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Essie Grow Stronger is a strengthening nail treatment that helps stop chipping, splitting and breakage. Featuring a fast-drying, glossy finish formula, the treatment can be used alone or as a base coat to smooth and protect nails before colour.


Essie Grow Stronger


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This is an excellent, high quality product. First the applicator brush is easy, no fuss. One sweep perfection. Next, it’s got the consistency of nail polish, so thinner than many other nail growth products. As a base coat it create a smooth layer perfect for polish application. I often wear it alone because I can really tell the difference when not wearing it at how easily my nails will peel.
I have been using this for only a week and already have seen an great improvement in my nail "stability" Two of my nails split at the same place and at the same length all the time, so I can never get a full hand of equal length nails. Since using this Grow Stronger nail varnish they have stopped splitting. I think this may be worth a 5 star rating, but I don't feel I have used it for long enough to get the complete effect. At present I take a hair,nail and skin supplement- this really hasn't helped (my nails at least), though I must say my skin does look better and the pores are finer. I am so far completely sold on this product and providing it continues to support my nails as well as it has done this week, I will definitely keep buying this product. The other test it has is to see if it will stop my nail splitting way down the side (of my nail)- which again happens on the same nail and at the same spot. I have covered this current split with the varnish and I can't feel where the split has occurred, so hopefully it will grow out without me having to cut my nail very short.
I’m so happy i found this!! My nails have always been weak and ever since I became pregnant with my first child they became ever weaker so i had to do something about it and along with vitamins I tried Essie Grow Strong and so far so good, my nails haven’t been this long in a long time 
Essie products are so beautiful, in fact ballet slippers is my all time favourite nail polish and this gorgeous grow stronger treatment is another winner. This is such a quality product for strengthening nails, I absolutely love it, I can use this alone or as a top coat and it prevents chipping and splitting perfectly. My nails are so much stronger when I use this product, I find it makes a huge difference in the strength of my nails as it prevents brittle nails and peeling. So easy to use, just apply on its own or over polish, it's quick to dry and makes my nails noticeably healthier, I really love the satin finish and the smell is quite mild so that's a plus, a great base coat to strengthen my nails, I would purchase this again and would recommend it
Everyone knows that nail polish can be harsh on your nails but a pop of colour is hard to resist. I used Essie's Grow Stronger formula before applying my regular colour and top coat and was so happy with the results. My nails are now stronger and healthier than usual! I also put this on when I don't have any colour on too
I think this stuff is so good! It's a sheer light pink polish that really works. My nails felt stronger within 1 week and they were able to grow out without any breakage. I like to apply 2 coats before I do my nails and I would repurchase it. I love it!
I don't usually bother with undercoat, but it really does make a difference with how long your colour lasts. I've been wearing this on it own mid week and I think it has already made my nails stronger. I also like the off peach colour of the polish. It gives your nails a healthy colour without having polish on.
have to say cant really rate this product as my nails are normally strong, used it to apply nail polish as a base coat. it does allow the nail polish to  go on smoother comparing to without it. overall it was a okay product for me. one pro is that with the amount of layers applying, it doesnt feel heavy which is a great thing for me
This base coat/nail strengthens hybrid is a game changer.  I have always been slack with base coat as I never found it made a difference - this has blown my perceptions out of the water.  Applies beautifully, gives a smooth finish ready for polish.  Dried super fast.  Polish applied beautifully over the top. A week later my polish got it's first chip.  I ALWAYS chip my polish within a day, so I was so surprised. When I finally removed my polish my nails looked like I hadn't had any on at all.  Usually after I remove polish they are dry and have ridges, but they were clean and felt strong.  Will continue using this and will repurchase for sure.
This product leaves a nice shine on the nails, and doesn't have too overpowering a scent. It applies evenly and smoothly, and a thin coat feels dry to the touch after about 30 seconds. It provides a nice smooth base before applying colour. I can't attest for how well this works in strengthening your nails, as I've only been using it for a week.
I am a big nervous nail biter and after having acrylic nails for years I decided to give them a break to try this product out . As a base coat I believe this worked really well to prep the nails . It applied very smoothly. It also dries very well , so you could move on top polish in 2 minutes.
The under coat is definitely worth using. It drys quickly which us a great thing if your in a rush. It doesnt have a strong smell to it like some others do. I would highly recommend the base coat to anyone with weak nails i found it great and worth the price.
My nails are really weak and brittle at the moment and Essie's Grow Stronger product made them feel better and stronger instantly. I've been applying it as a base colour under coloured polish and it works well to smooth out the nail bed and give it the perfect base for polish. My nails already feel stronger after only a few applications and they're actually starting to grow now (whereas before they would just chip and break away).
I have always struggled with frail and weak nails, as soon as I get a nice length they break or peel. I have tried multiple strengthening products and continue to be disappointed until trying this as a base coat and also on its own! I am really impressed with how much stronger my nails have been and still haven't had a single broken nail so FINALLY, I have a really nice length and couldn't be happier with this product!
This product doesnt have a strong smell unlike other nail polishes i have, the bottles look absolutely amazing very catching to the eye, they feel amazing on i feel its better then any ive used so far. Essie makes my nails feel amazing and strong, my nails are quite weak so having something like this feels great on them. Essie goes on great easy to apply and stays in place even when doing the dishes, no chips, no rubbing off. I wish i had found this nail polish earlier its been great ive had it on now for 10 days and it still looks like the day i applyed it follow the instructions they are there to help you. Id definitely buy this again and id recommend it to anyone i know, have a wedding coming up so im going to use it for that and see how we go. Pros of this product easy to apply, stays on, looks amazing
I'm quite impressed with this product. After wearing it for just a week I have found that my nails are growing quicker and are visibly longer. I work with my hands every day so my nails are prone to weakness and breaking. I have found my nails aren't breaking as they normally do and seem to be a little bit thicker than they normally are. If that's the kind of improvement I get after just a weeks wear I can't wait to continue using it.
I often find my nails break quite easily, this is supposed to help strengthen and protect nails, I haven't trailed this long enough to say if it is actually helping or not, however I was happy with how easily it applied and the colour was easy to apply over the top. I think this would be especially good for darker shades which can sometimes stain my nails a little bit.
After ridding myself of acrylic nails days before trying this I wish I had of had it sooner! My nails went from that awful brittle snap when you touch everything feeling to like I have them redone in a salon. Super quick to try and worked really well with base and top coat
In the week since I have used this base coat I haven't had a single polish chip, nail split or break and my nails feel so strong! The colour polish applied so nicely and evenly over the base coat and the base coat drived super fast, as soon I had finished the second hand I was straight onto applying colour on the first hand. I really do think that this product, with continued use will help build and maintain strong beautiful nails and I will continue to use it underneath all of my colour polishes.
This goes on quickly with the wide brush and dries fairly quickly. When my nails are really long they start to flake and peel. I used this base coat on one hand. After one week the base coat nails have far less flaking than the bare nails. My one con would is that when used with the colour range polish I had a teensy bit of staining on my nails.