Dove Original Aerosol Deodorant

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Dove Original Aerosol Deodorant is a moisturising aerosol deodorant that provides 48 hours protection. The formula contains Dove’s 1⁄4 moisturising cream with vitamins E and F to help improve the look and feel of the underarm skin, while also caring for irritated underarm skin post shaving.


Dove Original Aerosol Deodorant


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The Dove Original Aerosol Deodorant is a product I always have floating around, and I have it in the roll on version too!  I play sport and exercise and this deodorant does a great job of keeping me smelling fresh and dry. I can use it just after I have shaved and it doesn't sting or leave and nasty red marks.  The smell is very subtle, which I really like in a daily deodorant - it's the classic Dove smell, so if you like how other Dove products smell, chances are you'll like this one too!  The bottle has a very plain, yet appealing design, that comes with a lid. It also comes in different sizes and is very easy to use and doesn't stain your clothes. Highly recommend!  
My favourite deodorant I've been using it every day since it came out years ago. I have a can at home, in the car and in my handbag at all times cannot live without it. Why I love this product? The smell its so fresh and clean, not over powering. It doesn't leave white marks when I spray under my clothes. It's affordable and stops me from sweating. Love that it comes in a travel size small enough to fit in your handbag when you need to freshen up during the day. A DEFINITE MUST TRY !! You will never go back to another deodorant. 
I have been using this deodorant for years now and am so happy with it, don't see any reason to change.  The fragrance is nice and not over-poweering.  My perspiration is kept under good control with this deodorant.   Love that you can now buy it in a bigger can.
Hand on my heart, the only reason why I got this deodorant is the mere fact that I needed a small antiperspirant for my hand baggage for a long haul flight and Dove was the only option available in small sizes. I am well aware that this product is classic, it has got a very simple white bottle with a blue lid. The scent is beautiful ( and quite long lasting too), Dove soap bars fan will like it, but I realize the scent might be too strong for some. This antiperspirant will not dry up your delicate skin as it is Dove and Dove products have moisturising agents included. I haven't noticed any irritated skin whatsoever. I also haven't noticed any white marks on clothes which is a bonus. All of that would mean nothing of course if it turned out the Dove deodorant wouldn't work. It does. And this is confirmed my myself, the person who survived a 24 hour long bumpy flight ( turbulences over the Bay of Bengal anyone?) with rather dry armpits and no nasty smell. Congratulations Dove! I felt fresh and protected ( well, at least form the nasty smell of stress). There are two extra traits that made me repurchase the full size product. Dove, when sprayed, it doesn't cause any cough attacks ( unlike a lot of aerosol antiperspirants). I can actually stay in the bathroom while using the product and still breathe normally, I don't have to flee to get some fresh air. The second thing is that the nozzle is so easy to use I can do my right armpit with no problems! All these little things make it one of the best antiperspirants I have ever used. I only keep asking myself why it took me so long to notice this product! Already repurchased.
Underperforming deodorants can really be the pits (pun intended).   We have all had those moments, you know when you casually raised your arms up to quickly smell your underarms and realised that after only several hours your anti-perspirant didn't help much. A situation that can make you feel self conscious and worried the whole day.  That's why I am selective with my deodorants and stick with the ones that I know will work!  The dove original deodorant is one that I use everyday because I know I can rely on it for keeping my underarms dry throughout my busy day so I don't have to worry about unforgiving pit stains or smelling funky. I quite like scented products but I have to be careful because my underarms are quite dry and sensitive.  There have been products in the past that have made it even worse.  Making my underarms break out in an itchy, burning rash that was so painful it felt like my pits were on fire.  Needless to say, the dove fragrance caused no irritation plus I really enjoyed the smell! So even when I did sweat, all you could smell was the Dove baby powder scent.  My underarms were moisturised and I felt confident wearing both t-shirts and singlets.  I keep it in my handbag so I can touch up throughout the day because you never know when it's going to be hot out, if you need to sprint to your bus or you have a last minute presentation to prepare at work! Stressful situations always pop and Dove keeps me prepared for them.
This is a good deodorant but it has a really intense "Dove soap" fragrance in it. It turns out I am not fond of that scent in my deodorant, probably because I can smell it on me throughout the day. I don't mind the actual soap because the smell of that doesn't seem to linger. If you really enjoy that fragrance, then this product is perfect for you! As a deodorant, it performs well so 4 stars for that.
The Dove original deodorant is a product that has been on the market for a long time and it's stood the test of time because it's great. Its a firm favourite of mine.  Its smells amazing (I just love the Dove scent), is extremely soft and gentle on my underarm area, and keeps bad odour away for the whole area. It does sometimes leave white marks on clothes, so I spray the deodorant first and then wait a couple of minutes before putting the rest of my clothes on.   At such an affordable price, it's get the full 5 stars from me. 
A great aerosol deodorant that leaves my underarms moisturised while also protecting against odour and keeping my underarms dry.  It has a wonderful, fresh scent and it keeps me protected for most of the day.  My underarms can sweat quite a bit but with this deodorant I am able to stay dry.  It can leave white marks though which can be a bit of a pain to get rid of but overall it does a great job! Great for those who have sensitive underarms as well as it is very nourishing.