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Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo is a cleansing dry shampoo that works to instantly absorb grease, dirt and oil, leaving your hair looking refreshed and cleansed.


Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo


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As far as dry shampoo goes, it does the job and smells nice but doesn't seems to last as long as a lot of the other brands. In future I'll stick to Batiste dry shampoo as it gives a much better clean that lasts longer. I get quite oily hair, so if you are looking for a dry shampoo just to freshen up your style without really absorbing oil this will likely work for you, but it doesn't work for me. It also makes my scalp really itchy until I wash it.
I love dry shampoo. I always use it at least once before I have the strength to wash and style my hair again. This does the job in terms on absorbing oil, but its very hard to work into your hair. I always feel like Ive walked into a spider web after using it. It doesn't give the same volume as other brands, it just makes your hair feel stiff and unworkable. The only positive is that it encourages me to wash my hair to avoid it.
I love using dry shampoos and have quite the collection ( my favourites being Batiste and Klorane), so I was excited to hear that Dove was finally joining the party. Since they were a little late, I had high expectations and assumed they would have taken on feedback from other brands and made the best, but i'm a bit... underwhelmed. It's not all bad though- the scent is nice and isn't overpowering, the spray is nice and even, it doesn't leave a white cast and the price and size of the can is good value (and often on sale). However despite all of this, i just don't find it to be particularly effective or long wearing. I generally use dry shampoo on second day hair, and this was good at first and it did absorb some of the oil, but after a couple of hours it seemed to disappear and left my hair looking greasy and limp, worse than before i used the product. I've also tried it on clean hair to see if it would provide volume, but sadly it didn't excel in that area either. Life is too short for bad hair days, so i think i'll pass this on to a friend to try.
Have tried a couple of dry shampoo's before, but have never really been too impressed.  Tried this one just before styling one morning and did seem to soak up oils and make my hair fluffier. The second time I tried it was before going to bed to avoid having to wash my hair the next morning - this worked a treat! Smell is pleasant enough, but like other dry shampoos I have used before I did find it a bit overpowering - at least it did not smell like chemicals though! Nice shaped can.
A good sized can of Dry Shampoo, nice smell, however I am not sure that it lived up to my expectations. The effect only lasted about 6 hours before it made my hair look really drab and in need of a wash.  I would use it again however only if desperate
Dry shampoos are life saver for me as I wash my hair every other day so between I do rely on dry shampoos. It is nice to see Dove now as a good company. Dove dry shampoo comes in a sleek nice tube easy to spray. Smell is nice. My hair felt airy and light. For me a quick brush and using Dove dry shampoo in the morning was enough to give fresh look all day long. I recommend to all even you don't have oily hair. Good product!
With colour treated hair I'm wary of using too many additional products in my daily routine, but there's always the need for a good dry shampoo for those days when you don't have time to wash your hair! I was pleasantly surprised at how soft this product left my hair feeling whilst also giving it a great boost of volume. It had a lovely fragrance to it too, would definitely recommend if you need a bit of a lift.
I was really looking forward to trying this product! I use dry shampoo quite regularly - I hate washing my hair!! As soon as I sprayed this the first thing I noticed was the smell, I loved it! It lasts in your hair! I rubbed my hair a good 12hours after using this and the scent was still strong and transferred to my fingers. I typically use the Batiste brunette dry shampoo which is my holy grail, I found this dry shampoo to be quite good, not quite in par with batiste but I think that's only because this is white colored. It didn't leave a white cast but I didn't feel like it soaked my oil quite as well. I would still repurchase because I really do love the scent and the price point is better than the batiste I usually buy. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was only $10! I'd recommend this to friends and family. Great opportunity to discover a new product!
Not having been a user of dry shampoo myself, I admit I was a little hesitant after seeing co workers use similar products and then spend time ridding themselves of dandruff looking residue. Needless to say I was a little hesitant on the first application as time was not on my side and I was hoping I was using correctly (and yes I had read the instructions!). I found the product easy to use and was surprised that my hair was not oily during the day at all and the biggest bonus was the lovely scent that also lasted all day!
The first time I tried this dry shampoo, I thought, wow - it leaves no white cast in my hair and it feels fresh in an evaporative cooling way (if you get my drift!) but I guess after a couple more uses I did notice it sprayed in a white cast. I have black asian hair so if white casts would show up on any hair, it would be mine. However, not to say that it's a bad thing because, when my roots are oily - it looks dark and shiny (in a bad oily way) - so in reality, the white cast does help to soften that oily look ONCE BRUSHED OUT! I do like the fact that it isn't as 'powdery' as other dry shampoos that can leave you choking in the confines of your bathroom, but at the same time I think the powdery-ness is probably the key to longevity of oil absorption. So all in all, I think its a pretty decent dry shampoo, lasted me a good 3/4s of a day before i felt like i had to reapply!
Being new to a dry shampoo I loved this product! Was brilliant to use after the gym when I had no time to wash my hair, it seemed to absorb all the sweat in my hair & I was able to just shower & go out. I still ran the straightening irons over my hair & it seemed to work fine. I did though find the smell a bit over the top. It was a nice posers snell but was very strong when spraying my whole head. The can feels really nice to hold and feels like quality. Live the DOVE brand, can never go wrong! Great dry shampoo to carry in your handbag for those in between hair wash days & when you just don't have enough time to wash your hair!
As a lover of dry shampoo I had high expectations for the product - which it definitely met! The product has an attractive smell, it did not discolour or whiten my dark brown hair, it has easy to follow instructions and is easy and convenient to use. My hair is quite fine so I had to wash it twice before it felt clean after use as it was quite dry, I can imagine this would work perfectly for slightly thicker hair, that being said it definitely absorbed all of the excess oil. Overall I would recommend the product as it is good value for money & does the job!
I was impressed to see Dove had brought out their own version of a dry shampoo.  I was impressed firstly with the smell, a hint of floral but not over powering like other products I have used in the past. I have very thick hair and it seemed to last  longer and was easy to apply.  It did not leave an oily residue at and was easy to wash out too! Definitely will be on the shopping list when I run out next time.
As a fan of dry shampoos.I had  high hopes for this dry shampoo. Like many other shampoos on the market. The application is straight forward .  It works pretty fast and smells floral. However I found with my thick hair I need to use more  as after a few hours I could notice that get slightly oily again as not enough product was used.    I would definitively recommend this product for those who have oily hair who want to look fresh and smell fresh as I loved my hair after application when done right . However I would advice those with thick hair to be generous in application to get the desired result. I will  be telling my friends to get their hands on this asap as it has a gorgeous scent and I love the feel after application
I was so pleasantly surprised by this product! I have tried many different dry shampoos and this is definitely one of the best. Firstly, I noticed the design of the bottle and then the beautiful fragrance of the product. In fact, throughout the day, I could still smell it every now and then, which was lovely. The product was very light in my hair and didn't make it feel powdery like some other similar products. Initially, I didn't feel like it made my hair looked any different but after leaving it in a few minutes, my hair definitely looked fresher. I was pleased that I got another 2 days out of my hair. The only downfall was that I feel I had to use a lot of the product to get the desired result. When I did go on to wash my hair, I didn't feel like the dry shampoo was still left in my hair, which is always a good thing. The price point is also great. I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you are a blonde.
Love this product!! I've tried many dry shampoos in the past but have never settled on one that has worked for me until this little number came into my life! The smell is amazing and it doesn't leave a white powdery residue which others do. Price is definitely a winner too!
I recently tried the Dove Dry Refresh & Care Dry Shampoo and thought it was a good product.  It has a lovely scent and did not leave a white residue in my naturally dark brunette hair.  On second day hair, it did not refresh my hair as much as I would have liked but it added great texture and volume.  It left my hair feeling like I had just sprayed a brushable hairspray.  My hair tends to by normal to dry and did not absorb as much oil at my roots as my go-to dry shampoo.  On the third day, I used the dry shampoo again and it held up, but only because I pulled my hair back into a braid.  I loved the texture and volume it added but would have liked a cleaner feel overall.  I think this product would be great for someone who does not go longer than three days before washing and likes added texture.  I'll continue to use this product on days where my hair is relatively for clean for texture but I and don't think it would work well if someone has oily hair.
Shout out to Beauty Crew for sending this product for me to trial! I have thick, frizzy hair which takes forever to wash, dry and straighten, so I generally only wash my hair twice a week, every 3-4 days because it is SO MUCH WORK. Unsurprisingly, this leads to oily roots and dry ends, so anything which can delay me having to spend an evening tending to my tresses is great. The first thing I noticed about this dry shampoo is the smell. I'm used to the very strong, chemically-sweet scents of the popular dry shampoo brands, which I really don't like, so the fruity scent was unexpected, but appreciated. I did experience a bit of lightening from the powder spray, as I have dark hair, however after massaging it in and brushing out, it had absorbed, so there wasn't any noticeable traces of the product, but it does feel a little bit gritty. It also provides some extra volume, which is always a good thing. If they release a tinted version for dark hair, I'll definitely purchase this in future.
I absolutely love this product! It smells amazing and the scent lasts at least half the day. Took out the oiliness from day three of a blow wave and didn't leave behind the usual white powdery mess. Will definitely look for it in store to repurchase though it is a large can so will last a long time.
I used this product on my straightened hair style and found it ok.  I found the smell of the product quite strong and that the scent lingered around for some time.  As for freshening up my hair, it was ok - I would prefer to wash and dry but in a rush it works to get an extra day.