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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Organic Aquatic Mint is a dry shampoo that instantly refreshes and clarifies the hair and scalp without water in two minutes, while delivering an immediate cooling sensation and invisible finish for all hair types. Featuring 100 per cent natural, organic aquatic mint extract and natural absorbent micro powders, this ultra refreshing formula is vegan friendly and clinically proven to remove impurities from the hair. It also detoxifies and protects the hair and scalp from pollutants and environmental residue, leaving a minty-fresh scent on hair that is volumised, softer and shinier. The 100 per cent natural aquatic mint extract used in this range is organically farmed and harvested using green chemistry. It boasts a clean formula that is free from silicones, parabens, MIT and triclosan.

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A lovely hair refresh

I’ve always stuck with the same brand when choosing a dry shampoo until recently when I decided to branch out and try something different. I’d heard good things about Klorane so I decided to try their Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo. I wash my hair every 3-4 days and it is never oily – it just looks and feels dull and limp as the days go on – so I just need a dry shampoo that is going to refresh my hair without weighing it down. The first thing I noticed about this dry shampoo was the refreshing mint smell, and then the lightness of the product as I sprayed my hair. Even though my hair is shades of blonde I’ve found in the past that I really had to work any dry shampoo to even it out and reduce white patches so I only used it when I really had to. This dry shampoo sprays evenly and is so light and manageable. Now I don’t mind using dry shampoo in between washes because this dry shampoo makes my hair look freshly washed with added volume and shine but without the build-up of product. .

Go-to for my oil-prone, fine hair

This dry shampoo is great for oil control after the gym or in between washes and gives a bit of volume without the chalkiness of other brands. I have natural medium-brown hair and didn't suffer from too much white discolouration when applying the spray near my roots, with any patches easy to brush out. It helps me train my hair and scalp to hold on for an extra day when I fall back into an everyday shampoo routine and need to stop. Build up isn't too bad, with a quality cleansing shampoo able to remove this product in one wash.
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Feeling fresh!

Wow! The Klorane dry shampoo with Aquatic mint has to be a new staple for me! As soon as I tried it, it went straight into my everyday handbag! The fresh mint smell was the first thing I noticed and loved, as I find most other dry shampoos to have quite an artificial smell, this one smells so natural and fresh! I have always had thin hair, and struggled with having quite an oily scalp within a day of washing it. Klorane dry shampoo has really helps with this, and I don’t have to wash for at least three days! It applies beautifully and there is no noticeable build up on the scalp as I am light blonde and have found this to be apparent in other dry shampoos as well. I found it gives me a little more texture to my limp thin hair which is great and makes it look a little thicker. I will definitely buy again!
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My hair has never felt so fresh!

The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell of this product, my hair instantly felt fresh and it totally worked to get rid of my oily scalp. It’s light and doesn’t leave too much of a white powder residue like some other dry shampoos out there! Nice to use in between washes, especially after a gym workout. It’s changed my life, I now don’t need to wash my hair as often - saves time on my days going in to the office. Will be telling all of my friends about this one. Do yourself a favour and try it out today!
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Great for dark hair!

I have long, thick black hair and I often use dry shampoos in between my hair wash days. I often found most dry shampoos leaves thick white residues, that are hard to brush through the hair, but that is definitely not the case with this one! I love this dry shampoo, it leaves almost no residue and my hair felt light throughout the day. It was so easy to use as I only have to do minimal brushing after spraying and my hair was good to go. It also has a nice, pleasant refreshing smell that is not too over-powering. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family!
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Great for Asian dark hair and oily fine hair

This dry shampoo is amazing and the best so far. I have oily fine dark hair. The only dry shampoo I enjoy before is Klorane oat milk for brown to dark hair. I find this one works even better. 1. Less amount to be effective I need to spray at least 6-10 times for other brands dry shampoo to work. No need to mention other brands left a lot residual. Klorane dark hair one I use about 5-6 sprays. But this one, I only need 3 sprays to refresh my oily hair. 2. It smells amazing! I love this refreshing smell, it’s not overpowering at all with the right amount. It removes oil and any odd smell even from Korean bbq! 3. For oily hair It has no residual at all after I brush my hair, even for my dark Asian hair. My hair shows oil shine the second day after washing my hair and looks very flat. With this I don’t have to wash my hair every day. Even leave it 3 days, my hair looks completely fresh like just washed in the morning. It gives my hair column and fresh smell. Can’t recommend it more!
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This product is some sort of magic. Not only does it take the oily and dirty feeling out of your hair, it literally leaves you feeling as though you’ve just washed your hair; smelling so fresh and not powdery at all. One thing I love is that you don’t have to spend time rubbing the white powder into your hair, it is a matter of spraying and you are good to go. I also really love that the Aquatic Mint scent is so light and screams vibrancy. Unlike other dry shampoos that can leave your hair feeling like you’ve been doused in powder and perfume. All my sisters have made the move onto this dry shampoo and are in as much awe as I.
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Does the job

This dry shampoo does what it claims and absorbs oil pretty well. The smell is quite strong when you first spray but it dissipates really quickly which is really nice and the smell itself is quite nice and refreshing. The spray it quite light which I really liked. I would say though that if you have extremely oily hair I would give this a pass, on the slightly oily days it’s a really great product but on those days when my hair is really oily or it’s really hot, the dry shampoo didn’t really absorb much oily.
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Minty fresh with no residue!

Having thin, coloured and oily hair, I go normally go through ALOT of dry shampoo (not just a spritz here and there but the whole spray from all angles, flipping hair upside down etc) but with this dry shampoo, I just spray a little bit in the roots and and was left with clean feeling hair without the residue and gritty texture. I tried the method of using it before bed and woke up with cleaner feeling hair which meant I could extend my washes to 2 times a week, no small feat considering how oily my hair gets
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Fresh & Easy

I often use dry shampoo in between washes as my hair can get oily however as a brunette I find it hard for dry shampoo to go unnoticed in my hair. However I found the Klorane Dry Shampoo product to feel light with minimal residue to brush out and as a bonus it smelt amazing! Helped me minimise the amount of times I washed my hair each week. Another benefit is that you don't need to use too much each time so one bottle does stretch a fair way. The bottle isn't too large either so it was easy to carry around in my handbag or just leave in my drawer at work. Would definitely recommend trying this.
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Unexpected surprise!

I absolutely LOVED this dry shampoo! I have long, dark and thick hair and I have to admit, this dry shampoo took me by surprise. Often I feel like dry shampoo doesn’t do much except add grit to my hair but this was definitely different. It was easy to use (no residue left on my fingers) with a consistent spray and did not leave any white marks. It felt light when applied and my hair did not feel weighed down, but rather very bouncy! Oil control with this product was solid (about a working day) and I didn’t find myself trying to scratch my scalp either. Personally I wasn’t sold on the scent but it’s definitely something I can tolerate for the product that it is. I would recommend this product to anyone who usually isn’t a fan of dry shampoos but just really wants to not have to wash their hair !
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New Favourite!

I've been a loyal user of the original Klorane dry shampoo but this is my new favourite. Initially, I was hesitant about the Aquatic Mint fragrance as I thought it might be too minty almost like an overpowering breath mint. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the smell it was refreshing and added to the whole experience of using the product to revive dirty hair. It did not leave any white streaks throughout my hair and gave the right amount of volume needed for second and third day hair. I felt confident that my hair did not look too greasy or unkempt, especially since returning to work when I'm not used to having to wash my hair so often haha! I would never use any other brand of dry shampoo, Klorane is the go to.
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Does the job and smells great!

love this product! this mint smell is so refreshing and the dry shampoo does not leave my hair oily at all! it’s easy to comb through and makes your hair look healthy and shiny as if it’s has been just washed! I love that it doesn't leave any white marks on your hair and is a great price point. This product is very refreshing. There aren't many good sprays for dark hair that don't weight the hair down. would definitely recommend this product to all my friends and family and use it religiously every day
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Talk about a hair refresh!

The week is never long enough to wash my hair any more than twice, so I've tried a lot of dry shampoos, and this is one of the best! The came in an easy-to-use cannister that released the product on to my hair evenly, and had a light texture that gave my unwashed hair an instant volume lift. I have dark hair, and this dry shampoo was true to its "invisible finish", absorbing well into my hair with a few hand tussles. It had a pleasant minty scent that made my hair smell and feel refreshed between washes.
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One of my favorite now

I think I have tried most of the dry shampoos on the market and I had my favorite too, but this one is on top of the list now. I have very long hair and I always use dry shampoo between washes ( I wash it once every 3-4 days), and I had different problems with the other dry shampoos (itchy scalp, white powder on the roots, sticky feeling - yes! Some shampoos do it too, etc). But with klorane dry shampoo I had zero problems. I can buy it only for the smell of fresh mint, it is that good (my husband who is much taller then me) always says how good my hair smells (even though it’s not fresh, but I keep it a secret :) Most importantly it does the job, hair looks fresh after few sprays on the roots and it even boosted the volume in my hair. It says that there are other benefits for the hair from organic mint and vitamin E which helps protect from pollution (not bad for a bonus benefit). I love it, will definitely repurchase
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Extend the time between washes with this

The best thing about this product is the fresh aquatic mint smell and the fact it doesn't leave white streaks in my hair. I like to stretch out my weekly blow dry, so this product worked perfectly in making my hair feel fresh, revived and still shiny without the need of a wash. It also left my hair feeling silky soft, and also adds some body and bounce to my hair, which I love the feeling of. The invisible finish is so great as I've used other brands in the past and hated the white powdery look. I also feel happy knowing that this product is a vegan-friendly formula, as well as free from silicones, parabens and preservatives. I've used this product for 5 days straight now and there still isn't a trace of product build up. This product is now going to be a staple in my bathroom.
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Fresh hair in a bottle

I am an avid user of Dry Shampoo and have to say, I really like this dry shampoo with Aquatic Mint . It first smells really fresh with the mint scent, it sprays super fine which i love as I sometimes find other dry shampoos leave a white powder residue but this one didn't. I let my hair absorb the product for 2 minutes while I put on my moisturiser then I tossed my hair with my hands to work it in and it gave me fantastic volume. My hair felt light and clean with the product removing all signs that it was greasy with 2 day old hair.
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Very effective!

This dry shampoo is fabulous! It has a nice scent that is not overpowering and unlike other dry shampoos on the market, a good amount of product comes out without being wasteful. The product also doesn't end up sitting over everything in the bathroom once sprayed! This dry shampoo worked really effectively and left my hair feeling fresh (even on day 2 of using it). It effectively soaks up oil and provides volume and texture. The dry shampoo made my hair feel soft and lacked the visibly powdery residue others leave behind on your scalp. It has lasted me quite along time and still fills half full.
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I must say the thing I love about this dry shampoo is it is NOTHING like any I have ever tried. Often I feel like dry shampoos leave white throughout your hair and it feels quite gritty, especially when you use it two days in a row, but this one is quite refreshing. Whilst it still gives volume and makes your hair look fresh. The only part I’m not sold on is the smell. It is very potent and smells strongly of mint; however, I must say it does subside after a while but if you’re spraying in the bathroom it lingers for a bit, and you can smell it on you. Top tip: always spray, massage through, wait and then brush out.
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Amazing product!

This was my first time using a dry shampoo and to say it was a good way to start is an understatement! My hair feels light and grease free and enables me to ensure that my hair doesn’t look oily or greasy when I stretch out the days between washes a little too much. I even used it after putting a bit too much product on my hair and it helped to create a lighter and less flat look. The smell is lovely too and doesn’t have a ‘chemical’ scent which makes it that much nicer to use. Would definitely recommend!