Essie Fill The Gap

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Essie Fill The Gap is a nail care treatment. It contains nutra-keratin and bamboo extract to help fill the ridges of nails and conceal imperfections for a smooth finish. The nail treatment can be worn alone or as a base coat before nail colour.


Essie Fill The Gap


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I wasn’t born with smooth nails. I have so many ridges and bumps and no amount of buffing will remove them. This nail polish is a miracle worker; it’s like a primer for your nails. It really does fill in the ridges and leaves the nail with a beautiful smooth base. It’s nice enough to be worn alone and has a lovely natural, nude colour. When worn under nail polish it really helps with the longevity and smoothness of my nail colour. It looks like I’ve been to the salon and I don’t have the bumps and lumps I usually do. It dries quickly and nail polish applies smoothly and evenly on top of this base. Will definitely repurchase.