Dior Poison Eau de Toilette

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Dior Poison Eau de Toilette is an exotic spicy, fruity fragrance. It features notes of spices, fruits, amber, honey and musk.

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Dior Poison Eau de Toilette


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A fragrance truly deserving of its cult status, Poison is beauty and beast all in one.  The beauty of Poison lies in its luscious femme fatale seductiveness, and the beast is its projection.  Thank goodness this is an EDT because any higher concentration would knock you out!  This scent is a powerhouse!  But I find it deeply satisfying, striking and glamorous.  It's the scent of female empowerment.  What's your poison?  Mine is Poison by Dior.
I always loved the bottles of the Dior Poison range. This particular bottle I purchased on my Honeymoon on the way to Malaysia. I fell in love with the green bottle and the gorgeous shape. I find that this perfume is exstremely powerful with a strong scent of fruity hits with a slight musky aftertone. It’s not for the faint hearted. It’s also one I recommend you test before buying as it smells very different in different people. It’s part of my collection but it’s one I tend to wear lightly as too much is very over powering (so no need to be liberal here). I i know that a lot of the older generation (35+) have this perfume Inc their arsenal but not sure if many younger people buy it now. Suitable for people looking for a strong signature scent.
So this is like a proper classic. My mum used this when I was a child and I could always smell it in her room hours after she has used it. When I got to the ripe old age of stealing her makeup and going out myself I always used to wear this. I used to get so many compliments from everyone and it stayed on all night. Not like these new perfumes that are gone so quick.  I just have had about ten bottles. It’s that nice someone once told me and my mum the oil cane from Egypt. We only booked a trip there to get the oil. That’s another story though. It’s a classy smell. Staying power that doesn’t disappoint
Classic perfume all the way. I was given this as a gift and I love how exquisite and pristine it is. The fragrance is so soft and familiar, its a mild musk but in a beautiful subtle way. Its a warm inviting fragrance that leaves me wanting more. I love it! You know how certain perfumes can take you away from your troubles and just envelope you in the scent. Well, this is such a fragrance. Its perfect for year round wear, although I prefer the cooler months. In comes in the classic and well known Poison bottle, you'd recognise it anywhere! Warm and inviting, trust me, if you wear this, you'll be strutting your stuff, and with good reason.
Dior Poision is one of those classic revolutionary fragrances that has become a legend since it has been launched in 1985. This is a dark, mysterious and elegant fragrance. Think spices, fruit and wood that mesmerizes the senses. The most prominent notes are of wildberries, orange honey and tuberose. A rather 'heavy' fragrance, I prefer to wear this during a night out - perhaps to a nice dinner or for drinks with the girls. For an EDT, this perfume has incredible silage and longevity. Whilst not as strong as the EDP, it easily lasts for 8 hours. The bottle itself is also gorgeous - a glass in dark purple/red colour made to look almost forbidden. A classic fragrance that every woman should have on her dressing table, if only to remind you of your femininity and prowess. Wear it when you want to be noticed!