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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10 is a long-wearing foundation that stays fresh for 15 hours and looks natural through heat, humidity, and non-stop activity. The formula feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin. Contains SPF 10 sun protection. 

Available in 16 shades.


Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10


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Long lasting

This long lasting foundation is all what you need, it comes in shades for almost every skin tone, it is a long wear and lasting foundation.It also gives a natural look and a little goes a long way.
This is one of the best long-wearing foundations that I've ever tried, and the shade selection of over 60 shades is just awesome. I've always had trouble finding a foundation shade match but the newly-released 2W0 is just perfect. The coverage is medium to full depending on how much you use, with a matte finish. There is no strong scent to the product and it applies smoothly and is blendable.  It does last well even in hot and humid conditions. I am deducting one star for the lack of a pump for hygiene and longevity of the product. For that price it is a bit annoying that Estee Lauder wants to charge another $10 for the pump.  I'm not sure why they won't put it in by default as so many customers have complained about it over the years.
As soon as i sampled this foundation from Mecca i just had to purchase! I fell in love instantly with it and it does not dissapoint! I have dry skin and i struggle to find foundations sometimes that dont look cakey. I always look for full coverage, satin finish foundations that are very longwearing and this ticks all of my boxes! As it is a matte foundation i never thought it would work for me but gee whiz it does! I always use a very hydrating primer underneath it such as the MAC strobe cream, Toofaced hangover primer or Maybelline hydrating primer and this foundation just glides on. My skin looks so beautiful when i wear it, it is everything i want and need in a foundation.
Ok so im really fussy when it comes to foundation- Im looking for a foundation that gives me great coverage, doesnt look like a mask, won't dry out my skin yet doesn't look oily and wont give me breakouts with daily use! And then on top of that I want a foundation that wont age me or dry out my skin- too much to ask? I thought so untill along came Estee Lauder Double wear foundation into my LIFE. My skin - combination. Oily t zone, dry cheeks, pores enlarged on cheeks. I have a little bit of pigmentation and mild fine lines. This beautiful foundation comes in a pretty glass bottle that is quite simple with a gold top lid. You just screw the lid off and dip the foundation onto a brush or onto your hand. This foundation is so great that you only need a little bit- and its best to start with a small amount and blend - then adding as needed- otherwise you will apply too much.  I find that if you get the right colour match you only need small amounts & it's a thin fluid, spreading easily. I prefer using a makeup blending sponge as I find it sits better in the skin.  I like to sheer it out a bit. -- The coverage of this makup is just perfect- all my imperfections are hidden instantly and yet my skin shines through looking natural and superb! I would call this a full coverage foundation but a natural look. This foundation lasts all day and at the end of the day I still look fresh and radiant- and not oily or greasy- The effect of this makeup is quite matte like and yet it doesnt make my skin look dry or sink into fine lines- it is best to use a moisturiser or hydrating primer under this foundation for sure because of its matte effect! My skin looks amazing and really natural yet still glowing. This foundation wont budge and definitely wont cake or look grey by the end of the day! It also doesn't oxidize. The foundation feels quite light weight on skin. At the end of the day I do need to double cleanse as it's still in place but it's easy to do so. You will really need to remove this foundation with a good oil or balm cleanser.  The price is amazing as this foundation only needs minimal amounts and the container is so pretty! It lasts such a long time and is a really good quality container.  Im really impressed with this foundation- especially with the added spf 10 for sure! Extra protection as well from the sun.   Its just brilliant and I recommend it for everyone!  Especially for those that like full coverage. 
This in an excellent foundation. It covers well and lasts the day. I find this foundation has great staying power without being too drying on the skin. It has some lovely yellow toned shades in the range which is a must for me, as I hate orange or pink looking foundations. I find a little goes along way when applied with a foundation brush and covers all imperfections adequately on my skin. To me it gives a medium to full coverage on the skin. I love that my combination skin does not go oily or break out with this foundation although I do wear it with a primer.  I would recommend this foundation to anyone that wants a flawless look that lasts the day for a reasonable price.
Absolute HOLY GRAIL foundation. its the one foundation i come back to time and time again.  Its a true full coverage product, without the cake after feel. Every time i wear this, i get asked what I'm wearing.  I can apply this at 6am and by 6pm it has not moved an inch. 100% you will not regret trying this. The colour range available is incredible also. I have sensitive acne prone skin, and this does not cause any breakouts or irritation. 
Holy Grail Foundation! Everyone needs to try this! Pros: Good for combination skin, semi-matte finish- this makes one look dewy (if you don't set it that is), good colour range, great value for money, stays in place for hours and doesn't transfer easily like many foundations. Cons: The formula is quite runny, but it dries down well so this is not the worst thing.
Coverage - of course. Longevity - absolutely. I have worn it travelling  for 24 hrs with barely a touch up. Feels nice on and blends well. Cons? Beware flash photography, this will cause flashback. No pump makes it messy. All in all a great foundation if you can find your colour match!
I love that there are so many different shades of this foundation. You really don't need a lot for it to spread. The coverage is good. I was a little disappointed that it didn't keep me matte all day. It is disappointing that it doesn't come with a pump.
There is a lot I like about this foundation but the best thing I like about it is that it looks really great!  It appears almost natural in it's texture on the skin yet at the same time seems to make my skin appear much more flawless than it is.  These two things are the beginning of a fantastic foundation.  It lasts really well on the skin too - it seems to last all day and it doesn't rub off easily until I am ready to take it off at night.  So it keeps my skin looking fresh and flawless all day while I'm wearing it.  I get a surprise when I see myself in the mirror later in the day because this foundation is still working!  It really has earnt it's name of "Stay-In-Place" that's for sure.   It gives skin an almost-matte appearance but it is not a flat matte finish at all like some foundations can be. Besides those beautiful attributes, this foundation also has a colour which is so perfectly matched to me that it is hard to believe.  My skin is not easy to match but the Estee Lauder consultant has matched me perfectly.  So my best tip is to get colour matched by an Estee Lauder consultant before you purchase this because being professionally matched can make all the difference with a foundation looking great or not.  Also, walk outside of the department store to see how the colour looks in the daylight too.   This foundation has a light scent that reminds me of other Estee Lauder products.  It's barely noticeable but I can detect a lovely signature-like scent that it has.  This foundation makes me feel great when I'm wearing it - I feel natural yet groomed properly kind of like I've got out of bed on the right side that morning!
Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup provides me with the most flawless coverage out of all the foundations I have used. Being a professional makeup artist, I always look for new products that can improve the application and results of my work. In particular, I have a naturalistic approach to my work where the skin is the focus of the makeup.  As such, a flawless base is non-negotiable. I have seen a lot of positive feedback on this foundation and after I tried it, I understand why. This foundation provides an excellent coverage. With just one layer, most of my pores, pigmentation and my under-eye dark circles are already covered. On most days, I do not feel the need to use another concealer at all. The coverage is also extremely buildable. I can layer it as much as I want to without cakiness, although I find it is not necessary to build any more than 2 layers as it is such an effective product. Anything more than 2 layers make me looked photoshopped (it is THAT flawless!) It barely settles into lines and a quick dust of powder is all you need to set the makeup. The foundation lasts all day – I have tested it out in the heat and humidity and it still looked like it was freshly applied after a long day.There was no shine at all. Touch up was not necessary. I also like how lightweight it is. I can barely feel anything throughout the day. Another advantage is that it doesn’t have any smell, so it is suitable for people who are sensitive to fragrance. There are two tips I can offer. First, if you think that this foundation settles into lines and pores, it may be helpful to get the foundation re-matched and try a different shade. The first shade I was offered was way too pale for my skin,and I found that it accentuated my pores and lines. However, with the right shade, it looks incredible. Second, this foundation sets quite quickly, so you would need to work quite quickly to prevent it from drying up before it is completely blended. I suggest to apply a thin layer each time and build the coverage up if necessary, rather than trying to blend a lot of product into the skin in one go. Personally, I am not a big fan of the glass bottle packaging, but a pump is available for purchase for an additional $10. I also feel that it possibly causes minor congestion in my skin – for a few times now I noticed small pimples on my cheek or chin on the next day after I have used this foundation. My skin type is neither oily nor acne-prone, so it is indeed a little odd for me. However, it is just how it reacts with my skin specifically. It does not deter me from using it though – I am still using this foundation for special occasions when I desire a flawless coverage.
Amazing cult product! I didn't believe it until I tried it but I'm so glad I did. It sits firmly on my oily/combination skin and lasts all day through heat and sweat. Estee Lauder has done a fantastic job with the shade range to match my varying tans throughout the seasons. I find that you have to work quickly with this product as it dries quickly but it applies beautifully with a damp beauty sponge or brush. A con for this product is that because it's SO tacky, I find that it clings to my under eye area causing creasing. I would recommend using this with a great non-creasing concealer in the under-eye area. This stuff is super long-lasting so I would highly recommend double cleansing before heading to bed. Also, I would love a version of this WITHOUT SPF because of the flashback during night photography. If anyone has any suggestions how to counter the flashback please let me know!
HEAR YE HEAR YE! OILY SKIN PEOPLE! Look no further, you have discovered the holy grail of foundations to thwart your sebum sorrows! But seriously... i have tried, i can't even tell you how many foundations, on the search for one that will withstand my oily skin and the Estee Lauder Double Wear is literally the only one I can rely on. I love the coverage (fairly full) and as others have said once it's on, it ain't going anywhere. I was actually shocked the first time I tried it because I had started to accept that maybe I would just have to deal with being a shiny-faced gal for the rest of all time but it worked! It actually works! Honestly if you've been thinking about trying just do yourself a favour and get on board!
The price is a little higher, but the colours are not too pink or orange and foundation stays put all day. Great when you know you have a full day of work and dinner afterwards. Your skin will stay flawless the entire time. Covers melasma leaving you with beautiful even skin colour. On the negative it can leave you looking a little plastic because it does cover so well and make you matt & flawless.  A bit of bronzer, blush and highlighter fixes this. It can feel a little thick on hot summer days, and you may look a bit too made up. Overall really good foundation if you have blotchy skin.
This is my holiest of Holy Grail foundations, nothing, and I mean nothing can surpass the performance of this one!  It comes in a frosted glass bottle and if you pay another $10 you can buy a pump for it.  I love the finish when I apply it with a barely-damp beauty blender, the coverage is medium to full depending on how you like to build it.  The one true beauty of this foundation is that once it dries down'/sets it just does not budge.  Heat, humidity, sweat, rain, you name it, this product can handle it and keep you looking fabulously flawless all day and night.  If you have normal/dry skin like I do you don't need powder to set, once it dries down it is transfer proof, does not settle into fine lines and creases and does not change or oxidize during the day.  All those products claiming to be dupes of this one (high end and budget) just cannot compare, (believe me, I've tried them all!).  Well worth the purchase price as you only need a small amount for flawless coverage.
This is my absolute favourite liquid foundation! The coverage is buildable, and the formula is amazing! It goes on so smoothly, it is very easy to apply. I also love that is stays on my skin all day long!  You can now also buy a pump To go in it. The product is a little pricey, however I think this product is worth the money. I will definitely continue using it!! 
My all time favourite foundation. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation comes in the signature Estee Lauder blue box with gold writing on it. The bottle inside is a frosted glass with a gold lid and gold writing. When you unscrew the gold lid there is no other way to dispense the foundation other than dipping something into the bottle or VERY carefully pouring some out.This is the thing I least like about the product but it's not enough of a downside to stop me using or purchasing again. (Since purchasing my first bottle years ago I have now found that they sell a pump for this bottle and I am so pleased.) There is no real scent and I'm glad it's not fragranced although there is a hint of something there. Not unpleasant but you can still detect a scent. It does have SPF 10 but I still choose to use a sunscreen anyway. I have fairly pale skin but still had options when it came to shades. I could either go with Cool Bone or Ecru. I chose to go with Ecru as it seemed to make my skin appear just a little less pale than I naturally am. I am so glad I did as in natural light or under indoor lights it matches me perfectly and I love the shade my skin looks when I wear it. My skin is normal but can sometimes be a little dry in patches. I get rosacea, and acne but these weren't an issue. Both were covered perfectly and weren't made worse. When applying I start by cleansing, toning and using an oil free moisturiser. I let this sit for about 5 minutes before applying primer. My favourite at the moment is Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer which sets the perfect base. I also use a light oil free sunscreen too otherwise I burn like a tomato. I then apply my foundation. I pour a little onto the back of my hand and use a brush to apply. I dot it on my cheeks, chin, forehead and nose before smoothing it out and adding more for extra coverage where I need it. I do run my fingers over the top just to smooth out any streaks or patches I've left with the brush. For most of my foundations I use my fingers but I find mainly using the brush lets it sit a little better on my skin. It is a medium coverage foundation which can be layered to be full coverage. It has a matte finish but even with my sometimes dry skin I don't feel like it's drying. I've never felt it looked cakey and it doesn't feel heavy. It feels like my skin can still breath. I feel like everything is perfected, covered and smoothed but depending on my application I can still see some of my freckles on my nose and upper cheeks which I love. I do choose to use a powder foundation over the top but when It's warmer weather and I want something a bit lighter I just use a translucent powder. I can apply my makeup in the morning and go a full day without having to touch it up or feeling like it's sliding off. I wore it to my sisters wedding where I applied it at about 10am. By midnight that night I was still happy with how it looked. It didn't feel or look like it had settles into my fine lines, wrinkles or pores. It can be quite stubborn when it comes to washing it off so I start with a cleansing wipe followed by a cleansing oil. I use a clarifying lotion just to make sure it's all off then I moisturise and i'm done. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation was one of the very first foundations I was properly colour matched for at a Myer counter. I was always nervous about getting colour matched somewhere like Myer as I find the makeup floor in general quite intimidating. All the women with their perfectly applied makeup that seemed like they were better than me. It was totally worth it though. Ever since I put on my big girl pants, approached the counter and was matched I have never looked back. I have since been matched properly for similar priced foundations but always seem to keep coming back to this one. I love it for so many reasons. My skin is prone to flushing/ rosacea and I suffer from mild acne. It doesn't make any of these any worse. I was most concerned about my acne but it covers it and doesn't make me breakout which is great. I think it would work for most skin types but I'm not sure about those with oily skin. At a cost of $54.00 for a 30 ml bottle I think it's worth every cent. It makes my skin look flawless and I feel so confident when I wear it.
This is my favourite full-coverage foundation EVER! Although I love my NARS Sheer Glow for everyday as it's light and not too heavy, I cannot go past my Estee Lauder Double Wear when I'm going out. When I first started wearing makeup, my mum bought me my first bottle of this as it was her go-to foundation and I have never looked back. It smoothes on beautifully and builds up to a flawless full-coverage look without feeling cakey or heavy. I was worried that having dry skin would mean that it might highlight dry patches or accentuate texture, however it actually conceals them really well and I don't have to use as much concealer when I wear this foundation. I always get compliments on my skin when I wear this foundation and I have to honestly reply that it's not my skin, it's the foundation! Highly recommend.
This liquid foundation is the best! Despite it not moving until I take it off, it hasn't given me any skin irritation or breakouts. The bottle goes a long way so is definitely great value for money. All my friends have had no problems finding their shade with this foundation so it's definitely worth checking out.
The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is without a doubt my absolute favourite foundation. I originally tested it out as a sample and the second I applied it to my face and I was genuinely amazed at the quality of the product. It’s a surprisingly light texture for a buildable medium to full coverage foundation. It’s not thick or heavy on your face, but actually feels like a second layer of skin. One of the winning factors for me is how blendable it is; evenly covering the skin and settling into all the nooks and crannies around my eyes and nose. Honestly, I don’t have to worry about it drying before adding concealers and contours on top and making it a patchy mess that’s moved all around on my face. It is such an accommodating formula because any other product used with it, be it primers, concealers, powders, highlighters, etc., blends seamlessly into the foundation and I have never achieved such a natural finish with any other brand. One of my favourite parts about this product is that it somehow gives you a glow. It doesn’t wash you out or make you look all caked up, but it actually compliments your complexion makes you look naturally flushed and hides all your imperfections. It has a really decent oil control too. I have a particularly oily complexion and many “long wear” foundations have me needing to retouch my face every few hours, but with the Double Wear I only need to touch up about twice a day. My only complaint is that the bottle is a little bit of a hassle to use due to its wide opening. I have to use a cotton tip to dip into the bottle because I’m scared of over pouring or knocking it over and spilling half my foundation. As soon as I tried the Double Wear, I realised I had to buy it. It ticks off all the boxes with coverage, longevity and blendability and I cannot go back to the brands I was using before.  It is one of the most highly raved about products in the beauty community and the formula easily suits most skin types.I would definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting to try a high quality high end brand.