Dior One Essential City Defense

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Dior One Essential City Defense is an invisible shield that protects skin against toxins. The triple antipollution formula includes anti-adhesion, anti-penetration and antioxidation plus UVA/UVB sun protection for up to eight hours.


Dior One Essential City Defense


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I am a fan and avid user of the one essential range. I was super excited to try this city defense sunscreen for all its amazing qualities.  Including the anti pollution factor. Unfortunately I had to give this one a miss after the second application. I am a person of color and I have facial hair. The product itself left a white cast on my face and settled into my facial hair to the point where I had to go in and clean bits out. It might not seem like a big task but for those of us with a five o clock shadow. It’s rather annoying.  If this is worn under foundation it would be perfect. I’ve given it to a friend and she adores it.