Finishing Touch Flawless®

Finishing Touch Flawless®

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Finishing Touch Flawless® is the revolutionary facial hair removal device that erases hair quickly and painlessly without the irritation that comes with plucking, waxing or depilatories. It is designed to be discreet and looks like a lipstick but contains state-of-the-art technology that microscopically removes hair. You can be flawless anywhere, anytime.


Finishing Touch Flawless®


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Nifty little tool for shaping brows

I was initially a bit confused by how the Finishing Touch Flawless removes hair as it doesn’t specify on the packaging, but it is basically a close shave. As someone who plucks their eyebrows I wasn’t sure how I’d go with it, but I actually found it very handy (especially for travelling) and very easy to use. The light on the tip doesn’t really do anything, but I found it gives a close shave and is easy to maneuver around the shape of your eyebrow (just like you are drawing with a pencil). I also found it great for trimming any mole hairs. It's battery operated, so no charging required, however, it looks as though you cannot replace the blades, so you will need to repurchase once it dulls.