Essie Gel Couture Top Coat

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Essie Gel Couture Top Coat is a gel top coat formulated to enhance shine and extend the wear of the Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish for up to 12 days. The formula has been designed to dry without the need of UV or LED lamps. For best results, use with the Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish.


Essie Gel Couture Top Coat


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I'd never think that I would find a product that would substitute Essie Good to Go that changed my nail polish experience upside down- in a very good way. But I have! It is Essie too so maybe I should not be surprised. Essie Gel Couture performs just as well as Good to Go but it surpasses its predecessor thanks to the shine it gives and the longevity it provides. The bottle is pure white, looks very posh, a classic Essie shape was however given a twist- a literal twist. I find it great. Something different as long as nail polish products are concerned. The brush remains wide and easy to operate, not too flexible and not too hard. The formula seems to have quite a strong scent, but it disappears after a while. The consistency of this gel top coat is what I would called standard, it applies evenly, only a small amount is needed. There are no bubbles whatsoever and the top coat dries very quickly leaving the glossy finish. The shine is indeed amazing and looks exactly like a gel finish but we achieve that without having to buff our nails till their paper thin and without using the lamp! Essie Couture Top Coat works great with the corresponding line of polishes but let me reveal a little secret: it works like a dream with any other Essie or OPI polishes ( I only have these in my collection). The longevity is something that needs to be mentioned! At the moment my nails are in the worst condition they have ever been and still the polish with this top coat on manages to look good for 7 days!!! I know the brand promises 12 days wear and I am willing to believe it is true for someone whose nails are in a standard condition. The price is very reasonable for such a product plus one can get Essie on sale from time to time too. A great novelty. I would recommend this top coat to those who love the look of gel nails but can't be bothered with all the buffing, all the layers and lamp drying routines. Plus when we have had enough of one colour after three days.... it takes just a second to remove the polish and repaint the nails. Win win!
The essential topcoat to finish off the gel look and finish that Essie Gel Couture polish promise. This is a must do manicure product that gives you that fantastic salon finish and provides the longetivity that we all want. The white bottle is again the twist shape that allows you great grip on the bottle when doing your thing. The brush is wide and thick and lays down a decent coat without causing pull or tackiness. The scent is the usual polish smell that comes and goes quickly once your nails are fantastic, shiny and dry. The price is mid range for a decent polish/topcoat and because of the premium finish - worth it. I also like to use this topcoat as a clear polish when I want a really natural but gloss finish on my nails.
I love this top coat. It's easy to apply with a wide brush. It's a thinner formula, so it's very fast drying. It has a lovely shiny finish that lasts a long time on my nails without chipping. The bottle is really cute but also luxe looking and feeling. It's one I'm quite happy to have on display. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends.
Great topcoat, but make no mistake - it's not a gel!  If you're expecting two weeks with no chips or wear, then keep looking, but if you're looking for a quick drying long wear top coat that has great shine and minimal smell, then this is a good choice.  The brush is wide and covers well in two swipes, while the bottle is pretty enough to keep out on the dresser.  Price point is reasonable and quality is exactly what I'd expect from Essie.
Loving  Gel Couture great colour range and  not peeling off in a couple of days mine lastedaround 4 days  which is great,easy to apply and drys quicker than most i have tried .Love the top coat give my nailS the best shine effect ever i will keep buying for sure
I used this along with the Gel Couture colour and it was very easy to apply, dried quickly and left my nails gorgeously shiny, which I LOVE. It lasted about 8 days without chipping and without reapplying. I will definitely use it again with other colours from Essie's gel couture range!
A salon style finish without the price tag or the lengthy dry period? It sounded too good to be true! But Essie was right – I am now obsessed with this top coat! The brush helps you apply the lacquer smoothly and lasted a lot longer than my usual top coats.
I used the essie gel top coat with the matching nail polish and loved the results. This gel sets the polish beautifully to make it last. My polish had a lovely shine and didnt chip at all, lasting for ages. I used to pay for a gel polish to be done professionally, this is a great way to save money and do it yourself as the results are terrific. the brush is easy to use to deposit just the right amount of top coat and gives an amazing finish, it feel smooth and glossy, a great product I would highly recommend
I used this with the Essie gel polish and honestly the finish is incredible.  The shine is beautiful, I have received so many compliments.  Even after 5 days of wear my nails are still shiny and have just started to chip a tiny bit on the edges. Often the gel polishes and top coats feel very thick, but this doesn't.  I will be using this in the future for sure.
The brush is great, and this works well as a topcoat but the smell is very strong and lingers for a long time (mind you, I'm sensitive to scents). I don't find this to be the case with the actual Essie Gel Couture polishes, just the top coat.
This product has an insane amount of shine, and makes your nails look super glossy. I find I get about a week of chip-free colour with this top coat, and I'd recommend it to anyone (along with the Essie Gel Couture colours) who wants the gel manicure look for less.
I love this top coat. The brush is super defined with soft bristles so it glides on with one swoosh.  I was not sure about the claim to be like gel but without the UV but I really cannot tell the difference between a salon manicure and gel nails. Its Fab!
Love it! I used this with the Gel Couture nail polish and it definitely made all the difference. It made my nails super shiny and smooth and looked like a professional job. It's quite a thin formula so very easy to apply and dries quickly which is amazing! Essie have nailed it ;) Will definitely be purchasing this again.
This top coat made my nails look like they had just been done at the salon. I applied it over the top of the Rock the Runway Red Gel polish and it made the colour stand out dramatically and gave it the perfect shine. The top coat glides on really easily with the perfect shaped brush and dries really quickly! The best thing about it is that it makes your colour last for so much longer (no more of that chipped nails look)!
I used this product after the Essie gel couture red nail polish, they work perfectly together! It gave extra shine and looked professional! It also made the colour stand out 10x more! This product applied really smooth and easy, also dried in about two and a half minutes. It has extended the wear of the coloured coat and continues to look fresh well over a week after application!
This product doesnt have a strong smell unlike other nail polishes i have, the bottles look absolutely amazing very catching to the eye, they feel amazing on i feel its better then any ive used so far. Essie makes my nails feel amazing and strong, my nails are quite weak so having something like this feels great on them. Essie goes on great easy to apply and stays in place even when doing the dishes, no chips, no rubbing off. I wish i had found this nail polish earlier its been great ive had it on now for 10 days and it still looks like the day i applyed it follow the instructions they are there to help you. Id definitely buy this again and id recommend it to anyone i know, have a wedding coming up so im going to use it for that and see how we go. Pros of this product easy to apply, stays on, looks amazing
This top coat works an absolute treat! When I wear nail polish it literally start chipping within 24hrs. My occupation involves me working with my hands so it's difficult to maintain perfect nails. I paired this nail polish with the Essie top coat to make the polish last longer. The top coat was thin and easy to apply and dried quickly. Instead of my nails chipping within 24 hours, I didn't have even the slightest chip until 3-4 days later. Someone who works with their hands less and works an office-type job will find it'll last even longer. This is a really great product and I'll continue using this for a vey long time.
I used this too coat in conjunction with the gel couture nail polish system, I found it really easy to apply and gave a great durable finish, with a nice shine. I'm not the best at painting my nails (especially my right hand!) but I found this seemed to apply more evenly than other polish brushes do.
Hands down absolutely one of the best top coats I have used ! My nails look liked they been done professionally and all in all the three step process (base, colour and top coat) was a quick painless process that dried super quickly top coat is applied in a gel like formula
This top coat does exactly what you want it to do. It adds beautiful shine to the gel couture polish underneath, it adds strength to nail, it helps stop chipping (or certainly slows the process) and it dries quickly, cementing the complete look. I will definitely keep using and repurchase this top coat, it is so easy to apply with the thick brush and left my nails looking and feeling flawless.