Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On

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Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On is a refreshing roll-on deodorant that provides 48 hours protection and is scented with cucumber and green tea. The formula contains Dove’s 1⁄4 moisturising cream with vitamins E and F to help improve the look and feel of the underarm skin, while caring for irritated skin post shaving.


Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On


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I have been using Dove roll-on deodorants for many, many years and I like to try different ones even though I have my favourites.  The Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On has a fresh, clean fragrance – scented with cucumber and green tea.  The product is very moisturising and dries fairly quickly so there is no delay in dressing.  Vitamins E and F in the formula help to keep my underarm skin always feeling soft and smooth.   The Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On never lets me down.  I apply this first thing in the morning after my shower and it provides great protection right through until my next shower. This anti-perspirant has never irritated my skin, even when I have applied it directly after shaving my armpits.  The Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On works for me so I’ll stick with it.   
I almost feel bad going against all the great reviews but this just wasn't the greatest for me.  I will start with some of the positives. I love the smell. It's fresh and smells clean without being artificial.  That is about where it ends unfortunately. I found this to deposit a lot of product so I was left holding my arms up for a bit till it dried. It also didn't do a great job of preventing BO on my and the initial fresh smell didn't last long. Finally, it made my underarms itch like crazy! I couldn't stand it.  I think it definitely could work for a lot of people and considering the price, it's worth a shot reading all the other reviews!
The Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On is my best friend during summer or when I go to the gym because scent is very refreshing and long lasting. It doesn't irritate my skin and it dry down very quickly without feeling sticky at all. The size is great to fit in my jacket pocket and it is extremely affordable.
My favourite deodorant at a great price , brought this on special once and have prchaced ever since i work in a kitchebn so i need a deodorant with lasting power,this one does and has a lovely fresh scent get the thumbs up for me and i love its so afforable.
I love this deodorant!! This is always in my handbag! The smell is great and I love how there is not many chemicals on the back of the package! They are continuously coming out with new smells. It is a great everyday deodorant and it keeps me dry and odour free all day.
At first, I thought this deodorant had a really fresh scent, but after using it for few weeks, I was not a fan. It felt like I was smelling like a cucumber all the time. So next time, I would purchase a deodorant that is without a scent. As to the deodorant itself, it felt a bit sticky when applying. My armpit almost stuck together and it also sticks to your clothes.
Product is great, deodorant is typically great quality and works a charm. This looses points for me with the upside down design. Tend to be gooey and semi leaky and messy. Such a shame as the crux of the Dove deodrant is up there for my review but disappoints on the delivery of package design.  
My favourite Dove product is this little roll-on deodorant. The packaging of the deodorant has a narrow end that makes grip and application easier. It's small enough to slide into a handbag or store in the car.  The scent is soft and fresh; I can wear my perfumes and not be afraid of mixing or overtaking scents.  The product doesn't feel slimy or wet and dries quickly.  The texture is hydrating. It is gentle and moisturising on sensitive skin.  It lasts all day without need to reapply and does not leave stains on clothes. Ticks all of the boxes for me! Would recommend to all. 
Such a classic! I love this deodorant from Dove, The smell is AMAZING, a mix of cucumbers and green veggies, so refreshing and great to start the day with.  It keeps me dry and sweat-free during the day, doesn't leave annoying white deodorant stains. It's great for on the go and won't irritate your skin.  Packaging is very simple and user friendly, It will suit all skin types and if you love refreshing, green scents you would love this deodorant !  
This is a nice deodorant from Dove. It has a delightful fresh scent of cucumber and green tea that I really like and is not overpowering. The bottle is small and compact and fits nicely into my hand. The shape is really cute and curvy. The bottle is upside down which I really like because the deodorant flows smoothly and easily onto the roller without hassle and there is no wastage. I prefer roll on deodorant to spray on because the bottle lasts longer and I have more control where it lands on my skin instead of going all over my clothes. I found the deodorant to be very effective at keeping my skin fresh and dry all day. I only need to apply it once in the morning and it lasts until night time. It works great on hot days when you tend to sweat a lot. It doesn't leave any white marks on my clothes. It dries really quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue on my skin and I don't need to keep re applying throughout the day. It is also very gentle on my skin and doesn't cause irritation even when I use it  after shaving, it is very smoothing and calming. The deodorant contains Dove’s 1⁄4 moisturising cream which I love because it helps to keep my underarm really nice and moisturised. With other deodorants, I usually find that they can dry out my skin too much and cause problems. Overall I really like this deodorant and I would recommend this product to everyone.
I love this deodorant. Its so small and compact, it fits into my handbag and I carry it with me for instant freshness anywhere. It's so small and discreet and easy to apply.The scent is cucumber, and very mild and smells fresh and green. This deodorant keeps me feeling dry and odour free for the entire day. It is fast drying and not sticky. I recommend this deodorant for anyone who wants a clean and simple deodorant that will keep them feeling fresh and clean all throughout the day.
This is a great deodorant, I use it often. The packaging is great, the roller is on the bottom so you can really use the whole thing. It is moisturising without leaving marks on my clothing & the smell is amazing & very fresh. The only downside is the cap often doesn't attach properly when screwed on and can fall off easily.
This is my favorite deodorant! It always leaves me feeling dry and fresh.