Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser

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Replenish moisture levels overnight with Elucent’s Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser. With lactic and glycolic acids, which have been scientifically proven to reduce signs of ageing, this moisturiser also combines a blend of vitamins B3, C and E to improve firmness and elasticity.


Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser


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Talk about bang for your buck - A fantastic anti ageing night moisturiser at a fabulous price. I first tried Elucent in a anti ageing 3 pack which had a cleanser a day and a night cream in sample size tubes.  Like others have noted the jar although glamorous to look at is not as hygienic as a pump or even a tube container. The scent is mild and the moisturiser absorbs quickly, plumping and replenishing as it settles into your skin to begin its work. I have sensitive skin and was I concerned that I would react to the AHA's but I had no reaction and did not notice any adverse affects. What I did notice was a fresh, glowing complexion - My skin felt smooth and looked bright, I looked like I had just had a spa facial!  The anti ageing day moisturiser works with the night moisturiser and contains a sunscreen to assist with possible sun sensitivity. I suggest using the proposed cleanser and moisturisers together to get the best results. Well done Elucent!!
The Elucent Anti-aging night moisturiser comes in a 50 g jar with a silver screw-on lid. The jar is pretty to have in my cabinet but you have to scoop the product out of the jar with your fingers or a spatula to keep things hygienic. I would prefer if the product came in a tube or a pump bottle instead of the jar.  The moisturiser is opaque white and is unscented. It is a light weight cream with 8% AHA (4% glycolic & 4% lactic) and vitamins B3, C and E. It spreads and applies easily, absorbing into my skin without any greasy residue. The presence of aha's doesn't tingle, flush or irritate my skin as is usually expected with such a potent active ingredient.  Overnight, the moisturiser works to hydrate, and replenish moisture to my skin. The fine lines on my forehead are softened and smoothed out. Consistent use of the moisturiser has brightened and restored youthfulness to my skin and theres a radiance there now that I thought I had lost to premature aging.  It is a bit on the pricier side but well worth it to use on its own or with other products from the brand. Plus, its an Australian brand which is fantastic.  Always apply spf of 30 or higher when using aha's. Pro Hydrates and replenishes skin  Brightens, softens and smooths fine lines  8% aha and vits b3, c, e Aussie brand Cons Jar packaging  Pricey
This lucious, soothing, cream is perfect for a night time face ritual. It glides on easily and you don't need to apply a lot. Love the design of the jar.. a bit more Luxe than the day cream. Anti ageing properties work on targeting fine lines and cellular repair over night. Very reasonably priced!
While I like the design of the jar for the night moisturiser, a pump bottle would be better. That said, this has a nice heft to it, and has that lovely silver and white combination with neat lettering, making it a rather minimalist looking container. You will find 8% AHAs and Vitamins B3, E and C in 50 g of product, and this cream has a medium to thick consistency that doesn't take long to be absorbed. This is meant to regenerate and hydrate and I have found my skin to tingle the most with this. This can be bought for $49.99. Overall, I have found this entire range to work really well on my skin. While I'm not battling any major ageing concerns, I have been keeping an eye on a few fine lines and freckles. I think that it has been quite helpful in hydrating and brightening the skin, and while it hasn't performed any crazy miracles, I do think that the range has been helping keep things at bay for me. The important thing to remember with this particular range is to ease yourself into it, and just to be very cautious for those who have sensitive skin. Keep in mind too that AHAs may also make your skin more sensitive to daylight, so it's a good thing they have something with SPF 50+ in the range!