Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar

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Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar is a cleansing bar that helps skin retain its natural moisture. The formula is enriched with shea butter and 1⁄4 moisturising cream that melts deeply into dry skin to help it feel more supple and nourished. Skin-natural lipids replenish what is removed during cleansing to help skin retain moisture and feel nourished, soft and smooth. It is made from mild cleansers, which are less disruptive to the skins proteins and lipids and limits the damage that regular soaps can cause. 

price above is for 2 pack. Also available in 4 pack.


Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar


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I’ve used the original dove soap for many years and I love it, but after trying this one, it’s my new favourite! It boasts all the things I love about the original, but smells like soft, buttery vanilla.  It doesn’t dry my skin out, lathers well and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised.
Love everything about the Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar. The vanilla scent is beautiful and is the scent I want to be on my body. I have dry skin and this soap bar is very moisturising leaving my skin feels smooth even during the winter months. Highly recommend and will definitely re-purchase this soap bar.
I have been using the regular Dove Beauty Bar for years and I love this variation the MOST. It has a beautiful vanilla scent and it has also got shea butter in it to make skin even softer after use. After I have discovered this one I have replaced my original Dove Beauty Bar with this one as my "go-to" version. Once every now and then I still purchase the regular version. This bar smells divine (think vanilla!), lathers up just as well, cleanse well and does not leave skin dry at all, even in winter and with twice-a-day showers.
This bar soap feels creamy and luxurious on the skin. There is no drying effect on the skin. The scent is mild and refreshing. The shape of the bar is ergonomic and can be held easily when lathering. Although the RRP is $4.49 the Dove Shea Butter soap regularly comes on sale at supermarkets and chemist and can be purchased for between $2.50 - $3.00. I have very sensitive skin and have not experienced any adverse reactions using this product.
The smell of this soap is just divine.  I really wish Dove would release a candle with this scent and some body butter because I'd be all over it!  It is the most sumptuous scent, a warm vanilla with a hint of nutty caramel. When you open the box and place in the bathroom it is immediately filled with this delicious smell and initially that worried me because strongly scented products often make me itch.  Happy to report that it does not cause any skin irritations at all.  The bar itself is of a nice size, not your standard big rectangular cake, more of a gentle rounded shape which fits neatly into your hand.  It also is a great size to travel with because who actually likes the soaps they provide in hotels?  While I won't say that it nourishes or moisturizes my skin, I will say that it cleans it without stripping it or making it dry and itchy.  Being quite a soft soap I wouldn't recommend leaving wet, allow it some time out of the shower to dry and it will last longer as it can get waterlogged quickly if you let it stay wet for long periods.
This is a really great bar soap. One of my favorites. It smells nice and is moisturizing. I think everyone needs to have dove soaps.
I've been using the original dove bar for years so thought I would give this Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar a go. First impression, it has a very pleasing vanilla scent that smells divine and lingers on your skin. The smell is not too strong or overpowering. The beauty bar comes in 100g and is a great size and fits in your hand comfortably and isn't slippery so you can handle it without dropping it in the shower. The bar soap has a soft rich creamy texture that lathers up easily. It cleans your skin really well without striping your skin and making it dry and rinses off easily without leaving any residue. The soap contains shea butter and vanilla that makes this bar soap feel a bit more luxurious than the original. It also contains 1/4 moisturising cream so you know it wouldn't dry out your skin like other brands of soap. Instead it actually helps to keep your skin soft and well moisturised even if you don't apply moisturiser after your shower. My tip is not to leave the soap in the shower when not in use. It is a very soft soap so let it dry out between uses and it'll last longer. Overall, this is a really nice beauty bar soap and has become my new favourite. My skin actually feels softer and nicer after using this beauty bar. It is great for people with dry or normal skin and doesn't cause skin irritations so good for people with sensitive skin.
A stunning quality soap from the Dove Range. Used daily this soap is perfect for dry or sensitive skin. The shea butter adds luxury to this everyday item. I have used this forever (well for as long as I have seen it in the supermarkets) and I can honestly say my skin loves it.  I am prone to dry skin and this really helps combat that sometimes "tight" feeling from using inferior soaps. All pro's and no cons. This is the soap you should add to your weekly shop!
l was very sceptical when buying for the first, as so many other soaps l have used promise things but don't deliver  what they say they do. BUT OMG LADIES you have to try Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar it is everything it says and more. l am going through menopause and have started to get dry itchy skin. This soap has been truly amazing, my dry skin is dry no more its soft, silky and truly radiant with a luxurious vanilla scent .  After a week my husband commented on how soft and beautiful my skin was to touch. l felt so beautiful and sexy when he said that (what a man).  They say you shouldn't wash your face with soap as it dries it out, l use my Dove on my face daily and its absolutely radiant and younger looking. This is the only soap that l use now, l take it everywhere l go, cant go without. Its a must have bathroom/shower accessory. There are absolutely no cons about this soap what so ever only PROS. l have recommended Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar to may friends at the gym l attend and family and will continue to do so. Thank you Dove for a true and honest product that l rely on.
This soap is a pleasure to use. It has the beautiful classic Dove fragrance and is a creamy luxurious soap. It is non drying and lathers very well. I love how the shape is a perfect oval groove so it fits precisely into my hands and is lovely and gentle on my skin. My only concern is that if I keep this bar in my shower after use, it tends to become soft and a bit squishy, so I suggest keeping it in a soap dish outside the shower and take it inside the shower, as you use it. Repurchase? Yes, absolutely, it's a little luxury in the shower! 
Best bar soap! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling smooth and luxurious. Unlike most bar soaps this doesn't leave my skin dry which is a big plus!