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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum

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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum is an anti-ageing serum in a single-dose capsule format. The serum is formulated with retinol and ceramides to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles, boost moisture levels in the skin and strengthen the skin barrier, improving skin texture, tone and clarity for a youthful complexion. 

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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum


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An unexpected surprise

I had been sceptical about these funny little capsules, but have been pleasantly surprised by them! Once you twist the top off, the silky serum inside is a lovely texture and the amount per capsule is perfectly proportioned to cover the face and neck. The texture isn't one that 'soaks in' to skin, but feels like it sits on the top like a primer. But in the morning, my skin felt even in texture and I really do think I've noticed the difference to texture and fine lines over the month I've used it. I'm intrigued by the packaging, but I found it a bonus; I like the idea that each capsule has not been exposed to air or fingers like a jar of cream would, or doesn't flow out like some droppers.

Sweet little skin treat

Packed in sweet little rose gold caps, this night serum is really a treat for aging skin. When you pierce the cap, cloudy looking oily fluid comes out that feels so smooth and silky. As soon as you apply it, it kind of feels like a blurring layer on your skin - your pores and lines seem to disappear instantly - almost like a primer. It is probably this primer like effect that has put me off this product. Every lady that I know who has used this, loves it. I love the day time caps but these night ones just aren't for me. It's not that this product isn't effective - In fact, it's probably more potent than day time caps but I just don't like the feel when I apply it - it feels like an oily film on the skin. Wish I could get past that barrier in my mind and enjoy the put potential of this product that a lot of ladies have been raving about.
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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules

I used this product properly over the course of a few weeks to see how my skin reacted to it. The application is very easy to use. I found this serum was very light to use, and not heavy on my skin. I would dfinitely recommend this serum to friends.
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Loved it

I really loved this product it was amazing. Lovely on my skin. Such pretty packaging and an amazing product. I would 100% but this product in stores thank you
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Great and non oily!

I used the product for a month every night, I got to say I loved it. It left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth. The contents wasn't oily and felt great on my skin. I'm not to sure of the price but I would have to say I would pay that little bit extra for the benefit of my face. I would highly recommend this product.
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Wonderful Product

I received these capsules in return for a review. The capsule allows you to dispense the correct amount of product so there is no waste. The serum has a lovely rose tint and no smell which is always a plus for me. My skin felt velvety smooth as soon as the serum was applied. After a few days of use I could notice the difference in the appearance of fine lines, my skin felt softer and the texture was more even. I would definitely recommend this product.
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Cute, luxe and fragrance free

I used this product for around 4 weeks, I am 47 and have dry skin. The little jar it comes in is cute and lightweight while still having a “luxe” look. The little capsules are easy to use and the amount of serum inside is just right to cover my face and neck without excess. However, I do think the capsules are a bit gimmicky and wasteful, I would rather a good airtight pump dispenser to minimise packaging while still preserving the product. I absolutely love that this serum has no fragrance, it was a pleasant surprise. It has a very silicon-slip feel when applying, and absorbs beautifully with no sticky or greasy residue. My skin felt very comfortable and hydrated after application, and my night cream absorbed well when applied over the top. I haven’t really noticed any changes in wrinkles after 4 weeks but I am guessing it would take much longer to see real results. I have, however, seen a reduction in surface dryness and flakiness. I enjoy the way it feels on application and my skin still feels hydrated and comfortable the next morning. After 4 weeks of use my skin does feel a little congested on my cheeks and forehead which is unusual for me, and I definitely feel the need to do a deep cleanse or pore cleansing mask. I’m not sure if this serum is to blame but it’s something to watch out for if you decide to try it.
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Soft, silky and just the right amount

This serum unlike others I have tried in capsule format, is non greasy - it glides on so perfectly. It's a silky, smooth with matt finish. Your skin is hydrated without feeling oily. The serum absorbs so well into the skin. Can I just repeat - love the matt finish! The capsules are easy to use and break off, and it's just the right amount. It is a little on the more expensive side, but I guess all good moisturisers come with a price tag. My skin is totally hydrated yet I have not noticed any lines being erased or minimised - time can only tell, I have only been using for a few weeks and this is not a magic miracle cream.

Handy, gentle

Great single dose of retinol. Gentle and had no peeling or dryness during use. Serum inside is silky and absorbable, does not leave skin look greasy. My skin is oily and have big pores, mid aged and need retinol to prevent wrinkles. And keep skin texture smooth and skin bouncy, elastic. I have used it at night after cleansing. Did not need exfoliation as I did before (2-3 times per week) and did not need to use acids while using these capsules. Did notice skin was kept smooth. Also serum is so well formulated that I could use it over lips and eye area. These are areas that age fastest I think. So I apply retinol always over. This formula was perfect to keep eye area smooth. Bit pricey and good for beginner users of VitA type of products. Now my skin is ready for prescripton VitA, still will use these in between on "rest" days (eye area especially, as formula is gentle)
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Retinol Ceramide Capsules

These capsules are beautiful to use. The serum goes on silky smooth and leaves my skin feeling gorgeously soft. As someone with sensitive skin it is lovely that there is no perfume in this serum. My skin is loving these capsules and I would recommend this product to anyone else with mature and sensitive skin.
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Luxury Product

This product has a very luxurious feel to it. Just enough in each capsule. Readily absorbed without any residue sitting of skin. Skin looks smooth and plumb, and lines softened. I would thoroughly recommend.
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Exceeded my expectations

After previously using other brands of Retinol, I wasn't sure what to expect from Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum. This is a great product! It does what it says it does, visibly diminishes lines & wrinkles, improves skin texture and tone, improves radiance & clarity, minimizes the look of pores & diminishes appearance of age spots and discolorations. It also left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, something I really need now I've entered "that stage of life"! Dryness is something that my skin never suffered previously & I've found products that provide decent hydration to be hard to find. This product helped immensely. The capsules are easy to use & contain a generous amount of product. Try it, you won't look back!
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Gorgeous, silky texture with no fragrance!

The Elizabeth Arden retinol ceramide capsules are a beautiful addition to my night time routine. Not only is the packaging luxurious but each capsule is the perfect amount for my skin. The texture is ultra silky and spreads beautifully and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. There is no fragrance so there is no irritation or over powering scent. Although I didn’t see any major results in the two weeks of use it did leave my skin feeling hydrated and plump after application.
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A magic little capsule, for better skin

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum, was an amazing experience and privilege to use. I found it easy to add to my routine, one little capsule that gave my skin a velvety feel. I noticed that my skin feels plump and toned I have some deep lines, but after two weeks of continued use the lines have visually softened. The capsule is just the right amount of product and smells fresh after application at night before bed, it absorbers straight away leaving a dewy feel. I'm defiantly a convert and will continue to use Elizabeth Arden Retinol.
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A great addition to my night time routine

Great little capsules with the perfect amount of serum for my face neck and chest area. The serum glides over your skin and leaves it feeling silky soft. The serum seems to blur my fine lines, and this is still obvious the next morning along with the silky feel. Has also made a definite improvement to the texture of my skin. I will be making this a permanent addition to my skincare regime!
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Skin softening capsules

I've been using the Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules for a couple of weeks and my skin is feeling a lot more soft and supple. I haven't noticed much difference in the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, so that is why I've given a 4 star rating, however, I am still very impressed with these capsules. The capsules themselves are the ideal size, you simply twist the top off and then squeeze out the serum and apply with your fingertips. There is enough in each one to cover the full face and neck. The serum is rather light and non scented, which I like. I would be interested to see results after long term use.
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Effective and Easy

Firstly I loved the packaging of this product. The container itself is lovely, and the individual capsules are fabulous - the perfect amount for one application per capsule so no wondering if you are using not enough or too much. The serum itself feels beautiful going on. It is a thicker serum which applies so well. It feels really smooth on the skin and absorbs well. The serum also didn't bring about the dryness I have had with other retinol products (even those that were not as strong). The cereamide is a great combination with the retinol. I noticed a slight decrease in pore size and smoother skin after about a week. After using for a few weeks I noticed some fine lines weren't as obvious and my pores look smoothed. My skin was still feeling moisturised and hydrated. I really enjoyed using this product and will be purchasing. I would also like to try other products in the range given this one is so good!
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Surprise in a Capsule

I’m converted! Love these little capsules! I have always been skeptic all of “the capsule thing”, and, after using these Retinol Night Serum Capsules, I am converted! My skin looks more youthful, my skin tone is more even and looking brighter, open pores have minimised, skin feels smooth. I have been using the capsules for 15 days and I am seeing a difference. I am turning 50 next week so that is a lovely and fitting birthday present! I wasn’t expecting a capsule to be so easy to use. I often get annoyed having to open jars and squeeze tubes every night before bed. Now my night skin care regime has become enjoyable. The serum applies easy and glides over the skin with good coverage.. Non greasy and a lovely dewy feel to my skin. My night cream applies so much easier and am using less post serum. Fantastic bang for your buck...no wastage, a quality product that ensures a small amount goes a long way! Very economical. I am now inspired to seek out a day non retinol serum by Elizabeth Arden to mirror that silky texture for makeup application. I travel a lot for work and it is a fabulous travel buddy. Extremely happy with this product!
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A Perfect Night-time Addition to a Cult Classic...

Anyone familiar with the EA cult classic gold capsules will definitely want to try this worthy addition. It comes in a clear bottle with individual capsules containing EA's newest line erasing night serum. A simple twist and a squeeze will release a generous portion of serum which goes on like a dream and absorbs into the skin. After a few days of using this product, I could already notice an improvement on my overall completion and the suppleness of my skin. My concern areas (crow's feet and furrow lines) are looking fuller and less noticeable. This product's predecessors are a cult classic for a reason - they are affordable, easy to use and they actually deliver on their promise. The individual single dose capsule makes this product perfect for travellers. I would also recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their skin and add retinol into their nightly regime.
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Velvety smooth and soft skin

I was excited to trial this product, but even more excited with the results. The serum applies nice and smoothly to my skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft, smooth and plumper. Given the plumpness of my skin, it does make my lines appear finer, but hasn't quite erased them. It's a nice way to end the way the day and my skin feels amazing before I head to bed. It's 4 stars purely because of the single use capsules. It's a great way to ensure you have just the right amount per application and to see how much you have left, but it creates waste with two parts of the capsule to dispose of once opened (and you have to make a trip to the bin!).