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Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup

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A weightless liquid foundation with a built-in cushion applicator, Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup works to even and polish the skin, leaving a healthy looking glow for up to eight hours. Twist the base to release product then buff into skin for buildable sheer to medium coverage.

Available in 16 shades.

"It’s an incredibly sheer and lightweight formula – not what you’d normally expect from a long-wearing foundation.”
Alex Noonan
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Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup


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After finishing two bottles of the double wear foundation, I was excited to try the The Double Wear Nude Cushion and it didn’t disappoint me. Love the creamy texture, love the coverage and feels light on my skin. It doesn’t oxidise and last around 7-8 hours. The only con I have is the sponse applicator which can’t be cleaned, would be good if it is detectable for cleaning.
The Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup is an outstanding foundation. The foundation comes in a stick format with a sponge tip (cushion applicator). The foundation is designed to be “twisted” out and the sponge tip can be used to blend and buff the product onto the skin.  Estée Lauder claims that this is a long-wearing light weight foundation with a buildable sheer to medium coverage. I completely agree with this and it describes my experience with this product accurately. The best quality for me is the texture of this foundation – it is a gel-cream that feels extraordinarily light on skin, and at the same time very hydrating and moisturising. Whenever I apply this foundation it actually feels like I am applying a skincare product rather than a makeup product on my skin. Moreover, the gel-cream texture makes blending of this foundation very easy, as the product remains moist after contact with skin and can be “moved around”. Foundations with a thinner or more “liquid”consistency could dry up quite quickly, making blending somewhat tricky. The other thing I like about this makeup is how lightweight and comfortable it feels. My skin is breathable the whole day and very often I forget that I am actually wearing makeup. Whenever I wear this makeup, I get compliments that my SKIN looks glowy and radiant(instead of how good my makeup looks). This is because this foundation does not cake or settle into lines and it does not give me that “made-up” look. It simply enhances my skin but at the same time covering the light pigmentation and other bits and pieces of flaws on my skin. I usually wear it for its sheer coverage but this product is buildable. I use a few more layers of this product to build a medium coverage if I am attending a special event. I like dust a tiny amount of loose powder to set the foundation, but this step is optional when I use just a small amount of foundation for its sheer coverage. Even though the product description says the foundation lasts up to 8 hours, I have worn it on a 12-hour day and it did not budge. I have read a lot of negative reviews on the packaging of the product. I am not sure if it deserves such a bad reputation. For me, the packaging is compact and very convenient for traveling. It is much easier to handle than Double Wear’s signature glass bottle. Unlike other cushion compacts where the product comes WITHIN the sponge, this sponge tip can be twisted out to be cleaned properly which is more hygienic than the other designs. Some complained that the sponge cannot be used to blend the foundation properly; I found that the trick is to twist only a small amount of foundation out each time and build the coverage slowly, rather than twisting a large amount of foundation out then try to push the product into skin. I highly recommend this product for those who wants a natural and radiant look – and I think that this is particularly suitable for normal to dry skin because of its moisturising formulation.
My holy grail foundation but the packaging is a holy fail!  I have really oily skin and most of the time my makeup has becomes non-existent after 3-4 hours. A make up artist relative colour matched me and used the Cashew shade instead of Ivory Beige which was twice recommended to me at 2 different EL counters. The shade is the perfect match for me and I love the coverage! I can have to sheer to medium coverage and it doesn't get cakey. I have some blemishes but with this foundation I don't have to use a concealer. And the best part? It stays on my face all day long which is why I stocked up, I have the cushion foundation and the regular bottle one. The only thing I don't like is the disappointing packaging. For a high end brand I would expect something much better. The cushion doesn't really help with the blending and after several uses, it falls off when you apply directly to your face. I do like the twist idea as it allows me to use it sparingly which is not the case with the bottle although EL has now launched a pump bottle which calls for a celebration. Overall, I love the Double Wear and will recommend it to everyone I know.
I bought this foundation after receiving an invitation to try it at the estee lauder counter from a magazine. I took home a sample pot and immediately went back to bu a full sized product. This is seriously one of the best foundations I have ever used and I will never be without it again. It is smooth and silky and gives a gorgeous natural coverage. A little goes a long way so this product will last for quite a while. My skin looks luminous, youthful and radiant after use. I loved the sponge applicator and found it was easy to blend with. I dont like foundation that is too thick or cakey and feels like you are wearing a mask so this was perfect for me as it is so light and fluid. My colour match was perfect and when I wear it people comment how great my skin looks. Perfect
The Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup is the first Estee Lauder foundation I have tried. I had heard great things about the Double Wear range, so when this lighter version becam eavailable, I immediately bought it in the shade ‘Rattan’. I have mixed feelings about this product -- I like the foundation, but I dislike the packaging. The foundation itself lives up to its name and provides long-wearing, buildable, light-medium coverage. I find this it wears well during the day on my normal/combination skin and does not break me out. The scent isn’t great (it’s a mixture of perfume and chemical), but thankfully it doesn’t linger on the skin. However, the foundation is let down by the applicator sponge and packaging. Firstly, the sponge is quite small and hard and doesn’t blend the product well (it can result in streaky finish), and the wind-up mechanism tends to dispense either too little or too much product which often results in wasted foundation that leaks out from under the lid and can get quite messy. For a foundation that is marketed as travel/handbag friendly, this is not ideal. With it’s current packaging, I don’t recommend this product.However, if Estee Lauder tweaked the packaging it would definitely be a foundation that I would recommend to others.
I have dry skin and found this foundation to blend quite well.  I like a decent amount of coverage so built it up with ease.  I'm definitely a fan of this one
I tried this foundation from a sample I received from a magazine. I wore it on a errand day and found the coverage light but still enough. I went to the local pharmacy which stocked it but was told that it's not matte so due to my skin being oily that original double wear would be more suitable for work. Still thinking about it for my off days. As it feels lovely on my skin and did last me through the day. I may just need a translucent powder to set it.
I've always shied away from beauty sponges, but after reading that they give a more flawless finish I decided to give this new foundation a chance. Having the foundation already set up with this applicator made it easier for me to apply and I love the results. It gives me a finished look without masking my freckles, last all day with just a bit of blotting to my oily T-zone in the afternoon.
After receiving a sample of this foundation, I couldn't not go back and buy it. It's such a great formula, light to medium buildable coverage that blends like a dream using the cushion makes it super quick to apply.
I really like this foundation.  The formula is great, it’s quite light foundation but can be blended over problem areas without it looking caked on. The foundation has a nice finish and it stays on all day without moving. I like the design of the product, it makes it very easy to apply quickly and evenly over all areas of the face. I like the applicator, its soft and gentle. And the size is handy if you need to take it traveling or if you are out and need touch-ups  (even know I haven’t had to touch it up when wearing it) The packaging is typical Estée Lauder – Classic and classy. I loved the fact it didn’t make my skin feel oily – which usually happens to me after about 4 hours of wearing foundation. I will definitely be continuing to use this product in the future. This trial couldn't have come at a better time as I was looking for a new foundation, so thanks Beauty Crew!
I absolutely love the format of these. The cushion is high quality, so you really can use it as your blending tool meaning you can seriously cut down your kit. The finish is lovely – very good skin perfecting coverage yet natural looking with a ‘lit-from-within’ glow.
I really, really like this foundation. Blends well, the coverage is light but is easy to build to a medium coverage. The finish is lovely, I do get a nice glow but it still stays fairly shine free throughout the day - a light dusting of powder to set my forehead did help with this. I didn't mind the applicator, but I can see how it would be frustrating if you wanted to build up to a full coverage look - the sponge is very small. I found it lasted through my work day pretty well, whether I used primer or not, my nose was probably the only area that needed a touch up. Overall it is a very good product and I like the size for keeping in my handbag. I would purchase this in the future.
My first thoughts on this foundation were definitely hesitant. I am not a fan of cushion applicators on make up. Previously these have proved way less effective than any foundation brush or beauty blender and also I find them a bit unhygienic and feel like they can soak up the product too much. Well unfortunately this was no different in that regard however that being said the actual foundation is fantastic. It is very light weight and looks extremely natural. The coverage is light/medium, perfect for work. As my skin is quite oily, foundations do start to slide off around my nose, forehead and chin area however I didn't find that as much with this one.  Another strong point is the formula does not seem to oxidise too much. I have a cool skin tone and sometimes find even when I get a foundation that matches my skin type, after wearing it for around an hour it starts to look orangey - this foundation did not do that and the tone was perfectly suited to my skin which I find to be very rare. I would definitely recommend this product.
I love the look and idea behind the packaging though I found when using the sponge tip applicator I needed to use more product and it took forever. The only time I found it handy was for on the go touch ups. The next downside is the small amount of product you get, 15 ml of foundation is not a lot. What I do like is the is the foundation itself. I liked how buildable the coverage was and that it lasted all day on my skin. I enjoyed having a radiant finish that was long lasting.  I wish they would repackage and make it the standard 30 ml of foundation, if they did it would be a definite repurchase. If you don't mind the price I'd have a look at this as the foundation really is a nice one.
ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR NUDE CUSHION STICK RADIANT MAKE UP I have oily skin and thought that foundation maybe not for me, but it turned out that it mixes beautifully with my skin and what surprised me the most the it didn’t oxidized like many other foundations and didn’t change the color ( I am very fair and I use foundation number 1W1 BONE, it is very light with yellow undertone), my concerns are : uneven  skin tone, oily skin and blemishes.   After applying the foundation skin feels very comfortable, moisturized and soft, almost like nothing on the skin. And it looks amazing (for blemishes I used concealer, because the coverage of foundation is not enough to cover major imperfections). But other than that I am more than happy with it, and heard many compliments about the skin from my friends and husband, he thought that it is my skin without anything on it. For oily skin after few hours you will have to use blotting papers or apply some powder, but the foundation stays on and doesn’t crease the whole day. The application is very easy with the sponge on top of the stick, gives you perfect, professional like finish, and the good thing that you can take it off and wash after every use. I would recommend the foundation for any skin type, especially from normal to dry. I would give it 4,5 out of 5 - Just wish it was 30 ml, not 14, and SPF for the summer would be nice.
I really liked the foundation and thought it blended and had great coverage. It say well on the face without feeling sry and cakey too. Not a huge fan of the applicator as quite small although I like the idea and how convenient it is.
the formula is fantastic, just enough coverage for me but I don't like a heavy foundation anyway. It managed to cover most of the redness that I suffer from, very thankful for that. Now onto the cushion, while it seems like a great idea it just doesn't work for me. I think it needed to be thicker as I can feel the point where the product comes out (maybe I press too hard, but that's just me) The cushion is easy to clean but that's about it. I'll continue to use the foundation, just not with the cushion.
It's exciting for me to be part of the review crew team, and even more exciting to get an Estée Lauder foundation in the post. Firstly the packaging is very pretty, and the size of the foundation stick is perfect for sticking in my makeup bag for touch ups during the day. I tested the shade I received and it was spot on, which considering my skin is fair, pale, porcelain to the point of translucent and is sensitive and prone to redness, was very impressive.  After reading the instructions, which were very easy to follow and understand, I twisted the bottom until some foundation appeared on the sponge applicator and dabbed a smear on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and blended it in with a sort of dabbing, buffing motion until it was all blended in, applied one more coat then extra over my blemishes and red patches. The finish was luminous, natural and like my own skin, only better and more glowing. It was very easy to apply and blend in, unlike a certain maybelline foundation, and the colour was the most perfect match. The tube and sponge applicator I thought were brilliant and at the end of the day it all came off very easily with my micellar water and cream cleanser. Even though I used primer and a quick spray of makeup setting mist afterwards, I found that I needed a couple of touch ups well before the 8 hours it says it lasts, and I used the sponge applicator it came with along with my foundation brush for a more flawless finish. It is pricy at $58, though not as expensive as ysl foundation, but I feel like it will last me a long time as a little goes a long way and I don't wear foundation every day, and I would definitely buy it again when this one finishes. I recommend it highly, it's the first Estée Lauder product I've ever used and I love it, it makes me want to buy more products from the Estée Lauder range. Despite a couple of small issues, I still give it 5 out of 5 stars because it definitely has more pros than cons. If you want a foundation that comes in an ingenious package with a nifty applicator that comes off to wash, that applies and blends very easily, removes easily and makes your skin soft, hydrated, smooth, glowing and like your natural skin just better, then Estée Lauder double wear nude cushion foundation stick is the product for you. Thanks beautycrew ☺️
This really is a beautiful foundation to use and have on your skin. It has a light weight feel and looks quite smooth and flawless on the skin. It has a light to medium coverage that can be built up  if you wish. Its long wearing on the skin especially if set with a powder The attached sponge applicator is quite good as it gives you an even application and saves your fingers from getting makeup on them. The sponge is very smooth yet still firm. The only con I can say is the sponge tends to absorb and hold the product so you would need to wind it up more to release more product. The sponge applicator can be detached to be washed which is hygienic. Overall a great foundation if you don’t have a budget.
Loved the packaging of this foundation, as I wouldn't expect anything less from Estee Lauder! Pretty happy with the coverage as well but not a big fan of the cushion. It just doesn't blend well compared to using another blending brush or sponge. There is also a slight smell but it doesn't really bother me. It also lasts the whole day for me. Overall, not perfect but a decent product.