Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask

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Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask is a nourishing hair mask that deeply conditions hair, helps strengthen and restore strands, and protects hair against future damage. The formula contains Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives to fortify damaged hair protein, leaving hair visibly stronger and healthier over time.


Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask


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I Love dove products, they always smell amazing. Such an affordable product too. I have treated hair so my hair dries out quickly and after i use this hair mask my hair feels soft and smooth again. It doesnt make my hair oily either which is fantastic. I just use it when my hair has dried out a little bit and is needing a bit of love.
I. As I always buy Dove products I wanted to try this one. Most treatments can be rather expensive but this one was very reasonably priced. The container is rather large & because I have small hands I found it a bit awkward to open. The lid is an interesting shape that surprisingly closes quite easily. The fragrance of this treatment is lovely, & the texture smooth & silky. I use treatments in various ways. As a wash out treatment; comb it through clean & wet hair to help detangle my hair; or to scrunch my curls when my hair is damp. Using the product as a detangler leaves my hair feeling very soft. For some reason the other two ways left my hair feeling dry. I'm not sure that this would be a product I would regularly buy, as I have other products that I prefer to use. However they are a lot more expensive, so if I had to budget then I would certainly buy this one again.
I love dove products, I swear by dove soap for sensitive skin so knew this intensive repair treatment mask would be super gentle and a real treat for my hair. To start with the price is great at $8.00 you really can't go wrong and as I only need to use this once a week it's great value for money.  Containing Nutri keratin repair actives it intensely fortified my hair to leave it stronger, healthier, more hydrated manageable and shiny. This mask deeply conditions and strengthens my coloured hair over time for a much better feel and appearance and it's super gentle on hair. Easy to use, just apply a little to damp hair, leave for a bit and rinse. This mask leaves my hair soft silky and manageable and helps tames frizz, it also smells great, I love it and highly recommend it. I could not see a negative with this product and highly recommend it.
I recently bought Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask to try as a less expensive treatment option. The ingredients were almost identical to the more expensive brand I usually buy so I thought I'd at least give it a try! As I now regularly colour my hair I've found my need for a weekly hair mask is a necessity. I like the plain packaging of this mask and the shape is quite unique. For the price you pay the product size is very generous! I read that results may take a month to appear and regular use was the only way to reap the benefits so I wasn't expecting too much too soon. After my first initial use I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of my hair once dry. The product was easy to apply and left my hair feeling less dry and unmanageable. I've been using it for over a month now and am quite happy with the condition of my hair from using this mask. It is a nourishing hair mask that definitely conditioned my hair, it helped restore my dry end strands but I'm not sure if it strengthened it as stated.  I can say my hair is looking and feeling a tad healthier than before. It's not the best I've ever used but it's far from the worst. I will continue to use it until it runs out and if results improve it may need to become my new go-to hair mask. Definitely worth a try for the price!  Pros *Inexpensive *Lightly fragranced *Repaired my dry ends *Hair felt slightly healthier after continued use *Gentle yet nourishing Cons *Not the highest quality ingredients *Using too much made hair feel heavy and dull once dry, have to trial the right amount for your hair *Results were ok but not amazing Tip: Everyone should trial this if they are looking for a budget option or simply can't afford anything more expensive. 
The Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask is a mask I use weekly to keep my hair feeling soft and nourished. This mask is great to use weekly to clean my hair from all the product buildup during the week. It is leaves my hair very touchable and keep away flyaways. I simply scoop out a good little bit, and apply to my damp roots and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Afterwards, I blow dry my hair and my hair is soft and manageable. This mask has a mild scent which is pleasant and slightly flowery. I love how gentle this mask is on my hair.  Pros: Low priced Doesn't dry my hair Cons: Use a small amount first and then see how much you need for your hair, otherwise it can be slightly heavy Tips: After you apply this hair mask, massage it in circular motion and give your scalp a gentle head massage 
This product is great value and works really well.  I use it once a week in winter and twice a week  in summer as I swim a lot and salt water really dries out my hair.  It's easy to use and really leaves my hair feeling soft and silky.  My hair feels stronger too.
I was interested in Dove as one of my best friends has so slik hair that everyone envies. I asked her what she use, and the reply was “”Dove”,then of course I tired , with the budget cost and amazing outcomes.i would say  It has the salon results and.