Dove Invisible Dry Aerosol Deodorant

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Dove Invisible Dry Aerosol Deodorant is an anti-white mark deodorant, that leaves no white marks on over 100 colours. The formula contains 1⁄4 moisturising cream with vitamins E and F to help improve the look and feel of the underarm skin, while caring for irritated skin post shaving.


Dove Invisible Dry Aerosol Deodorant


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All Time Favourite Deodorant

I've tried that many deodorants its not funny - They either don't leave you feeling fresh for long, they leave white powder under your arms or it transfers onto your clothes or some even make you sweat!!! This deodorant is the only one that makes me feel dry, smell fresh all day and DOESN'T leave white on my clothes/underarms. I have so many bottles at home in different scents, the acai berry one is delicious, so is the pomegranate! The scents are delicious, not too overpowering and also when you spray the can, it doesn't create a big cloud in the room! I use this after showering, before bed and in the morning! You don't need much, a little goes a long way! In the past, i've felt I needed to apply more because the product wouldn't keep me feeling fresh for long but this one I can rely on! I've got my sisters and mum on this product and they're loving it!!!

Nice Deodorant

I like to use this deodorant especially when I am wearing t-shirt ‘s or tops where I’m likely to lift my arms exposing my underarms. Lovely and light in scent this dove deodorant makes my underarms feel calm and comfortable and doesn’t leave any white marks. I feel confident when I am wearing this and the scent is nice and I find I don’t have any BO or wet and sweaty underarms and I have started to get more of over the past couple of years so this protection is really important to me. After showering I hold the can 15cm or so away from my underarms gives each pit a good spray and away I go, this dries nice and quick allowing me to get dressed straight away. It also works well for touch ups when I know I might be working up a sweat. I would recommend this deodorant to family and friends.

A really good deodorant

I like this deodorant because I often wear black tops and when I take it off at the end of the day to shower the armpit area inside my tops don't have white crumbly bits of deodorant stuck on the top or if you spray with deodorant with your top already on and miss your armpit it doesn't leave a mark. It find this deodorant keeps me smelling fresh all day and works great in summer too. And my armpits don't feel wet and sweaty when I use this. It also smells nice and not too strong. I've seen this deodorant on sale quite often too so I always grab two when on sale.
The can I have is 147g/250mL so quite a lot of product and expect it to last for quite a while. This deodorant has a very light fresh scent and is not at all overpowering and will not clash with perfumes. It contains 1/4 moisturising creams (not that I can say I suffer from dry armpits!) as with all Dove products, lasts for 48hours (I have not tested this claim!) and contains zero alcohol.
I’m giving this 4 stars because while it works for me, it isn’t perfect.  I love that Dove often includes moisturising cream in their aerosol products because I find I often get a rash from using deodorant and I feel like this addition helps with my usual sensitivities. That being said, I’m not sure if it really works as an antiperspirant as effectively as I would like and it does leave yellow stains on white.  However, I continue to repurchase it as I never have an adverse reaction to it and I haven’t found anything else as yet that I can safely use. 
I love this deodorant and it has been my go-to for several years. I often find with 'invisible' deodorants they can end up leaving white marks and aren't truly invisible, but I have never had this problem with Dove's Invisible Dry Aerosol. Not only are there no white marks but I have never found it to stain or leave any marks on clothing. There is a scent to this deodorant but it is light and pleasant and seems to last. This deodorant keeps my armpits dry and have never had any irritation despite having sensitive skin. Definitely recommend :)
I don't think i sweat heavily, so i don't think i need any anti-deodarant that is of clinical strength. I have always like Dove products and have heard good things about Dove's deodarant. I tried this product but it was a huge disappointment for me. It is not effective for me at all. It also does leave white marks, so not really invisible as well. The only positive i can say is that it smells quite pleasant.
I picked this up half price at the supermarket, and I'm really glad.  On my second one now, it doesn't have a strong scent, is easy to spray and as far as I can tell hasn't stained any of my clothing.  I really hate those deodorant smears you get on the inside of your tops after putting it on!!  But you don't get that with this deodorant.  It's very gentle, and works well and certainly keeps the sweat at bay.
Dove deodorant is a dependable deodorant that keeps me feeling dry and fresh and clean without a strong fragrance, but is still pleasant and feminine for daily use. Once I spray this in the morning, I am all set for a stress filled day at work without having to worry about odour. It sprays a fine mist and the nozzle doesn't clog and it is non-drying and non-irritating on my sometimes sensitive skin. I recommend this deodorant for its durability in all seasons, it's a must in my beauty drawer!
I cannot tell you how many bottles of this I have run through over the years! I may have deviated a time or two, but ultimately, I have always gone back to this deodorant, which I absolutely adore. I know that this isn't very exciting, but this is really great, and I feel like everyone needs to know about it! Firstly, this comes in an aerosol can, which comes now in the original size, and also a size up from that, which is the one that I buy, given that I use so much of this. This spray can be used on it's own, or possibly like I do, you can layer it over the clinical protection stuff from Dove, which is what tend to do in the Summer. I find that this works really well, keeping you smelling fresh. This also doesn't leave white marks on my clothes, which is awesome! Overall, this deodorant is so very much a staple in my life, I have a spare living under the bathroom sink at all times!
This is by far my favourite aerosol deodorant. I have been using it for years but when it really started to stand out to me was when my partner and I were living in Broome and Darwin during the really hot and humid months a few years ago. The weather was a nightmare but this deodorant kept me dry and feeling fresh. On top of the amazing resilience to heat, it doesn't leave white marks which is a huge plus. It also has a really pleasant soft scent which could pass as a perfume in itself in a pinch. I am a huge fan of this product.
I really like this deodorant. It has a light fragrance that does not clash with my perfume. It offers really good protection against sweat and odour. I also really appreciate that it will not leave unsightly marks on my clothes: such a plus! I feel good about using Dove products because of their focus on good gentle skincare. Even if it's just caring for the skin of your armpit!
I love Dove Deodorant, it has a lovely light airy fragrance to it that appeals to me as its not strong on the nose!  Its great that it doesn't stain clothing like some deodorants do. It didn't cause any irritations either, unlike some that make  me itchy.  I recommend it highly!