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Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Intensive Action Caviar Eye Serum

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Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Intensive Action Caviar Eye Serum is a lightweight and super potent gel serum formulated with powerful scientifically proven actives to transform the eye area. Clinically tested peptide Snap-8™ is proven to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by up to 63%*, while nutrient-rich Caviar Extract is captured inside each gold millicapsule and is crushed upon dispensing to release a concentrated serum. Enriched with a superior form of Hyaluronic Acid to intensely nourish and hydrate skin, while Golden C, the next generation of Vitamin C is supercharged with Gold to maintain 100% potency* and works to brighten skin and boost collagen. Meiview™, a concentrated ferment extract improves microcirculation and helps diminish signs of dark circles, puffiness and upper eyelid sagging with visible effects in just 7 days*. Upon application, skin feels instantly hydrated and re-energised revealing smoother, brighter and healthier-looking eyes.

*Results based on a 7 and 28 day independent clinical and consumer study involving 25 participants.


*Average star rating within the product image is based on a Review Crew panel of 50 and is correct as of 19/11/2021.


Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Intensive Action Caviar Eye Serum


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I Reach For This Straight After Cleansing

This serum is so easy to add into my routine. For both day and night use, I apply it all around my eye area including my lids. It's the first product I apply after cleansing my face. Then I apply my face serum and spritz all over my face and neck with a hydrating spray mist. Then I apply my moisturiser over the top of that. I'm not sure if this is actually helping my hooded lids but my skin does look firmer and more hydrated which is what I was after when I first started to use this. I've been using it for close to two months now and there is still plenty of it left in the bottle - so it goes a long way and lasts a long time. It's expensive to start with but it is really lasting and so probably not as expensive as it seems to begin with. I don't have bad under eye circles but I haven't noticed a change in them anyway so I don't think this is doing much there. I do find it feels soothing, calming and hydrating on application and I feel that any moisture is nicely trapped in the skin by using this. I love using an eye serum under my moisturiser and this has been a good one to use without a doubt. I love the easy pump top that gives me the control to dispense any amount that I need to and there is not wastage because of this high quality pump top. It has a sleek silver lid.

I’m not seeing it

I am a regular user of Dr LeWinn’s products so I had high hopes that this eye serum would reduce my dark circles, help keep my eyelids lifted, soften fine lines and give an overall brightness to the eye area. The serum is easy to dispense from the pump action bottle. The gel serum glides on easily and feels lovely on the skin. It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky nor has it caused any irritation, however I don’t particularly like the tiny gold particles this serum leaves on my skin. I used the serum morning and evening for three weeks and then cut back to just evening because of the gold flecks. Maybe I was expecting too much but I just can’t see a big enough improvement around my eyes to consider this to be a five star product for me. Yes, the skin around my eyes seems brighter and the eye serum is firming and hydrating enough but there’s been no improvement whatsoever in regards to my dark circles which aren’t even particularly bad but they are very noticeable to me. The claims are that the product ‘helps diminish signs of dark circles, puffiness and upper eyelid sagging with visible effects in just 7 days* but after seven weeks I just can’t see it. I’ll continue to use the eye serum until it runs out in the hope that those pesky dark circles begin to fade because it’s still a good product.

Great product that is reducing my dark circles

I'm in my 40's and worry about dark circles, bags under my eyes and fine lines around the eyes. First off I really liked the packaging and that you can see the product in the little window on the front of the bottle, it helps show how quickly I am using it and when I will need to think about restocking. I have been using this product for over a month, it has really brightened my eye area, my dark circles are no where near as noticeable, my wrinkles around my eyes aren't as prominent but I don't think it has done a lot for my eye bags. I like this way the product feels on my skin, it feels quite luxurious. I do find that sometimes too much product comes out at once so I try to only do a small pump to ensure that I am not wasting too much of the product.
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Good eye serum

This is a lovely eye serum and over the course of continued daily use over several weeks, I did notice that my eyes overall looked slightly more 'awake'. I have hooded eyelids and am always looking for eye serums to firm and lift the area. I was interested in this serum because it is meant to target upper eyelid sagging as one of its benefits, which is something I am concerned about. This eye serum is easily absorbed and definitely brightens up my eye area. I would say that it does make my eyelids feel or appear slightly less heavy than usual, so it does have some firming and lifting effect, although it is not significant enough for my particular concerns. It does plump up the eye area and feels nice and hydrating, and is not irritating on the eye area at all. It's a great everyday serum for a decent price point.
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Light and hydrating, but prefer the face serum

Like the face serum in the same line (Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex Triple Action Defence) I found it really satisfying to see the millicapsules burst when the product is dispensed. This definitely felt lighter than the face serum, however, I found it difficult to dispense the right amount of product – even a small pump left me with too much product to use for the delicate eye and eyelid area, so I often found myself either with too much product on my eyelids, or having to apply it to other parts of my face. No issues with sensitivity around the eyelid area, which I have often experienced with other products, so this one is lovely and gentle. This probably also has to do with the fact that the slight scent is not nearly as strong as the face serum. I found the product very hydrating but I didn’t see any noticeable difference to fine lines around the eye area.
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Nice, light eye cream, goes a long way

This eye serum is great bang for your buck as a tiny bit goes a long way in your morning and evening routines. It's light and cooling under eyes and around frown lines. The packaging is tight and secure and nice to have in the beauty cabinet. It didn't irritate my eyes at all and has no distinguishable scent. I didn't notice any massive changes to my under eye skin after a month of using it but it does help to make the skin feel hydrated and is a good support for the Smoothing Complex Triple Action Defence. All in all a nice product but not one I’d shout from the rooftops from.
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Hydrating? Yes.

I’ll start by stating I don’t believe an eye cream is ever a requirement. They are less potent, although yes, less irritating than the regular serum, and as such, I believe best practice is to utilise your regular serum up into your under eyes. Ultimately no product is able to lighten under eye circles or remove wrinkles or fine lines. While this was a lovely hydrating serum, any fine lines were ultimately well moisturised temporarily. I will however give this serum the due respect. It is not irritating to the sensitive eye area. It does not dry white or leave a powdered residue after it has dried. It did not have a cloying scent and I enjoyed the gel consistency. I can’t help but feel that the delivery of encapsulated actives that are crushed in dispensing were nothing more than a gimmick
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Fantastic eye serum for dry, sensitive skin

I have extremely sensitive eye and eyelid areas that have been irritated by other eye creams in the past, so am always very wary trying new products. However, I am constantly on the look out for fantastic eye creams due to my dark circles and the fine lines starting to crop up in my mid-30s. Dr. LeWinn's is not a product I've tried before and I was impressed. I used this eye serum under and around the eye area (but not on my eyelids) and was really impressed by the product's formula - as its a serum and not a cream it glides on beautifully without being greasy, and you can really feel it being absorbed into the skin. Application is a treat due to the luxe packaging and fresh, mild scent. I found even on application my skin feels tighter (in a nice way), refreshed and definitely more hydrated (I used the product morning and night, alongside a serum, moisturiser and sunscreen.) As hydration and fine lines are my main concern, I really do think this product has made a difference over the trial period. The ingredients seem to work hard to improve the delicate eye area skin. As for my dark circles, they are something I've struggled with for years and only seem to be getting darker with small children! Overall, my eye area has seen a nice improvement and I love the texture and application of the product. I will be repurchasing.
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Beautiful to look at and use

This product is beautiful in terms of aesthetics with the gold pebbles that you can see through the bottle and that melt into the product as you pump it out. It is light and effective as an eye serum, preparing my skin for additional products and easily absorbed to hydrate and leave a lovely texture. The product left my skin with a dewy glow (which I prefer) and has no issues with immediate application of a sunscreen. I do find it slightly expensive but is worth it if you’re looking for a product that works.
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nice product but bit pricey

The cream has a subtle and gentle scent. You can smell the caviar but it's not unpleasant, and it quickly fades once absorbed into the skin. As soon as I put tried the Eye Recovery Complex, I noticed how amazing and refreshing it felt on the skin. Light and silky, yet so hydrating without being too greasy. It just glides onto the skin and absorbs instantly and leaves my skin feeling soft and without any greasy or oily feeling at all. Dr LeWinn's claims that the eye cream is an alternative to Botox, and while I have never had Botox so am hence unable to compare the results – I do have thought that Botox would give you far more dramatic results than this eye cream has yet delivered.
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I was sent this as a trial through review crew. I really enjoyed using it along with the accompanying serum. I found my skin felt tighter, brighter, more even and seemed to have a glow. I used this for 4 weeks morning and night (in my usual skincare routine) and really think it made a noticeable difference to my skin. The scent is inoffensive (I am usually not a fan of scent in skincare) I have not previously used and Dr. LeWinn's products but after using this am interested in trying more. Would purchase and have recommended to friends.
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Bye bye tired eyes!

Bye Bye tired eyes! The S8 Eye recovery is great. I have seen results in such short time. My eyes always looked tired and dark and this serum has helped to minimise this. It is good value for money as you only need a small amount for it to go a long way. Also, this product is an Aussie brand, which makes me feel comfortable to use. Even though I liked the results of this product, i personally would not purchase and use as it is great but not amazing - I use other products instead which I am happier with and unfortunately i am a creature of habit. The packaging of this brand was simple and sleek. it was easy to open and close and I liked the colour of the product itself. The product didn't leave any pigment or discolouration on my skin so it was great to wear under makeup. I used this product every morning as part of my morning skincare routine. I used this product for four weeks and found it caused no irritation or outbreaks. I recommend this product if you are looking for something to diminish your tired looking eyes!
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What a fab eye pick up!

Another fantastic product from a great brand. My eyes are always a little dull due to tiredness and darkness under the eye area. I tried this and really loved the texture and the amount you apply is minimal so I can see it is going to last a while. The bottle is a great concept and it is easy to dispense the liquid. My eyes looked and felt the difference in appearance. I definitely noticed an improvement with the skin around my eyes plus the dark circles were not as noticeable. I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking to revitalise and brighten the eye area.
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Luxe Eye Serum with beautiful ingredients

Another beautiful product from Dr LeWinn's to accompany the Triple Action Serum at night and a stand alone eye cream for day use. Exquisite packaging with lovely ingredients - caviar extract, hyaluronic acid, golden c vitamin c and meiview that are crushed upon use to activate the ingredients as you apply to the skin. Glides on beautifully, absorbs easily with or without a jade roller and gives the appearance of lumination and hydration. My under eye skin looked plumper, felt plumper and appeared to be brighter after only a few weeks use. Great product and happy to endorse.
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Too strong for my sensitive skin

Line Smoothing Complex S8 Intensive Caviar Eye Serum felt amazing at first but shortly after applying I started feeling a burning sensation under my eyes. I tried to use the serum every second or so day and slowly built it up but that didn't work either. My under eyes skin got really sensitised and I decided to stop using the serum. I gave it another go after a week of break but the burning was so strong that I had to rinse it all off. I often get similar reaction to products with vitamin C but I was really hoping this one will be different. Unfortunately it is definitely too strong for my vit C sensitive skin.
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Great for dark lines

A great product to improve darkness under your eyes and smoothing fine lines. I particularly love how it doesn’t leave a residue, it soaks right in. After a few weeks of use the dark lines under my eyes are nearly gone. Light wrinkles were smoothed out after a few weeks of continued use. The smell is ok, it’s not overpowering or heavily fragranced. The pump bottle is handy for keeping the product fresh (no yucky fingers in a jar!). Remember a little goes a long way! You only need a small amount at each use.
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Brighter eyes

As I now reach my mid 30s I will try anything to retain my youth. This product is perfect for under the eyes. It glides on smoothly, preventing pulling of the delicate area of the eye. A pro for me as I don't want those wrinkles under the eye getting worse. The beads that that contain all the goodness are crushed only when you click the nozzle so you know that you're getting all the benefits with the one application. Having used this product for the last month I have found my under eyes brighter and I can kind of get away with less sleep. Will definitely continue to use this product in the future.
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Love this product

This product is the bomb. It goes on so smooth and silky and I just love how it feels around my eyes. You can hear all the little bubbles of ‘caviar’ pop as you smooth it on. My eyes instantly feel hydrated and awake and I use it religiously morning and night. It doesn’t irritate and has no strong smell so it would definitely be suitable for sensitive skin. I love how the bottle is small and compact and is the perfect size to slip into your purse if you were heading out or just to refresh during the day. A little bit goes a long way and the pump dispenses just enough so there is no wastage. I have seen a definite improvement in my fine lines around my eyes and would definitely refer it my friends. I absolutely love this product.
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Your eyes will thank you for this!

This is such a fantastic eye serum! Just like the line smoothing serum, the eye serum has gold balls suspended in the serum. These are crushed with all the goodness release. It smells great although not overpowering and certainly does target fine lines. It seemed to make my skin tight (in a good way). I am lucky in which I don’t have dark circles below my eyes however I suffer from puffiness a lot. This serum made a visible difference over the course of 4 weeks. I took a photo when I start and then compared it when I finished my trial time and I could really see the difference! Do yourself a favour and treat your eyes!
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Youthful eyes

I've been a fan of Dr LeWinn's for years and was thrilled when I got the opportunity to try this eye serum. For starters, I love the aesthetics, the pearlescent glittery liquid looks high quality. With the first pump the gorgeous colours mix and mingle as the serum releases it's magic. The smoothness if application is a true delight and I immediately felt that I was treating my delicate under eye area with a nourishing elixer. The results were noticeable within days with the lessening of dark circles and then the reduction of the depth of crows feet. I absolutely love the more youthful appearance of my under eye area and am thrilled with the rapidity of the results. My skin looks and feels healthier and more youthful than it has in years. I will definitely continue to use this gorgeous eye serum.