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Garbo & Kelly Brow Pomade is a full-coverage brow pomade. The waterproof and smudge-proof formula is ideal for oily skin and for use in humid weather conditions. The pomade has a creamy texture and is designed to provide a 100 per cent coverage finish. 

Available in six shades.


Garbo & Kelly Brow Pomade


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This brow pomade comes with a creamy texture and buildable pigmentation. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and the colour pigment apply light to avoid harsh lines but buildable to the intensity required. Mostly the product stays in place even after gym workouts which is impressive. The price is different affordable for such good quality product.
This is the first and only Garbo and Kelly product I have tried so far but after hearing one of my favourite YouTubers rave about this brow pomade I thought I would give it a go! Overall, I really enjoyed using this product- I haven’t really had much experience with pomades in the past apart from a benefit one. However, I found that I much preferred this pomade as it was the right shade, consistency and on for my pros and cons!  Pros Pigmentation: I found that this pomade was not super highly pigmented but not too weak in pigment- honestly the most perfect balance. The other pomade I used in the past was much too pigmented which resulted in a ‘fake’ or harsh looking brow. I have quite naturally thick brows so I found a few strokes of this through the brow using a angled brush worked perfectly for a More natural brow. Also if you pick up less on the brush and don’t push too hard you can create very natural looking hair strokes! Formula: I also found that this was the perfect formula, it is quite creamy but not so creamy that it does not set and easily wipes off. It is dry enough where the product sets down but is creamy enough to easily apply it with the brush onto the skin.  Longevity: Garbo and Kelly claim that this is a waterproof brow product and I have to say that I agree. I have only had this a couple months (so haven’t tested in the heat of an Aussie summer) but I’ve worn in on nights out and have had no issues with fading or smudging either.  Colour: One of the biggest positives of this brow product is the shade of the pomade. I have rich dark brown hair and I find that many brow products can pull quite red on me. However, I find that the pomade (I have the shade Cocoa) is perfect, not too warm and not overly ashy- a perfect neural shade that matches my natural hair colour perfectly!  Ease of use: I typically use brow pomades or a pencil and I have found this one easy to use. I typically use a flat angled top brush to draw in small thin strokes in any sparse areas and then blend a little through the front of the brow (no defined strokes there or else it doesn’t look very natural!).  Cons: The only con I have of this product is that it does seem to dry out a little the longer I use it. I have had it for a couple months and it is beginning to dry out. However I have found that adding some kind of liquid like eye drops can help to soften pomades if you have this problem. But otherwise, a great product! 
Garbo and Kelly are killing it with all of their amazing products! Initially, I wasn't too sure about the brow pomade, but after having used it for a while now I'm seriously in love! Before this, I had only used brow pencils and wasn't keen on the idea of using a brush to fill in my eyebrows or using a cream. But now I find myself reaching for this one all the time - it makes my brows last ALL DAY long. It doesn't smudge when I accidentally brush it throughout the day and it doesn't disappear when I work out, which is a serious bonus! The pomade is full coverage and super, duper creamy. I'm absolutely loving the creamy, silky smooth texture of the pomade and it applies easily onto my brows. Although it's long lasting, whenever I go to take off my makeup at the end of the day, it still comes right off when I use my micellar water. I love that I don't have to pull at my skin or scrub like crazy to get rid of it. My brows always look so full and defined when I use this, love it! Pros: - Creamy, creamy, creamy texture! - Lots of different shades for different skin colours - Long-lasting - Waterproof (doesn't smudge or budge throughout the day) - Full coverage - Easy to remove at the end of the day Cons: - Slightly difficult to figure out how to apply it nicely at first, but not hard to learn!