Elucent Even Tone Night Moisturiser

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Developed to combat increased melanin production caused by excess sun exposure, Elucent’s Whitening Night Moisturiser replenishes moisture loss while it restores brightness and evens out skin tone. The non-comedogenic formula reduces the appearance of dark spots and discolouration using a combination of vitamins, emblica fruit extract and safflower seed oil.


Elucent Even Tone Night Moisturiser


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After cleansing and applying the Spot Corrector to areas of pigmentation and spots left by acne scarring, I applied a few dabs of the night cream to my face. I found that the night cream left my face feeling quite moisturised and by morning it felt like it had fully absorbed into my skin and was reaping the benefits of vitamins C and E, emblica fruit extract and safflower seed oil overnight. Unfortunately, after using both the Spot Corrector and Day and Night Moisturisers, I started to experience a tickly or itchy sensation on my face and neck. Three to four days after using the three products, I also awoke to an allergic reaction on the bottom of my chin and neck with a lot of tiny bumps but they were not itchy. I stopped using the products until my skin cleared up. After using the three products a second time, in addition to the itchiness, my eyes became very dry and itchy which was very uncomfortable as a contact lens wearer. The skin on my face became very dry and tight, initially I had thought this was due to the windy weather we had experienced however this dryness persisted and was very uncomfortable. I again ceased using the products and reverted to my usual skincare products and after a week used the three products again. I only used the day care routine of Spot Corrector and Day Moisturiser and again felt very itchy for a couple of days even though I had stopped using the products after that morning.  As I used all three products, it was difficult to identify which product was causing an adverse reaction. Unfortunately, as I couldn’t isolate the problem product, I am reluctant to continue to use the night cream, even though I did find the product much more enjoyable to use compared to the day moisturiser and spot corrector.
I did experience some minor reduction to one spot on my face, but to achieve that I had to tolerate dry, tight skin that took weeks to recover.  It definitely wasn’t worth it for me.  Above average marks for the fact that it did have some effect on reducing pigmentation, but effectiveness is very dependent on the type of pigmentation you have so it’s really a lucky dip whether you have the type of pigmentation that could be improved with the use of this cream and that’s pretty impossible to predict.  Overall I wouldn’t recommend because the desired result isn’t guaranteed, but the likelihood of irritation is high.
I have a few pigmentation spots on my face due to sun exposure so decided to try this product to see if they would fade. While they didn’t totally disappear they are certainly a lot less visible. This is a lovely silky rich cream that is easy to use from the stylish tub. It’s non greasy and sinks straight into skin. My skin feels really soft and smooth when using this, it feels light to wear, it has huge moisturising properties and has evened out my skin tone. I use it before bed to combat my sun damage and to regenerate my skin. It is brighter and looks more dewey. It’s full of vitamins and goodies to do my skin good and at under $50.00 it’s good value and I don’t need a lot. Overall a great product I would buy again