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Garbo & Kelly Rock Matte Lip Definer

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Garbo & Kelly Rock Matte Lip Definer is a waterproof lip liner with a creamy formula. The shades have been created to match the corresponding Garbo & Kelly Rock Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

Available in 10 shades.


Garbo & Kelly Rock Matte Lip Definer


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I have used this product for the last month (in conjunction with my Garbo and Kelly liquid lipstick in Famous- a beautiful blue-red shade) and have been absolutely loving it! I find that it adds extra wear time to the liquid lipstick when I use it underneath. The formula is also very smooth and creates a great base for applying lipstick on top. I also find it amazing for creating a defined lip line. The pencil is that perfect balance of soft and harder- it is soft enough that it applies easily to the lips with skipping but hard enough that it creates that amazing outline to your lips. I also love the colour of these lip liners and I find they work equally well on their own as they are so pigmented. I also love that that it is in a twist up pencil form so there is no need to sharpen the pencil. They are very very matte and the one critique I have of this product is that because it is so matte, it can tend to be quite drying. So, I would recommend applying a little lipbalm (and then wiping off the excess) before applying the pencil, just to ensure your lips are hydrated and the pencil is comfortable to wear.
I just love the Garbo & Kelly Rock Matte Lip Definers and I love the shade called Backstage which is a light nude tone.  Often lip liners are very hard, almost like a real colouring pencil, and you have to drag them across your lips,    With Garbo and Kelly's, you simply press lightly and line your lips.  The colour is absolutely stunning. No sharpening is required, which is terrific as it means you don't need a separate sharpener, and you do not need to worry about the pencil breaking which often happens when you sharpen it.    Simply wind up and line your lips.   The colours glides on effortlessly, and it is waterproof, which means it will stay put and not budge for hours,  You can apply lip stick, lip gloss or just leave as it.  The colour is lovely, and is not drying at all. PRO's Fabulous colours Easy to wind uo, no broken pencils!! Smooth and hydrating, will never tear or drag on your lips Colour stays put for hours Fabulous value I love these pencils, they are super easy to use,.  I love how creamy the texture is, and how gentle they are to apply.  No sharpening makes them so quick and easy to use.  The hardest decision is which colour do I use today.  I thoroughly recommend d these fantastic pencils.
I've been using garbo and kelly products for a while now and absolutely love everything they've come out with. This lip liner is no exception - the formula is so creamy which makes it easy to apply. It's not at all like your typical pencil which you have to forcibly drag across your lips. This one glides on smoothly, so you can really get a perfect shape. After a few minutes of applying, the lip liner no longer moves even if you eat or drink (such a life saver!) because of its waterproof formula.  The colours are lovely too and there are 10 different ones to choose from. I use these with the matching garbo and kelly liquid lipsticks, but because the colours are versatile I will sometimes use these with lipsticks from other brands as well, and they also work perfectly. This is one of the best lip liners that I've tried recently and I would definitely recommend it.
I first come across this product online while reading some beauty blogs and thought I'd give a try. I'm so glad I did.  Firstly the best part about this product is how easy it is to apply. Especially being lipliner which sometimes I find hard to apply properly . It has a nice soft matt  finish but not to matt either. Blends very well too. I bought the shade show time which is a nice natural shade of pink. It is a bit on the pricey side for me but worth it. I would purchase it again . 
I only recently heard of this brand through beauty crew so thought I would give it a try. I loved this matte lip liner. I found it so easy to get a precise line and the liner is such a creamy consistency it’s so easy to use and doesn’t drag across lips. It comes in ten great colours to match corresponding lipsticks and I loved that the product lasts well and doesn’t bleed or feather. It’s super hydrating, it’s great value as well. I loved this liner and would recommend it.