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freezeframe TUMMY TUCK is a thermogenic toning and contouring body treatment that can help reshape and define the stomach, waistline, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arm contours. The self-heating body cream helps skin look tighter and muscles appear more toned.


freezeframe TUMMY TUCK


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This product appealed to me because I've had three babies and though the first baby didn't make much difference to my skin firmness on my tummy, by the time I'd had my third I could really notice some damage!  Damage as in my skin had lost firmness and didn't respond to exercise the way it had always done.  So being one not interested in doing anything drastic, I decided to rub this stuff all over my tummy.  I am glad I have tried it and I would buy it again.  It's not perfect but it does help to tone my skin up and it just needed a little bit of a boost to make it not look quite as 'loose' and this cream did the trick.  It also gave me more confidence while wearing my bikini as I knew my skin appeared much more firmer.  I am so often in my bikini as I love outdoors, beachy sports and the water.  So this cream is worth it to me.  The only thing is that the result don't last and I need to keep putting this on every day or two but that's fine with me!   The cream itself is thick and rich but easy to massage around the skin.  It has no greasy afterfeel thank goodness and after I've massaged it in, there is a heat sensation where I've rubbed it.   There's not really any scent that I can detect.  The heat disappears in around a minute but I have to admit that the first time I used this my skin felt so hot but I  think that's because I'd used a body scrub in the shower beforehand.  So my advice is don't do that or your skin may feel too hot!  Just have a shower and put it on - or like I sometimes do, I just put it on anytime of day.    It's fab to put it on just before heading down to the beach too.