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Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides are reusable guides that help with the application of brow products. The brow guides are available in five different styles to suit each individual face shape. They are designed to be placed over the eyebrows then a brow powder or pomade can then be used to fill in the shape. 

Available in five styles.


Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides


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These brow guides are amazing! So easy to use and they always provide the best guide for the perfect brow. Great for precision and insta-worthy full brows and are the perfect tool for tweezing the little stray hairs that come between waxes once you have filled in the brow. The bonus is they can be wiped clean and are reusable. There is a shape for every face. LOVE
These are soooo cute!! I had never heard of brow guides before garbo and kelly, but now I don't know how I lived without them! I've always done my eye brows at home with a pair of tweezers, and have never even stepped foot into a brow bar. I never realised how oddly shaped my brows were, but these guides have really helped me in finding a proper shape for my face. They come in 5 different styles, so you will no doubt find one that suits you.  And of course, these are really meant to be used for filling in your brows, which they do wonderfully. They are super easy to use because all you have to do is put it over your eyebrow and then fill in the gap, it's just like colouring in with a stencil! You get perfect eyebrows EVERY SINGLE TIME. Crazy right? These will honestly save you so much money, especially if you get your brows done professionally. I would recommend them to everyone.
These brow guides are a great product for those who do their own brows at home, like me. You save a fortune from not having to go to brow bars and they are so easy to use. They come in different shapes so it’s easy to find a match for your face and a brow line you love. They are so easy to use, just place over brow and fill in with product, be it powder, or pomade, I use powder. They eliminate mess and give a more precise, professional result. I love that they are reusable so they’re great value for money. Garbo and jelly is a great brand and these handy brow guides give a great result, I would absolutely recommend them.
I shape my own eyebrows and use tweezers to get all the strays. These brow guides are fantastic! I use them as guides for both shaping and also for powder etc. The shape I use suits my face really well, and I’m saving a fortune on getting them waxed.