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freezeframe REVITALEYES is a clinical eye repair treatment that targets puffiness, dark circles and deep wrinkles. The eye treatment contains peptides that help lift and depuff the skin around the eye area, eliminate dark circles, and minimise the appearance of expression wrinkles. Vitamin C brightens and revitalises skin, while hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps.

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freezeframe REVITALEYES


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A great little eye gel!

I really liked this eye gel - It was nice and light and absorbed really well - no sticky residue which meant applying makeup over it was nice and easy. The handy little pump dispenser is great and means you are not over using it and it helps to limit wastage which is great especially at this price point. Also makes it the perfect size to travel with. I found that it helped reduce some puffiness around my eyes and dark circles were less noticeable. A great product with some good results and that is really nice on your skin.

Easily absorbed eye gel

I really loved the packaging of the Freeze-frame Revitaleyes - it is an upside down tube with a pump dispenser. The pump is easy to control so you can use as little or as much as you wish. The gel is clear and light and absorbs very easily. It does not leave any tacky or sticky finish. It is great for those with oily combination skin or those that prefer something lighter to apply around eye area especially in summer. I have used this product for almost three weeks daily, whilst the gel was very easy to use and I did not experience any adverse reaction, I did not notice any dramatic difference in my fine lines around the under eye area. I also have quite puffy eye bags which hasn’t seen any improvement yet. I am keen to keep using this gel though to see if using it for a longer period yields better results.
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Great for reduction of dark circles

Freezeframe Revitaleyes is an underrated product that performed better than expected. I suffer from dark circles and puffiness, while the product didn't totally remove these it greatly reduced the appearance of both. I like the gel consistency of the product it makes for easy absorption. I didn't have to wait before continuing my skincare regime. I love that the product is Australian made and owned which encourages me to consider it in the future. The product is easy to dispense with the pump i didn't have to worry about dipping my fingers into a pot which makes it an easy addition to a skincare regime for those who don't want to spend forever on their skincare regime
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Freezeframe Revitaleyes

Freezeframe revitaleyes is amazing I get really dark circles under my eyes and within days I noticed they were softer and less dark I would deffinetly recommend this product. It was lite and applied to my skin easy it wasn't sticky and absored straight overall nice product that gave results.
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Solid Four Stars

I really liked the Freezeframe Revital Eyes. I found the clear gel consistency to work well under makeup. It helped smooth out my fine lines and did have a brightening effect. The package comes with a handy pump which I love and the size is very generous so it will last ages. Even though it is a little pricey I still think it is value for money given how long it will last. I would definitely recommend this product.
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Feels good but does very little.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to trial this product. I'm currently heavily pregnant with baby number 2, so sleep is something I'm not getting a great deal of. As a result, and of course part of my age (late 30s), I have puffiness under my eyes, fine lines and dark circles. I was really hopeful this product would assist in improving these issues. I like the packaging it comes in, small, convenient, functional, and easy to use. The pump action makes is simple to put out just a small amount. The gel formula goes on smoothly, it's fragrance free, not sticky, sits well under makeup and feels nice on. As for whether I saw any improvements or changes to my under eye area; I can't say that I did. I have continued to use it because I like simply like the feel. I would not recommend it for the purpose that it promotes, nor would I purchase it at $69.
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I got to try Freezeframe REVITALEYES. I struggle with puffiness and dark circles. I used the product day and night. I found it amazing at reducing the puffiness under my eyes. It did reduce my dark circles slightly but I still had to use concealer. This is one of the better eye products I have tried and I will definitely buy it once I run out.
I have been usingFreezeframe REVITALEYE for a few weeks and have enjoyed testing this product onmy eyes. I feel that the product made the skin underneath my eyes smoother, withless dark spots, plus more hydrated and brighter. The wrinkles around my eyes also improved and made my eyes look more youthful and fresh. The serum was a satisfactory consistency and was easy to apply, with a quickly absorbency. The product is nicely packaged and the pump dispenser is easy to use and very hygienic which is important to me. I recommend this product as it gave my eyes a nice twinkle after using this for a few weeks.
I was fortunate enough to test this product and was pleased with the consistency of the gel and how easily it absorbed into the skin. It was hydrating and i was happy that there was no smell that would possibly cause irritation. I don't have obvious lines and or puffiness so any change to my skin was not noticeable. I was very happy with the hydration it provided though, especially coming into Summer, and I can see the benefit of using an eye cream now, as my skin felt a lot more supple and not as tight.
I am very impressed with this eye gel.  It has definitely improved the look of dark circles and puffiness and softened fine lines.  My eyes look brighter and the skin hydrated.  The gel absorbed well and made application of under eye concealer easier too.  I also liked the easy to use, hygienic pump dispenser.  Am happy to continue using this product.
I was fortunate enough to get to trial this product. It definitely helped with brightening my under eye area, while I don’t really have bags under my eyes so I can’t say if the claim of helping with puffiness is true. I noticed a little change to wrinkles not a dramatic change so if you have a lot Of deep wrinkles this product might not work as well but if your wrinkles are only just starting out this product would be for you.
Freezeframe Revitaleyes is an awesome product. It really works for me especially the puffiness  and dark circles. I am so thankful to get a chance to try this amazing product. When i apply the product doesn't hurt my eyes at all. Because some product my eyes becomes red. I highly recommend this product who has the same problem as me, puffiness and dark circles. Not only that it helps to fade my wrinkles too.
In reviewing this product, I ensured I used it day and night. At nearly 40, under my eyes are beginning to look a little dull, dark, dry and some lines are starting to form, so I was very keen to try this product. I can’t say a say very visible results in the time I tried it, but make up application to this area seems to look smoother. I believe it’s given that area a little boost in hydration. I will continue to use it and see for long term effects. Overall, a good under eyes cream to use daily.
This light gel-like eye treatment is great. I’ve been using it for a month now and I can say that the skin under my eye area looked so much smoother, firmer and hydrated. The product absorb quite quickly on the skin and it doesn’t look and feel oily. The product is nicely packaged also. I like how it is a pump dispenser, so easy to use and quite hygienic. I have enjoyed trialling this product so Thank you BeautyCrew for this opportunity. More Power!
I tested the freezeframe revitaleyes eye solutions gel for two weeks. It was a nice lightweight gel which absorbs quickly into the eye area.  In that time, i did not notice improvement with the fine lines, but i did see improvement with bags and dark circles - and i hadnt even realised i had dark circles beforehand!  The packaging is great, utilising both a pump and squeeze tube, so you can use every last drop.  Its a really lovely product, but for me, at that pricepoint i was hoping for more noticeable impact on my lines. I will continue to use the gel and see if there is any improvement in the future.
I love trying eye creams/serums.  This one was Freezeframe RevitalEyes. It says on the packaging that it is a clinical gel cream for deep wrinkles, chronic puffiness and serious dark circles.  I started off using just a tiny dot of the clear gel around my eyes however after reading another review I upped the amount slightly and that seemed to help it's effectiveness a little.  I did find that you could feel your skin tightening straight away and it did help some puffiness around my eyes. I didn't notice a huge difference on my fine lines but it did go on nicely and seemed to absorb well. I did add a moisturising serum also as I have quite dry skin but I did like the feel of this product and it stayed where it was meant to which was great. It's also not heavily fragranced with only a tiny hint of any scent.  I'm not sure I would repurchase as it seems a little expensive but I'll definitely keep using it for now and see if it clears up any fine lines any further. I did find it helped the dark circles (I don't suffer from this usually) that I had from a couple of sleepless nights which was handy as I looked quite a bit better post use than prior. So if you have circles and puffiness this would be a good product to try. 
I used the FreezeFrame Revitaleyes for around a month, and it didn't have any effect on my eye area. The packaging is really good, with the pump serving up a perfect sized portion of the clear gel, and the feel of the gel on my skin was nice. It's fragrance free which is also great. The whole colour scheme, branding and presentation of the product is attractive. But it just didn't have any anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness or anti-dark-circle effects on my eye-area skin.
I was really happy to be chosen to test this product out, but it really did fail to meet the expectations and claims. I do love the packaging, I feel everything that can have a pump, should have one! It absorbs quickly, and feels refreshing when you apply it. I didn’t feel there was any difference in my fine lines, and dark circles are 3 weeks of use. So unfortunately I can’t really recommend it
I found the product easy to apply and felt my skin become taut from the first application. Unlike other products there was no fragrance which I greatly appreciated as my skin can sometimes be sensitive to scented products. I noticed a reduction in the puffiness under my eyes, but not much else, though to be fair during my time trialling it I was very much in mombie mode running on very little sleep. I am looking forward to continuing with my applications to see how it works when combined with a decent amount of sleep.
I was really excited to try this eye cream and I really wanted to love it. It just didn't wow me though. I noticed a small difference in firmness and brightness but I really didn't notice any change to fine lines. It's a nice everyday option but not intensive enough to use overnight. I like my day products light and my night products active.