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John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spra

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John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spray is a styling spray for hair that looks and feels thicker, fuller and stronger in just one use. Infused with Biotin, known to provide hair with strength, and Hyaluronic Acid, known to hydrate hair, this double-duty styling spray provides heat protection and reduces hair loss due to breakage.


John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spra


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Magic for thin hair

Have just restocked -this range has transformed my flat hair. This thickening spray is a game changer. Better results than much more expensive products. I actually got some height to my hair. It doesn't make your hair sticky or leave a residue feel at all not like others I have used. This stuff is great. Gives hair a nice thick felling without that weighed down gritty feeling. Doesn’t make hair oily either. It's easy to use, has a great formula, nice scent, not sticky at all. You don't need gallons of the stuff to get any effect which is fantastic, definitely gives me more volume than anything else I've tried. The fact that it is also a heat protector is a great bonus.It really is worth trying.
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It works but

I am liking this product more each time i use it. I am seeing the effectivity of the product more as a heat protectant spray than a thickening agent for the hair. I have been using this spray for a month already but i do not see any change with the thickness of my hair. However, i notice that my hair is less frizzy when i use this product before applying heat in styling it. I like how it smells as well. What i think needs improvement is the sprayer, it spits! It is also a struggle to constantly push and spray all over.
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Less hair breakage, good heat protectant spray.

I have thick and frizzy hair, especially on my roots. I get my hair relaxed every 3 ish month, I do however find I have a lot baby hairs around the sides of my hair and front of my face right around my hair line which appear finer. After washing my hair I apply the thickening spray to those hairs and style as usual, the spray is clear in colour and has a beautiful sweet scent. After using for the past month I haven’t noticed my hair to be thicker per se but I have noticed less breakage and therefore my hair feels stronger and less damaged I would recommend this spray as a heat protectant spray to family and friends.
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Good heat protection spray

I like that is spray doubles as a heat protectant because I don't need anymore hair than I've already got. I made a mistake and sprayed this on dry hair before I went to straighten my hair and it made my hair dry, knotty and hard to get the straightener through my hair so don't do that! You spray this as per the instructions on towel dried hair before you blow dry and heat style. It works perfectly when you use it correctly lol. It smells really nice and the mist is quite fine making it easy to cover each section of hair without wasting it by it spraying too heavily. Once I've blow dried my hair after spraying this in my hair there is no noticeable residue and it didn't cause any hair stiffness like other heat protestants can. My hair feels and looks sleek and shiny. I didn't notice any thickening effects but that's ok for me as I would buy this again just as a heat protectant. But if your looking to get this for thickening then I'm not sure I'd recommend it for that. I also still get the same amount of hair fall and breakage so to me this is just a basic heat protecting spray and I like it for that purpose only.
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Really makes hair look thicker

I have to admit, I was sceptical when I read that the John Frieda Thickening Spray promises fuller and thicker hair, because how would that be possible? I knew I had a week ahead of me where I had to have properly styled hair and I decided to put the spray to the test. When I used heating tools, (hair dryer and a curling iron), then I used the spray as a heat protectant. It has a nice scent but unfortunately, it leaves hair a bit tangled, so I had to brush it a lot so it wouldn't look messy. After I had styled my hair, it actually did look thicker and fuller! And it lasted the whole day (I didn't use a hairspray afterwards). I would definitely recommend the spray to people with short hair who wouldn't struggle with combing out the knots after using it.
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Easy styling

This hair thickening spay is so much more than a treatment for thicker hair. I makes styling my very frizzy hair easy and it tames my frizziness especially now in the warmer months. I have very fine, waist long hair that is very frizzy. This spray makes my hair look hydrated and in much better condition. I also like the spray nozzle so that my hands do not get product all over them when styling my hair. Finally, my hair is very manageable and much easier to style when I spray this treatment all over my hair, straight out of the shower. I especially like that it is so affordable. I am hoping to see my hair become thicker with continuous use of this spray. I am a big John Frieda fan and will be repurchasing this spray.
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Multitasking at it's best!

I loved using this multitasking hair product! As a thin hair girlie who loves to straighten my hair, I'm always searching for the solution to protect my hair and give it a bit more volume. The John Friend PROfiller+ Thickening Spray ticks the boxes! The product itself is so light and doesn't weigh down the roots of my hair, but it also doesn't leave the hair feeling stiff or unmanageable once you've dried it and It definitely adds volume and movement which I was really happy with. The other bonus is that it is an effective heat protectant. I've used this product twice a week for just over a month now and I can see that I have less breakage when I'm brushing my hair. I'd happily recommend this product to all hair types, the product really does what it says!
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Great styling spray

I have long and fine hair so I was very excited to be able to try the John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spray. I am always looking for ways to thicken my fine hair. I used this on freshly washed damp hair then blow dried. I applied mostly to my roots and messaged it in and through my hair. The product was easy to apply as it is in a spray bottle and it dispensed a good amount of product per spray. I found it did make a difference in making my hair ‘appear’ thicker. It definitely gave more volume which I love. I would however use this more as a styling product as I have found that worked best that way and that’s how I got the best results, rather than just applying it. It is also great that it has heat protection to protect my hair from damage when styling.
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Great for a heat protectant

John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spray is fantastic to use as a thickener or as heat protectant. I use this as a heat protectant and I love the way that my hair feels afterwards, it is so soft and luscious. John Freida does some amazing products and I was really excited to try this, it lived up to my expectations. I have used it on my mum's really fine hair and she is always so happy with how it looks and feels that it is fuller aferwards. I love that this is sillicone free and is vegan friendly.
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Works amazing

This John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spray is an amazing. I have super thin hair and it’s also super dry. So I was very excited to try this. Used it before blow drying as it also doubles up as a heat protector which is great. Usually with some hair thicker and heat protector my hair always feels crunchy and not soft. This John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spray not only made my hair look fuller and thicker it also made my hair soft to touch. I’m so glad I found this so I can switch to using this John Frieda PROfiller+ Thickening Spray instead of my regular heat protector. It also has biotin so it’s another plus.