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Essie All In One is a two in one nail care product that works as both a base coat treatment and a top coat strengthener to help nail colour last longer.


Essie All In One


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I decided to try the All in One when my local store didn't have my favorite top coat in stock. I thought why not, I love Essie nail color, this has to be good too. Twice I've used "all in one" as a top coat and no matter how early in the day I polish (or how thin the coat) I end up with "sheet marks" the next morning. I'm not going to spend almost $20 on this product again but I'll go for their nail colours instead. As a clear nail polish and a strengthener I'd say it does its job but it's a no when it comes to a top coat. I'm not too happy with this product but this is my personal opinion so your experience maybe different but I find that the all in one products never deliver because it's about quantity over quality when it should be the other way around.