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Dove Beauty Cream is a cleansing bar that helps skin retain its natural moisture. The formula is enriched with Dove’s 1⁄4 moisturising cream that melts deeply into dry skin to help it feel more supple and nourished. Skin-natural lipids replenish what is removed during cleansing to help skin retain moisture. It is made from mild cleansers, which are less disruptive to the skins proteins and limits the damage to the skin that regular soaps can cause. 

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Dove Beauty Cream


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I have been using the Dove Beauty Bar for 15 years, may be more. I simply cannot fault this - smells divine, lathers well, cleanses well, and reasonably hydrating to skin. My skin is never too tight after shower. I shower twice a day too, so I have to use something gentle and this beauty bar definitely delivers. I love to use it with a shower sponge or bath glove. I have tried almost all the variations and they are all beautiful. They are also often on sale so I stock up whenever it works out to be $1 each.
I have bought this soap for years and it is a staple in my household. There is just something so comforting about the Dove Beauty Bar that makes me keep buying it. Firstly, it has a great formula that doesn't irritate the skin, or leave it feeling tight or dry. Secondly, the shape of the bar makes it so incredibly easy to hold and use in the shower ( I don't know why other brands don't do something similar!). Lastly, it has a beautiful, soft scent that lingers ever so slightly on the skin. Love this soap and will continue to purchase.
You can't go wrong with this simple inexpensive bar soap. This soap has a smooth texture & is extremely gentle on the skin. The soft pleasant scent of this bar soap makes me feel fresh & happy. The best thing about this bar is that it is truly moisturising and does not leave my skin feeling dry or tight after cleansing. Having dry skin I absolutely love this soap as it makes my skin soft, smooth & supple. My skin feels hydrated and healthy-looking. For my dry skin this is a must have product in my stash especially in winters. 
The Dove Beauty Bar is a classic for a reason. This is the bar soap that revolutionised (at least to the masses) the idea that your soap can do more than cleanse - it should also leave your skin soft and creamy. It's no mere soap bar, it's a beauty bar! (In fact, I believe it doesn't contain the traditional soap, but rather a mild surfactant.) And this beauty bar does deliver. It cleanses well, it lathers up to something creamy rather than sudsy, doesn't my strip skin of oil, and it leaves my skin reasonably soft at the end of it. Good, gentle beauty bar. This works well with an exfoliating glove or loofah, although I like to use it straight. I also like that in spite of its creaminess, it doesn't get used up too quickly. The scent, however, is not my favourite, although it is the classic soapy Dove scent that's inoffensive. Also, after using every one or two bars, I find myself switching to a creamy body wash - usually Dove - because at the end of the day, this is not as hydrating as a liquid body wash, or certain washes, rather. I don't mind this at all, and for some reason, this has never been too far from me throughout my life. It's not one I would choose for my daily wash, although I wouldn't hate it; it does, however, make for a highly effective post-workout cleanser, because it gives me that super clean feeling without any dryness or tightness. It's also a good alternative to liquid body washes for travelling, as it's lighter and poses no spillage risk. As far as bar soaps/cleansers go, this is a fantastic product at a fantastic price point that's hard to fault. It doesn't mean there aren't better ones - like Dove's own Purely Pampering beauty bars or a couple of extraordinary goat's milk bars - but I do like this and come back to it often.
I love this bar of soap as a hand soap in winter when my hands get really dry and start to crack. It’s the only soap that keeps my hands going when they start to deplete in moisture during the colder months. This soap also has a lovely clean fragrance and when used on the body instead of a body wash, the pleasant smell lingers. I would recommend this soap to anyone that suffers from dry hands as a result of hand washing in the dry and cold air of winter. I would also highly recommend it as a body wash for the same reasons and for its very pleasing smell.
Dove's Beauty Cream is a beauty essential for me. I have sensitive skin but have never had a bad reaction to this product. There is a scent but it is light, unobtrusive, and does not linger on the skin. The product is easy to hold (even when wet) despite being untextured, lathers easily (and well), and tends to last a long while. The formula means the product isn't drying which is fantastic if you tend more towards dry skin. I find my skin feels soft and supple after using Dove's Beauty Cream in comparison with other soaps. I think it is fantastic, especially at this price point, so highly recommend.
As soon as I smell the familiar scent of Dove, I feel comfortable. Its a staple in my home and I make sure I never run out. I love the tactile shape of the bar, the Dove emblem itself it is a sign of peace and the packaging reflects the looks. The bar soaps up well and is safe and non irritating for all the family. I feel a little bit special when I use it and I know that I'm looking after every inch of my skin. I recently included Dove soaps in packs that a group of my friends and I donate to Women's Shelters because its a special treat for a small price.
Dove Beauty Bar is probably one of those soaps that every women has tried at one point or another. It's a bar of soap that really is less drying than other cheaper options and I suppose that's what makes it a favourite. Personally I like this soap but I much prefer body washes for the same price as you get a better lather in my opinion. I find these bars are perfect for travelling though as I don't have to lug my body wash around and have something wet to apply it to. The soap itself lathers up fairly well and gives you a nice clean without sucking all the moisture out of your skin. Instead it actually hydrates your skin a little bit with it's 1/4 moisturising cream which is a great thing to add to a bar of soap. It's also great for the whole family as it doesn't have a strong smell. If you have never tried this soap, what are you waiting for?
I've literally been using this soap since I was born. It is wonderful for those with sensitive skin as it does not strip off layers of skin like cheap soaps do. It is extremely nourishing to your skin and it has a lovely clean smell. This bar of soap is excellent to use when shaving your legs as well. There is a definite price variant however you should shop around when buying them, ALDI has them as specials for $1 sometimes.
A staple product everyone should have. I really like this soap. It cleans well and smells nice. Really good for people who like a basic routine in the shower and great for men!
Love the smell of Dove Soap.  It lathers up well and feels just lovely to use.  The only problem is that it's hard to use right down to the last silver as it tends to go a little mushy if it gets too wet, especially at the end.
I have been using Dove soap for as long as I can remember. Every now and then I have ventured out to try something new, but Dove always brings me back. It doesn't let my skin scream for moisture while I wash, and the lather is the softest I've ever felt. It's fantastic with coverage while washing, and even after rinsing, my skin is silky soft.
I decided to try this on a whim because I actually purchased this to clean my make up brushes then I decided to try this as a soap too. I'm not usually a fan of solid bars of soap because I prefer body washes to cleanse myself,  but I surprised myself. It's pretty darn good! I love the creamy lather and the fact that it doesn't dry my skin out or make it feel itchy. I also love the distinctive Dove fragrance, it's a little bit more pricier than a regular bar of soap but worth paying that bit extra for a more luxurious cleanse. It also works perfectly well as a make up brush cleanser, I just wet my brushes and swirl them on the Dove bar then rinse clean and my brushes are left squeaky clean and the bristles soft and fluffy!
I grew up using this soap and even after all these years I guess some things never change.  It's what I rely on for a good clean without drying out my skin.  Something you don't see with most soap these days.  It leaves a moisturising barrier that makes your skin feel so soft after using.  Other soaps will strip your skin of oils while the Dove soap is filled with moisturising ingredients making it gentle on your skin.  You get that fresh, clean feeling without having to compromise on hydration.  I even use it for washing my hands throughout the day.  Plus I love the light, powdery smell!
Growing up this was the most coveted soap in the cabinet. I remember sneaking some of my Mum's Dove soap and getting in trouble because it was hers alone (Mum's need all the little luxuries they can get) so I see now why it wasnt for me. Now that I am my own woman and can do as I please I still have that mentality that this is a special soap. It is incredibly soft on your skin, super nourishing and has the most gorgeous scent which lingers a while. It leaves you clean without that astringent "tight" feeling.
The Dove Beauty Cream bar is a product that has been on the market for a long time and it's stood the test of time because it's great.  Its smells amazing (I just love the Dove scent), lathers up well and is so soft and creamy on the skin. Exactly what I am looking for a soap. My skin doesn't feel tight after using Dove, instead it's soft, smooth and clean. I find that the Dove beauty bar lasts longer than body wash - I just seem to go through that so quickly. So I find the Dove beauty bar really economical.  The Dove beauty bar is a staple in my bathroom. At such an affordable price, it's get the full 5 stars from me. 
Any soap that calls itself a Beauty Cream has to be good, that's the premise for me.  This is a beautifully scented beauty bar. It really is a treat to use this bar. It has the typical shape that Dove is famous for and it fits well into the palm of my hand. This bar makes me want to spend a few extra minutes in the shower to enjoy and relish the calming beautiful scent. This beauty bar lathers well, and leaves me and my entire bathroom smelling divine! It is non drying and I didn't have any adverse reactions from using it. I have noticed that this can get a bit soft and mushy towards the end of the usage, so I have been keeping this on a soap dish and taking it out of the shower to keep it dry and that has made it last a little longer. I recommend this Dove beauty bar for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a feeling of indulgence and bliss. Its simply beautiful!
Dove Beauty Bar has a lovely scent and creamy rich lather that makes it a really nice product to use. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry after each shower like normal soap. It rinses well and doesn't leave a greasy residue like other moisturising soap that I've tried. The only negative is that the bar doesn't seem to last as long as other soap.
As someone who usually uses body wash, I was recently faced with using the Dove Beauty Bar after I forgot to pack some body wash on a recent holiday. My husband is forever telling me that I should try the Dove beauty bar so I decided to give it a try. The bar is very ergonomic in the hand and doesn't tend to slip out of my hand as easily as regular soaps which is a pet peeve of mine.  There is nothing more annoying than having to chase a bar of soap around the shower if you accidently drop it.  It is a creamy bar smells beautiful, that lathers extremely well, and most importantly leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised without any feeling of tightness. I have never used a soap that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable - until now.  Maybe I should listen to my husband more often :-)