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Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion is a gradual tanning lotion that combines intense moisturising benefits with a healthy boost of colour. The nourishing lotion is infused with a Deep Care Complex that contains skin natural nutrients and rich essential oils to help gradually improve the skin, starting deep down. Repeat application daily or as often as needed to achieve the desired colour. 

Price above is for 250mL. Also available in 400mL. Available in two shades.


Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion


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My favourite gradual tanner

Have been using this product for over 10 years now, it is my favorite gradual tanner and I also love just using this product as a moisturizer. I apply this after showering and exfoliating in the shower, although you don't always have to exfoliate to use this (this just allows for best results). The results aren't instant but they gradually build up, no one can tell my 'tan' is fake and it looks very natural whilst also highly moisturizing my skin. Shower & exfoliate then apply for best results.
I've tried to use this build-on tan a few times but I feel that it doesn't feel quite nice on the skin once applied. It doesn't soak into the skin very well and you have to make sure you blend it in really well otherwise it can turn out a bit streaky in patches.
Generally I’m not into self-tanning or any sort of tanning but recently I was going on a cruise and decided my lily white legs might blind the other passengers.  So, I took the plunge and decided to try the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion because I had read a number of positive reviews.    I started preparing my skin three weeks out from the cruise by using an exfoliator, paying particular attention to my knees, and thoroughly moisturising my legs every day, swapping to the Summer Glow in the third week.   I chose the fair-to-medium shade because all I wanted was a summery glow on my pale skin.    I couldn’t believe how easy this was to achieve that glow.  As I applied the lotion each day I could see the gradual build-up - from just a hint of colour to lightly tanned legs.  The colour was perfect with no hint of orange or fakeness.  Plus, the colour didn’t rub off onto my clothes.    My summery glow was so natural looking that I will be using this product again before and during my next cruise in July.  The Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion is such an affordable way to achieve a natural looking tan, and I can’t believe I haven’t used this product previously.   
Such good value for money! Good gradual fake tan. Perfect for that summer glow I am quite pale and when i don't feel like wearing a lot of fake tan and just want a bit of colour this is what i reach for. Doesn't smell awful like some tanning products. Easy to apply and blends in well and doesn't leave streak marks. Great product for someone just starting out with fake tan or someone who just wants a nice glow that they can build up gradually. 
This is a great gradual self tanner, ticking the boxes in all categories. Firstly, the price is ridiculously reasonable, not to mention it’s widely available. But the results are what make the price so amazing!its light scented, without being overpowering. It dries quite quickly too whilst still actually moisturizing your skin, not leaving it scaly or raw. It’s brilliant coverage, low risk of streaks and lasts a long time! The colour is also great, especially since it has two levels of darkness to the Tan that you can get-  I tend to use the darker option, which is perfect as it never leaves me “orange”, just a nice healthy glow. Definitely my favourite gradual tanner- highly recommendable.
For the price this product is actually amazing. It feels silky against your skin and this is the ideal way to get that perfect tan you want by going shade by shade. It does take a while (few days) to see visible results but I wouldn't reccomend this if you are a polar bear but if you want an exotic goddess look this will gradually get you there. This smells like a rich cocoa butter to me. So if your looking for something affordable just give this beauty a try.
I purchased the light to medium shade as i am quite pale, and while I loved the results, it took over a week to see a colour difference and by then it was starting to peel. I then purchased the medium to dark shade and I AM IN LOVE! It is so easy to use, the smell is faint and disappears once it dries down, and keeps my legs looking moisturiser  and glowing. My only criticism is that after about 5 days, once I get out of a hot shower and dry my legs with my towel, it starts to come off. But I solved this by letting my legs dry and using a softer towel. I now use he medium to dark for the first 4 days, and the next three days I use the light shade to keep the color for fading before reapplying next. It is such a natural looking tan and Its great.  Have a routine to keep it looking fresh! Continuously apply for a week, then exfoliate to remove and reapply again to avoid it fading badly. Also moisturise with a different product before reapplying and continuously moisturise any dry patches such as knees, ankles and elbows. - use a tanning mitt- without can sometimes be streaky, otherwise rub in well. This product is cheap and often on sale and doesn't have the strong coconut smell some tans do. recommend this product.
This was my first gradual tanner and I really enjoyed using it. It didn't smell offensive, moisturised and made my skin lovely and soft. It was, however, only slight colour. Not a you've been on a beach holiday brown but rather a you have been getting sensible doses of vitamin D during the day. It was perfect for what I was after at the time. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a noticeable sun kissed brown you will need to look at more than this gradual tanner. If you are after a product that makes your skin glow naturally and can be comfortably applied without fear of turning orange then this is the perfect product for you. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to dabble in self/gradual tanners.
I loved this self tan body lotion. Every one who thinks about buying one should definitely start with this product! The price is just amazing. I have sensitive skin, so I was a bit worried how my skin would react, but my body was really moisturized and had an amazing golden tan. It didn't leave my skin orange or too dark, it was just this subtle glow. The only negative side was that I would have wished for a more attractive smell. If it came in different scents, I would never buy any other body lotion.
The worse thing that could happen that could happen with home tanning is looking like an Oompa Loompa. So I love how this tan is really gradual so you can control how dark you would like to look. Dove's Summer Glow comes in a bottle that's really easy to squeeze out the product. I can control how little or a lot of product I would like. It glides onto my skin easily and it's quickly absorbed. It smells like fake tan which is not a great fragrance. The colour doesn't wash off after showering and over a couple weeks, I notice that I'm more tanned. And people are asking me if I've been going to the beach or been on holidays. I say yes but that's a lie! It's all Dove's Summer Glow Gradual Tan.
I really like this gradual tanning lotion. The color is nice and I find I only had to use it for 3 days to get a really nice color. It's affordable and you get a lot of product. Only downside is that it does smell like fake tan.
A classic.  A lot of my friends and family use this and it's great for adding a bit of colour when you might otherwise be pasty white in winter.  My main issue with this is that it can look a little yellow when applied to WHITE skin but if you have a slight tan it looks far more natural.
This product is amazing, it feels great when it goes onto your skin, and leaves a beautiful colour. Recommend this product to everyone
I haven't tried many self tanning products but the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion works wonders for me. I have fair skin that won't tan so a fake tan that I can build up over time is what works for me. This Dove product is great to use after freshly shaving my legs without irritation. Actually my skin feels smoother than when I use my usual body moisturiser. It has a nice light fragrance unlike some self tanning products that I've used before which have a heavy scent. It's easy to apply straight from the bottle with or without gloves. Just remember to wash you hands immediately paying special attention to the web of your hands as this product does what it is supposed to do and stain your hands. Ideal for anyone who doesn't want sun damaged skin at any age.
I have been using this tanner for many years. I usually apply the product every night before bed. I figure either way I'm going to put moisturizer on, so I may as well be tanning at the same time!  It is a gradual tanner, so you wont see dramatic results after one application. If you want to have a natural tan for an event I would apply this every night for at least 5 days. The best part of gradual tanning is that if you miss an area its not very noticeable and it can be covered the next day. Don't waste your money on expensive self tanners, I have used them all and they are all the same.
One word: gradual. While gradual tanners have gone on the up and up over the last  few years, I am still undecided. When I tan, I like to see results fast so Summer Glow Beauty Body Lotion's results left me impatient (and slightly frustrated). I have very fair skin so I used this twice daily for over a week to get faster results, and being fair I was expecting the medium to dark skin formula would show more prominent results. However, while I have the slightest tan, it is not worth raving about because I can't really notice it and no one else has commented on the colour either. On the plus side, the lotion is a great moisturiser, my legs look smooth and hydrated (they usually look scaly and dry), the fragrance is light and pretty without smelling like fake tan (it smells like a fragrance you would spritz on a night out), and the product is a generous size for what you pay.
I really loved this lotion way back when, and even ran through a couple of those bottles, and when I was given the chance to try it again, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it again, if just to get the memories of 10 years ago to come flooding back! This works on the basis that it will build up your tan slowly, and you can use this instead of other body lotions. Make sure you let it dry down before you put your clothes on, just like other types of self tanners. I like the smell that comes out of the bottle initially, but it does fade into something that's a little mustier, which I don't remember at all. The lotion itself is lovely - rich, thick and a little goes a long way, so don't go too heavy with this one, or you might end up wondering where you're going to put the rest of it! Overall, I think that this lotion is relatively rich, and actually a little too thick for me during the Summer, which is fair enough, given that I don't need it during the hottest season of the year! I found it a little tacky on my skin on the really hot days, and it took quite a while to for it to sink in. This improved on the cooler days, presumably when my skin was super thirsty and dry. I also like the fairly natural look I achieved with this, which is the whole point of it! This lotion comes in two shades (fair to medium and medium to dark) and two sizes (250 ml and 400 ml), which means that it also comes in two prices, $7.36 and $10.52 , respectively. You can pick one of these babies up to try at Priceline, Target and just about anywhere that stocks Dove, which is just about everywhere!
I love the concept of this lotion, it moisturises my skin and gives me a soft and healthy glow. It couldn't be easier! I apply it like an ordinary body moisturiser, concentrating on my arms and legs and my skin feels soft and supple. The fragrance is slightly cocoa, not my favourite, but it eventually goes away and does not linger. My skin is left with a good looking healthy tan which lasts almost a week, and gradually and naturally fades away. It is not irritating or drying. I suggest using another daily lotion on top of this to enhance the tan and also to keep the skin feeling and looking in a good condition. Also, first time, don't apply too much and wait for the results and then decide if you need a stronger, more intense application. I recommend this tan lotion for anyone who wants to have a light to medium tan without looking orangey or cakey.
The Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion is a cheap alternative to a fake tan, and is more suitable for fair skin. I have very fair skin and fake tan always has, and always will, make me look 'orange'. I have the Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion in Fair to Medium and I view the product as very high quality. I adore how it does not leave unsightly streaks and is very easy to apply. It works also as a moisturiser, which I think is an awesome addition to the product and I love how the lotion is able to provide my white legs with a healthy glow, without the hassle of any other tanning product. Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion is great for beginners as it is easy and appears natural. Overall, I highly recommend the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion if you are looking for a high quality and natural-looking product.
This is my go-to tanner it is the best I've ever used and I have tried A LOT of different tanners, including the expensive brands. I have lighter skin with a very slight olive undertone and the medium-dark Dove gradual tanner suits me perfectly. It's a thick yellowish cream that unfortunately does have the smelly fake tan smell but it is really easy to apply - I never come out patchy! I think because it's got the same texture as a body moisturiser it just applies really evenly and nicely. I use all over my body and my face and I never get breakouts or bad reactions to it.  As for the colour, my tan comes out perfectly natural looking. I never look orange (however if you apply more than one layer at once I think you do start to get an orange tinge so my tip is not to over do it). It leaves my skin looking dark brown and moisterised which is exactly what I love about it - some tans I've tried leave my skin looking dry and patchy and not flattering at all! If you have very pale skin though I would recommend using the light-medium shade not this darker one.  Now to my favourite feature of this product - my tan lasts a bit over a week from one application even with regular showers (excluding my face because I exfoliate frequently). This is really important for me since I am lazy and don't like having to reapply fake tan constantly. And even better - it doesn't go dry and patchy when it starts to fade, you can't even notice! Pros - the colour comes out really brown and natural looking, no orange tinge - thick cream that is SO easy to apply and leaves the skin looking and feeling moisterised  - long wear - one application lasts a week for me and doesn't go patchy and dry when it starts to fade  - it's affordable, you can get it for less than $10 - I can use it on my face and don't get breakouts or bad reactions - very skin friendly! Cons - slightly smelly but once you shower it goes away  I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants an easy fake tan that isn't orange or patchy, and leaves your skin looking naturally tan and hydrated!