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Estée Lauder Lip Brush

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Estée Lauder Lip Brush is a makeup brush for applying lipstick and lip gloss to easily line and define lips. To use, gently dab the small, tapered brush over lipstick (or gloss) and apply by starting at centre and working out towards the lip line. The brush is designed with direction from top makeup artists around the globe, and features a short and lightweight wooden handle for even, effortless application.


Estée Lauder Lip Brush


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This is the most sublime lips brush, I love Estée Lauder and this is a truly professional brush, it's such high quality it will last me for years making it a great investment. The bristles are so soft but still able to apply lip products with precision, depositing the right amount of colour and blending beautifully. This is great for all my lipsticks and glosses,easy to use, the wooden handle is high quality. This won't shed and leave pesky stray bristles in my lip products. This brush lines and defines with precision and fills lips expertly. There are no faults to this brush, simply a really high quality brush that I highly recommend buying, five stars for sure