being Natalie Portman, but the fragrance was captivating and sophisticated. It has a lasting fruity and feminine scent that is always suitable and complementary to where I am and who I am with. It gives me a polished and confident vibe in everyday as well as for night and special occasions. It makes me feel carefree and as though I’m strolling through Central Park in all four seasons.
When a scent can simultaneously remind you of your past, while hinting at possibilities still to come...you know you've found something truly timeless. Give yourself a gift that will make you smile every time you reach for it. Or better yet, give one to your best friend and let her in on your secret.
This perfume has a beautiful fresh scent, I wear this every day to work and it lasts all day long - Eau de parfum is the one!! It even lasts well into the evening straight from work, I always get compliments on my scent when wearing this. Great fresh scent but strong enough to stay all day. Highly recommend miss Dior to all!!
If you have an impression that when you are wearing Miss Dior you feel like you’ve just sprayed Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – you are not wrong! My nose detects similarities too.  This fragrance seems to be very popular as I smell it very often on other women, very long lasting, is elegant and funky too as I believe it is directed at younger audience ( Miss?).  Miss Dior is a lovely mix of flowers and fruits, with happy sparkling notes of champagne. I can smell strawberries there too, covered in sweet and warm caramel. A very sensual feminine classic.