Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick

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Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick is a long-wearing lipstick in a selection of deep, rich shades. The ultra-nourishing formula contains hyaluronic microspheres that deliver hydration to lips. 

Available in 32 shades.


Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick


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I had purchased this in a bright red/slightly orange shade and whenever I would wear it everyone would compliment me. They would say that the colour is gorgeous and would want to know which brand it was so they could buy it. The lipstick was unbelievably rich and pigmented! I would put one swipe of this lipstick and the colour would just pop! It made me feel so luxurious. I also liked that the lipstick never dried out my lips. It was creamy and hydrating and I didn’t have any issues with flaking. The colour didn’t fade nor did it bleed even if I wasn’t wearing lip liner. It also doesn’t accentuate the lines on your lips. It is definitely a high quality product and it’s great for special occasions as there’s very little need to touch up!
Dior never fails me & I guess every single dollar on the price tag is justified for this nourishing, rich and vibrant lipstick. Application is quite easy and smooth, stays for a long time and the best part - its neither too sheer or too glossy. Just the right amount to enhance and brighten your day :) You might have to reapply every couple of hours, but I would trade that any day as against to having matte and dry lips.  One of the best lipsticks I have ever used & I would recommend this to everyone and there are many flattering colors to choose from. This to me is like a mini pampering kit that makes me feel special every time I wear it :) 
I love this lipstick!! It stays on all day and isn't too glossy or too matte. Have never really had much luck with lipsticks but this one is the best and it is worth every cent!! I would buy this over and over again in all the amazing colours!
I absolutely love this nourishing and vibrant lipstick! My lips can be quite dry at times, and I feel using a majority of lipsticks will really emphasise my lips poor quality, however as soon as I applied this lipstick my lips feel soft and kissable, the dryness really looked soothed. I won't lie for a lipstick, I found the price tag really high initially and it concerned me. however after the first few uses I was totally sold, and the quality just really justified the price. The colour I have is Rose, it is an easy to wear and subtle colour, that is perfect to use with all makeup looks. Sometimes along with some light foundation, this lipstick is all I wear and I still fill dolled up and confident. I love how the colour is light and ideal for heavy make up looks as well, so I literally wear this lipstick day and night!  So far my lipstick has lasted a really long time, and I still have heaps left despite using it very regularly. I keep the lipstick i my handbag at all times, and being summertime I was quite concerned about the weather destroying my product, however the lipstick seems unaffected by the temperature still in perfect condition. I have had many lips sticks that would literally melt in my handbag when the temperature was over 40 degrees celsius, however this one has held perfectly.  Now as I tip, I recommend all you dry lipped ladies out there to apply just a little pawpaw ointment/ vaseline on your lips first, before you apply the lipstick, I've found just really helps my lips to look their best. Another tip is keep this lipstick with you at all times, while I think it is the most nourishing, beautiful and easy to apply lipstick Ive ever used, I can admit it is not the longest lasting. I guarantee you will need to reapply throughout the day to stay looking fresh. When eating or drinking, the lipstick will come off unfortunately. This aspect is my only negative of the lipstick. Because the rose shade is quite light though, people really won't notice that it is smudging off. I think a good way to over come this is to use a setting spray over the top, it can definitely add some time to the lipsticks life span. Otherwise just keep reapplying when you need to.  I still absolutely recommend this product to everyone, I just wanted to keep it honest so you are not suprised if the lipstick can't last all night. It will moisturise your lips and keep them from looking parched and flaky. the colour is absolutely superb and flattering, and there are so many different wearable tones to pick from. your lips will look silky and well glossed and this lipstick is very easy to apply even for beginners. I recommend this lipstick to people with a bigger budget, and I can say it will last many applications even if used everyday and won't spoil even in hot weather. For me, its certainly my favourite lipstick I've ever used. 
I wear this product in the colour rose montaigne, not only is this lipstick an incredible go to, all occasion wear, it of extremely high quality and lasts a long time. This lipstick glides on effortlessly and has a rich, flattering colour. A unique quality to this product is it will not dry out your lips, infant it is quite moisturising, I never have to worry about a lip emergency unlike other brands that smudge and dry out my lips. I would rate this lipstick a 10/10 and a must have. The colour I use is versatile, suitable for day use, but also perfect to use for evenings out accompanying smokey dramatic eyes. So glad I was introduced to this product and I will never be able to go back to cheap brands! While quite pricey, it is definitely worth every cent. I have been using my lipstick for almost 3 months on a regular basis, and it still in perfect condition.
Love these lipsticks. Colour is amazing, stays on, moisturises.
I use Colour 28 which is a bright pink colour without a neon tint. It is moist, has good coverage and leaves the right amount of sheen.
I have been wearing this lipstick for a few years now, plum plot was the shade unfortunately it is hard to find at times, but the colour and texture is very silky and smooth worth paying that extra for a good quality lipstick