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Essie Good To Go is a quick drying top coat. It contains a fast-drying agent that helps set nail colour quickly and creates a high shine finish.


Essie Good To Go


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I'm really really really bad at waiting for nail polish to dry so have always put off painting my nails. However, this top coat really helps out! It dries super quick, leaves a wonderful shine and helps my polish last as long as possible! Goes really well with Essies colours!
I love Essie products and just adore this top coat. This is super fast drying which I love. It prevents chipping and splitting and keeps my polish perfect for longer. This top coat provides a super shiny finish which is just gorgeous.  This is a really long lasting top coat so it’s great value for money, I recommend two coats for an even longer lasting result. I would absolutely purchase this product again and highly recommend it.
When it comes to nails I absolutely am horrible at waiting for them to dry but I adore this product because I can put my desired colour on wait a few minutes then apply this top coat and literally wait a few seconds and I am ready to go. It doesn't dry lumpy or uneven but instead gives a shiny result. It obviously doesn't smell the best because it's a nail polish but the quality is really good. I've bought about 3 bottles of this because it's a nail routine essential.
A good top coat is seriously underrated. The essie Good To Go dried really quickly, wasn't too thick and made my colour last a lot longer than usual! Also when I took it off it didn't ruin my nails – a win win! I now won't paint my nails without using this top coat!
Love this Topcoat! I recently bought a cheap clear topcoat, thinking they were all the same, but they are definitely not. This topcoat makes your nails so shinny without being too thick that all the polish just peels off. It made my colour last twice as long as it normally would.
This is hands down the best top coat I have ever used.  Dried quickly, zero smudges, beautiful glossy finish and my polish stayed on for a week - without a single chip!  I have never experienced that kind of staying power from a top coat that wasn't a special gel finish.  I am a convert.
A nice glossy top coat that dries quickly and doesn't smell too offensive, this helped keep my nails chip-free until Day 4 (I used this product in conjunction with an Essie base coat and Essie nail colour). I wouldn't rate it as highly as Seche Vite, but it's much easier to get your hands on!
Top coat dries super fast! Didn't get any smudging of colour for once haha. Great top coat, very shiny and make the colour last a lot longer and makes my nails feel a little thicker. Definitely one of my favourite top coats now, would recommend to anyone and everyone.
Love this top coat!  It goes on a dream and dries so quick! It has very nice shiny finish that does not chip after a week of wearing it . My nails still look fresh a week later :)  It works really well  alongside  and compliments the other products in the Essie range.
The best thing about this top coat is that it lives up to its name and dries quickly! I normally don't have much patience to wait for polish to dry and usually end up smudging and chipping my polish before I've even gone anywhere! But this sets the polish perfectly and gives it a great glossy shine. I really love the brush size and shape of this product too, it makes it easy for a smooth application.
Uhh wow! I have not a single bad word to say about this super fast drying top coat! It gave amazing shine and is really hard wearing! I loved how easy and fast it was to apply  and gave a nice smooth finish! There was no harsh smell which is a massive bonus! Essie continues to fail to disappoint!
This product doesnt have a strong smell unlike other nail polishes i have, the bottles look absolutely amazing very catching to the eye, they feel amazing on i feel its better then any ive used so far. Essie makes my nails feel amazing and strong, my nails are quite weak so having something like this feels great on them. Essie goes on great easy to apply and stays in place even when doing the dishes, no chips, no rubbing off. I wish i had found this nail polish earlier its been great ive had it on now for 10 days and it still looks like the day i applyed it follow the instructions they are there to help you. Id definitely buy this again and id recommend it to anyone i know, have a wedding coming up so im going to use it for that and see how we go. Pros of this product easy to apply, stays on, looks amazing
This top coat works an absolute treat! When I wear nailpolish it literally start chipping within 24hrs. My occupationinvolves me working with my hands so it's difficult to maintainperfect nails. I paired this nail polish with the Essie top coatto make the polish last longer. The top coat was thin and easyto apply and dried quickly. Instead of my nails chipping within 24hours, I didn't have even the slightest chip until 3 days later. Someone who works with their hands less and works anoffice-type job will find it'll last even longer. This is areally great product and I'll continue using it although I do wish it was a little more hardy.
Like the rest of the Essie range I found the top coat easy to apply, I personally didn't find it 'sets in seconds' maybe 1.5 to 2 minutes. I found it gave a nice shine to the nail colour, I can't say if it prolonged the wear as I didn't get a chance to try the nail colour on its own (no top coat) I did get about 4 days without chipping which is good for me.
Easily one of the best top coats I've used. Mainly because it is super quick try. No more wasting 30-60 minutes sitting round for my nails to dry. Worked amazingly with the colour and treatment underneath. Even though I usually am more of a matte girl for nails I did like the shine
My nail polish hasn't chipped in a week!! What kind of magic is this?? I can't get over this top coat. I didn't think too much of the colour underneath until I applied this product on top and suddenly it transformed my lackluster home manicure into what looked like a beautiful professional polished manicure from a salon. The top coat make my nails so smooth and shiny and of course the fact that they haven't chipped in a week is a huge win. I will absolutely be using this top coat on top of all my nail polishes from now on.
Great cupcakes. It applies smoothly dries quickly and makes now 60 so shiny. Using this with the colour range polish I got a full week with only a teensy bit of chipping. The smell wasn't all that strong either one of the best and shiniest topcoats I've used.
I don't normally wear a top coat on my nails. If I really want some longevity out of my nail polish I would definitely use this but I am usually to impatient and don't have enough time to do all the steps. This one however was super easy to apply due to the wide brush applicator and really quick drying. It also doesn't have that shrinking effect that some top coats have to nail polish.
This is one of the best Top Coats I've used in a while. It goes  on so easily and smoothly  and made my colour look more vibrant and had a gorgeous shine. I found it only  took about  2-3 minutes to dry, making it perfect for those who want lovely nails in a flash. It definately assisted my polish to stay in tip - top condition for 5 days before chipping or cracking. It is the perfect finish to the Essie 3-step system. I have nothing negative to say about and will absolutely be using this product again!
When used over the Essie colour range it is very shiny. it dried so quickly I couldn't believe it. it took approx 20 seconds to dry. I loved using this over bare nails the most. because I can do it quickly at work . I intend to use it in this way. Would highly recommend.