Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser

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Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser with two per cent AHA has been carefully formulated with a blend of cleansers and moisturisers to refresh the skin without causing dryness. The combination of AHAs and vitamins B3 and E work together to gently exfoliate and visibly revitalise the skin. Ingredients in the formula work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin texture and tone. Dermatologically tested.ӬAfter cleansing, skin is perfectly prepared for your Elucent Moisturiser.


Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser


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Elucent may not be a name you are familiar with,BUT,you may well know it's parent...EGO.Yep,that brand that has looked after bubs and other sensitive skins for years is the Elucent label's mother. This gentle,yet effective cleanser is a low viscosity,foaming cleanser that has a beautiful pearlescent look to it,is a brilliant  product that cleanses at a deeper level than most other cleansers you may have tried that is an essential,coupled with the skin loving mix of 1 per cent glycolic acid and 1 per cent lactic acid to help re-generate the skin,along with the same vitamin E and B3 as in other Elucent products to help increase skin elasticity and maintain skin suppleness,makes this one hardworking cleanser.And just to make sure you leave this out as a reminder to use daily,the bottle the gel-like liquid is housed in is quite "salon pro" in it's esthetics....a stylish white bottle, with maroon accents and a silver band at its base and top,as well as having a super user friendly pump action dispenser.This product is perfect for those who love a deeper cleanse,and will be well tolerated by men as well (mine uses this,and loves it with a shave.He also loves the "clean,but not tight" feel..as he calls it).At just under $30 for a tad under 150ml,this is probably the best value for money,multitasking cleanser that you can get,and it leaves many of those ones you get at the supermarket for dead).It removes all traces of grime / makeup (yes,even hard to remove,longwear bases) / sunscreen and sweat (wonderful post gym).Oh yes...and this is the perfect travel / gym bag buddy,as it is both sturdy and a secure pump top. So yes fellow beauties,give this a try and see what you think. TIP:Start off with this once or twice a week to start with,then work up to daily use...you'll love how your skin feels.
I find during Winter my skin needs more frequent exfoliation than in Summer, but I don’t always prefer a physical exfoliant. Using daily cleansers with a low concentration of chemical exfoliants are a good way to ensure you’re always putting your best skin forward. This Anti-Ageing Gentle Cleanser from Elucent has a combination of AHA’s in a 2% concentration (1% lactic acid, 1% glycolic acid) which my skin LOVES. Glycolic acid always works really well for my skin. Even though I still need to do a proper physical exfoliation once or twice a week, this still keeps my skin in check all through the week and helps to soften the blow I get from any breakouts. It’s just a great, jack-of-all-trades cleanser and works well with my skin. The pearlescent shimmer in the formula is a cute touch too.
I love this cleanser! First off, it comes in a white pump bottle with neat lettering - a reassuringly sturdy bottle with a pump that contains 140 g of cleanser. The cleanser itself has a runny, gel-like consistency with gorgeous shimmer through it, which enables me to feel like a mermaid in the shower. The cleanser is meant to purify and revitalise, and has a low level of AHAs, coming in at 2%, as well as Vitamins B3 and E. This leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean without that stripped of oils sensation. This retails for $29.99. Overall, I have found this entire range to work really well on my skin. While I'm not battling any major ageing concerns, I have been keeping an eye on a few fine lines and freckles. I think that it has been quite helpful in hydrating and brightening the skin, and while it hasn't performed any crazy miracles, I do think that the range has been helping keep things at bay for me. The important thing to remember with this particular range is to ease yourself into it, and just to be very cautious for those who have sensitive skin. Keep in mind too that AHAs may also make your skin more sensitive to daylight, so it's a good thing they have something with SPF 50+ in the range!